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This should be good.

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Woo, totally looking forward to this.

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oh, i wanted that quest :P

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wow, i was first..and i wanted to write something i look down and i gotta sign in WTF
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I'm really interested in this game, Graphically alone it looks fantastic!

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God damn, Brad does this professionally.

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Ok people. Here is your video review. Stop whining for them. 

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Can't wait to learn more about Zach.

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The ending was hilarious.
 This game does look amazing. The fog sweeping past. The really great lighting. I'll reccomend this game to my brother. He's really into these types of games.

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Sweet. Getting it tomorrow :)

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Hahaha. Oh man, I love the Alan Wake/Deadly Premonition crossover at the end...

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I love Brad's video reviews.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: DOH
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Wow that ending rocked. Isn't that right Zach...

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Great review Brad. You sold me on this game.

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Heh, nice ending.

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I am strongly in favor of DP crossovers.

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i KNEW it! they did a DP reference here!

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A Deadly Premonition reference in the end? 
Or is Zach a person out of a movie i don't know of?
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Ending is awesome!

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What an ending! :D

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haha, the ending....

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Ending blew my mind.

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Great review, Brad. And that ending was fantastic, haha. 
Really looking forward to checking out this game next week.

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alans wake's "Deadly Premonition" oO!
it all makes sense now

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Hahah! The ending is hilarious xD

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I have a feeling that a lot of gamers are gonna get a dose of Deadly Premonition whether they like it or not, what with all of the in-jokes surrounding it. XD

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Much love for the ending.

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@nanikore said:
" God damn, Brad does this professionally. "
Have to agree. I loved this review and the final nod to DP was hilarious. Great stuff.
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That was a great ending. Gonna check out this game for sure.

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Nice there hasnt been a video review in a while(and i sure do like my video reviews), right on brad good stuff

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Is anybody else really enjoying the font? I know it's stupid to comment on it, but the font of the text in this game just pops out at me.

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awesome review, and the DP bit at the end was fucking awesome

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Cool... I am definitely interested in picking this up at some point.

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Good review.

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Great Review and Awesome Ending!!

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Good review & hilarious ending attaching this to another favorite game in that same area, can't wait to play AW.

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The ending is spot on. And so is the review.

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Great review, Brad!  Ending was pretty great.

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Best video review ending yet by far.
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Glorious ending

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Does anyone know of the songs playing in the background in this review? Namely the one at 2.16 in the video, and 3.10?

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Fantastic review. Has changed my stance on this game from not interested to heavily intrigued!

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There, a video review.  Will the ER haters stop complaining now?

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Great ending to that review. Don't you agree Zach? 
This game has made want to get a 360. Amazing!

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hahaha, the "right Zach" really cracked me up :D 
Great review Brad.

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Meh, Deadly Premonition rip-off, the last part proves it.  :P

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