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Played the beta off and on and it's surprisingly really fun. Martial Art Film lovers will really enjoy it.

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Ah Jet Li is a Wushu practitioner. Having him on though is a good promotional/marketing bullet point.

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Looked interesting, then I realized it was an MMO...


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I've seen so many tv spots and banner ads for this in the past week. It's really getting a huge marketing push.

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This made me want to watch Hero and CTHD. And it kinda made me want to play the game, too.

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Do they have single player version as well?

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running up that wall looked pretty sweet

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MMO? do we really need another one?? geez...

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I can't believe this Chinese game running TV spots on Comedy Central today.

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I can't believe this Chinese game running TV spots on Comedy Central today.

CC is mostly aimed towards stoners and a lot of stoners enjoy kung fu movies so it kinda goes hand in hand.

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dude, if the movement feels as good as it looks, this'll be sweet!

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This looks a lot cooler than I expected.

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This just makes me want a Jade Empire 2.

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Jet Li's spirit commanded me to post this comment.

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@brandino said:

Played the beta off and on and it's surprisingly really fun. Martial Art Film lovers will really enjoy it.

Really? I was ready to write this one off, but now I am intrigued.

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Having been a fan of Hong Kong and Chinese cinema for decades, this game seems like a wet dream to me so I'm excited!

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this game gives me a chance to travel back to acient China.

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anyone wants to join me? I've made my mind up to choose Wudang. their skill looks gorgeous~

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This is not the Jade Empire sequel I am looking for.

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Almost thought the title was "Age of Waifu". Thank god I was wrong!

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This reminds me I should play Jade Empire again.

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what a huge client, the game gotta be good downloading now

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This may be the nerd in me but seeing the Nine Yin Skills Manual sold me on this game

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This game and that Forge of Empires thing are constantly advertising on basic cable.

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This game has possibly the worst UI of any game ever, and is kind of badly translated.

However, the CEO of Coinstar/Redbox has her tendrils in this game for some reason and she's going to be promoting the crap out of it, hence the TV ads.

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what is the combat like?

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Have they added inverted mouse support yet? I liked the idea, but f that noise.

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Has anyone mentioned that there is a way to get people drunk by throwing up at them? This game is basically the best if you like you mess with others.

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Did they ever translate kung fu novel in the west? I suggest you guys try them out, especially by Jin Yong and Gu long.

@brandino Is it direct control or "MMO" style of control?

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Did RZA trademarked the name wu-tang clan? Cause in this game, the wu-tang clan is changed to wudang school which is a great opportunity missed as I will pay money to play as a black blacksmith in the wu-tang clan in ancient china whose fighting style is the iron fist.

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hey guys, remember the other martial arts action game starring Jet Li on PS2? You know, Rise to Honor? I remember that game being okay.

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In before CDC

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Sorry, already got my fix of real-life kung-fu action stars in video games with this:

And this:

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Looks like a high res PS2 game or an early 360 launch game. Still, looks interesting and I'd try it out if it weren't an MMO.

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For those hesitant to try it out, its free to play and bears a lot of similarities to classic sandbox style MMOs.

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There is only one thing I want to see out of an MMO; A setting where dimensional rifts have pulled feudal Japan and the wild west into post-apocalyptic Russia. It could be called RADIOACTION: Of Gun & Sword

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@reisz said:

There is only one thing I want to see out of an MMO; A setting where dimensional rifts have pulled feudal Japan and the wild west into post-apocalyptic Russia. It could be called RADIOACTION: Of Gun & Sword

I'll back your Kickstarter.

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Blade and Soul looks better.

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Truly, this is the age of Wushu.

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Jet Li is getting paid, that's what he does.

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It's actually pretty fun. I'd like to see a quick look on it. It's not a typical MMO in that you have a chain of quests to teach you how to play. In the first hour you get a ton of information thrown at you and a bunch of moves. You do with it what you want. You can run through your school quests and be overwhelmed by the end. Or you can learn a few moves and find someone to test it out on and figure out on your own how to chain it together. The game wont tell you what to do. Trying to run through the early quests quickly will result in a lot of frustration if you don't take your own time practicing before learning anything else.

The whole game is open PVP. Anyone out in the world can kill you. It's very much a sandbox mmo. You can find encounters and quests just by listening to random NPCs in the world talking. No quest markers. If you don't know the gossip, you can very well miss a whole chain and not know. New moves and abilities can be learned through books. There's no real classes, just learn and use what you find if you want. Run around and find stuff to do with other people.

The combat gets very complex. There are 8 different schools of martial arts to go into, then each one has three disciplines. You have jobs, clans, ect of course. But it doesn't play like a lot of other MMOs. There are no player levels. You have gear and upgrade gear but it's not the focus. You level up your moves with time, and they are all action-based. No standing around hitting your rotation. You have to move and quickly read your opponent. For example, I just learned an elbow hit, which causes me to fake a low punch, then hit the person with the opposite elbow in their face.

There are moves which cause more damage if the opponent is blocking, so the person fighting has to be aware (by sight) if your opponent is about to use that type of move and parry it with a combo instead. Dodges and parries happen because you pulled it off, not from a random dice roll. Steep learning curve, but very satisfying combat for an MMO. You succeed because you performed well, not because of gear, RNG, and dice rolls.

I forgot it was F2P. I never felt the need to even look into the benefits of VIP or felt like anything was happening too slow to enjoy. I think it's $9 a month for faster cultivation (leveling your skills), and you can take jobs and train while offline if your're a VIP. The game never bugs you about spending money, just a reminder when you log out that you can continue progressing offline if you subscribe. One click and the message is gone and the game exits like normal.

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As a full game it just does not looking that interesting, I don't see how it will be a fun game after a few months of playing. If the person above me is correct, 90% of the developer effort is focused on the fighting....that will get old. Some MMO fat was cut off, but it looks like it was replaced with the wrong sort of content.