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First :)........sorry

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No comments and I have nothing witty to say. Maybe I should not say anything..

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oh dear

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Looks good.

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that was kind of amazing

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this sounds like capcoms answer to God of War?  What is capcom thinking...

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I'm glad somebody finally made a videogame about my myriad sexual fetishes.

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Uuuhuh. Too odd for my taste...

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This looks like Dragon Ball Z

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Suddenly much more interested

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Okay, this looks pretty rad.  Something about the main dude makes me think of PN 03. Which is maybe a weird connection. I bet it went PN 03 -> the Mantis from MGS4 -> this guy.

And yes, I'm the one person on the planet who would talk about PN 03 like it wasn't a bad thing.

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Looks interesting.

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oh, yes.

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Nice to see some new IP coming out of Capcom this year, was worried it was all gonna be Mega Man and Resident Evil. This looks pretty wild, be interested to see how it develops.

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Like God of War, but insane?

I'd play that.

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so it's a combination of oni akuma and goro vs japanese  galactus?

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This game looks sweet.

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looks like it's using something similar to the SS4 graphics, but a little more; well defined...which is immense. Looks crazy, but also crazy good.

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He's pretty strong, I guess.

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Looks awesome! Kind of like the Japanese God of War.

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@Llama said:
" This looks like Dragon Ball Z "
My first thoughts, too.  I said to myself "When did Goku get 6 arms?"
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Is that voice actor the Nolan North of Japan or am I being racist cause I think so many Japanese game voices sound alike? =(

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That is just insane and awesome. 

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If the game play is nice and over the top this could be cool

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Gurren Lagann Much?

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CyberConnect2 will always be awesome to me because of Silent Bomber, but this looks pretty awesome/stupid awesome so far. I just need some gameplay.

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Capcom sure is making a comeback with interesting Japanese developed titles. Konami should take note. Pull the plug on that Castlevania: God of War travesty and work on something original, and Japanese.

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This is exactly my kinda ridiculous!

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This is like God of War and Bayonetta's love child hopped up on speed. 

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I have no idea what is going on in this trailer, but I like it.

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Hooray for Capcom!

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@Ventilaator:  God of War was plenty insane. I dont know what an extra dash of insanity would be like.....
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The scale of that fight has me interested.

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@Llama said:
" This looks like Dragon Ball Z "
Yelling and Punching: The Game
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@Ventilaator said:
" Like God of War, but insane?I'd play that. "
Most definitely. 
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I hope I am the first one to say this:  "GOD HANDS OF WAR"

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This game is the most exciting announcement by Capcom since...Resident Evil 5, I guess.

Anyone recognize any of the development heads? How about the voice actor in that one bit of dialogue? The one guy is at least a little prolific, as I've definitely heard him before, but I can't place him instantly.
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Jeff said this was nuts and he was right once again. I feel like this is one big fuck you to GoW3 and those tiny enemies you fight on and agains.

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That was the most ridiculous video game thing I've seen so far this year. 

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@Ventilaator: Like God of War, but made by Japan.

So yes, insane. 
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can someone make the gurren-lagann game already so that we can get over massive bosses

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Akuma in a god of war game. I can dig it

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This game is going to be awesome.

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I would fight a giant finger if I possessed 6 arms.

It seems only natural.

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Lolz truuue...

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So he's angry cause his arms fell off?  That sounds like a pretty good reason.