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I've done a rubiks cube in 12.01 seconds, he doesn't impress me. :P I can also do a 7x7. ^_^    
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@BrainSpecialist said:
Probably after the fiasco of having the 2008 version on Rockband 2 ("APPARENTLY I AM!"), I think they wanted to try to give some more of their songs a shot. The list is definitely most of the bands better songs, but songs that never really broke mainstream. Im still extremely excited at the list though.
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@Dethfish77 said:
" This soundtrack needs more thrash metal like Hirax, Hallows Eve, Infernal Majesty, Evil Dead, Annihilator, Exodus, Sepultura, Nasty Savage, Onslaught and Sodom. That would make it even more awesome. It's already pretty great though.  And you people who are hating on Metal are stupid. You're not stupid for hating it but you are for watching and commenting on a video for a metal-themed game soundtrack. Duh.  What the hell type of music did you expect? I can't wait for this game to come out but I'm also dreading it because I know all I'm gonna hear is "It would be great if it wasn't for the metal part". Why don't all you non-metal fans do us all a favor and not play this game. It'll save you the time of writing a blog about why you don't like the music and it'll save all the metal fans time by not having to write "fuck you pussy". Everyones happy. "
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This Emily Ridgway ain't too bad lookin', gentlemen.

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You had me at slayer :D

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Emily is clearly Double Fine. Rawr!

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w00t I made number 107 comment. The amount of songs in the soundtrack. Anyways, I thought I was gonna cry with joy after seeing that list. Rob Zombie, Static X, Anthrax, and Dethklok? This...by far...the best game soundtrack...ever.

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how can you . . . what the . . . so many! D:

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...I'm so glad I preordered the game.

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Holy shit that guy is my fucking hero!!!

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He picked the best possible In Flames song. It's good to see Schafer  going after the really good ones and not just the more popular ones.
They obviously have some love for the source-material there at Double FIne.
Consider this game purchased.

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@PureRok: Sorry if I upset you or something.
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At least some Scandinavian music with In Flames and Iced Earth, but could have been more (says the Scandinavian) Would have wanted some Hammerfall, Stratovarious, Dark Moor etc but maybe they don't fit in the game or something.

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Now that was epic.  God I so want this game now.

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@dagas said:
"At least some Scandinavian music with In Flames and Iced Earth , but could have been more (says the Scandinavian) Would have wanted some Hammerfall, Stratovarious, Dark Moor etc but maybe they don't fit in the game or something. "
Iced Earth are an American Metal band. Dark Tranquillity are from Sweden though, and they picked my favorite song by them.
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It's nice to see some Emperor on there and it's pretty cool that they incorporated some more emerging underground acts like Skeletonwitch. 
At the same time I can't help but be disappointed by the inclusion of the glam rock stuff. "Hair metal" is not a real genre of metal, more of the antithesis of metal.

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Wow, I'm surprised to see so many good underground bands on there and not just the generic mainstream metal that plagues the media everywhere.
Thumbs up to Bishop of Hexen, Candlemass, Dark Fortress, Enslaved, King Diamond, Mirrorthrone (wow, seriously?), Running Wild & Sanctuary. This game will be awesome.

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Awesome :D

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@nofx4208 said:
" i showed this to my friend, and he said (exactly)  "no tallica... not buying" "
I'm considering buying this game just for the fact that it does not have Metallica on there.
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Wow that is a hell of a lot of songs
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Awesome soundtrack, might get the game just for it. Great video too :P

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Man, a girl, involved in making a game? In my gaming world?
More likely than you might think.

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@dagas said:
" At least some Scandinavian music with In Flames and Iced Earth, but could have been more (says the Scandinavian) Would have wanted some Hammerfall, Stratovarious, Dark Moor etc but maybe they don't fit in the game or something. "
Well they had some children of bodom
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@TripMasterMunky: Nah I'm not a fan either. I hate old people trying to be young.
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Oh man, my absolute favourite Emperor song's there!
Not much of a metal man anymore, but that list aroused me.
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@Jotun: I agree, and he picked an obscure one too, i mean, if you had to choose an in flames song, there are more obvious choices like episode 666 or some more recent crap but I totally agree, Goliath is by far the best song they did and its easy to fit in a game since its instrumental.
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@TripMasterMunky: It's really great that you took the time to post your opinion in a Tim Shaefer video. No i assure you, its really great. You bring so much to the conversation, i'm glad that you took time in your precious day to post this.
You're a great guy. Wanna be my friend?
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A pretty good idea. These guys are trying so damn hard to sell their game. I may have to check it out. The trailers look cool...minus the jack black failed jokes. But I think I can let those slide :P

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I found the new Jade Raymond. <3

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I listened to the whole thing just for her accent.

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Black Sabbath is the best.

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Notice he has no laces on his shoes; he keeps the shoes on his feet with the power of his MIND.

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I'm REALLY looking forward to the game... but the Soundtrack really doesn't do it for me. 
However for a metal fan it must be a wet dream so well done Tim!

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@f33r_mai_ch33tz: what Metal Thrashing Mad isn't thrash?
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Metal: Technically brilliant, musically bankrupt.Its about melody people!!

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Where the hell did Tim find out about Tvangeste from? Did they suddenly get popular or something? 
That said, the song they have is pretty fucking epic. I can only imagine it being a good thing it's in the game.
Still, if they had some Anaal Nathrakh, Absu or anything with Gaahl in it, I would have totally sexploded!

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Tim Schafer by Tim Schafer is the only music i want.
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I can't wait to give this guy my money. The Tim/Jack based marketing videos and interviews have been terrific leading up to release.

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This game will make it ok when I turn 30 in Rocktober

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Industrial rock from the 80s 
Holy shit

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"Rubik's Cube... solved in your face." 
There's a t-shirt in there somewhere...

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Tim sure knows how to advertise

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this video feels so...gimicky,well all of them are like that

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Is the audio not working for anyone else?

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I found the problem, my speakers weren't turned on...

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Epic  track list       %Pr

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Seriously, I just want to play the game at this point, kind of sick of seeing this flood of videos on it. I hope they don't keep going overboard like this til October or they'll have a LOT of people just sick of Brutal Legend without even playing it.

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