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Yes finaly, this is going to be a great game!!
and first!

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This looks pretty interesting

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I hope this is early footage, because the general combat animation looks really shite. Look at the grenade bounce for instance, it just looks bad. Also I'd love to see a full weapon modification aspect too, that could be an excellent way of getting around the damage limitation of firearms.  (IE hollow points, burst or double shot fire modifiers)

So yeah - it looks like a good idea but I have a feeling it's gonna be a bit of a let down unless they address a few things, because at the moment it looks to me like it will be a single play through and never look back experience.

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I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out, I have a reservation or two, but feeling positive overall that they will put out a good product.

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It's quite good from what they say...

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No Matthew Rorie? that's disappointing.

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You know, I'm really excited by the game.

But does these guys seem like their own bigget fans in this video?

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So pro tip: kill the arms dealers. Hope this turns out okay.

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I'm actually pretty hopeful for this game.  It looks like it'll be the "Spy" Mass Effect.
After all, Obsidian made KOTOR II after Bioware made KOTOR, it only makes sense they once again just modify Bioware's work.

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i've read a lot on this game, and it looks badass... even if the animation and graphics aren't exactly amazing, from what I've read, the gameplay sounds like it'll be amazing.

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looks pretty awesome but then again so does any obsidian game.

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They had another trailer describing the conversation options.  It looks pretty good so far.  I'll be keeping this on the radar.

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looks frigin sweeettt

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If they call the sequel beta protocol...someone will die...fact.

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Hmm... The combat doesn't seem entirely convincing from the (admittedly early) videos.  I love Obsidian though, and I'm excited by the "modern day Mass Effect" concept.

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Concept looks original.  I hope gameplay is solid cause it looks like eye candy isn't a big priority.  Still a bit early though..

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There's something about that Rick Astley looking guy that I don't trust...

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sweet looking game. :) can't wait to play it.

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Boy what an ego trip. I think you dropped something there, developers.

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Looks good, looking forward to playing an RPG outside the usual fantasy and sci fi settings.

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They seem to like it, so it must be good...
I'm am looking forward to this game though, even if it does look a little rough.
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Don't want to spoil too much but, at the end of the game you fight a Metal Gear.

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I'm interested to try this game but every trailer they release makes me ever so slightly less excited.  I love the idea of a spy RPG and I'm kinda suprised it hasn't been done (recently at least) but this game looks painfully generic, if you put the main character next to a group of the game's NPCs I bet most people would have trouble picking him out.  Of all the crazy potential places that a spy could go and shoot people, he joins the other 47 shooters this year that are based in Iraq.  What a shame.

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Developer says that game they developed is awesome. I wonder why.
Also, this looks like Mass Effect but with spies. Not a bad way to go.

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THe visuals look horrible, but it seems really early.

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This game looks rather interesting. It's different from most of todays rpg's and it seems like it might be a good game. Graphics and animations don't look to impressive but if gameplay is solid it could pass. I'm definatly gonna keep an eye on this.

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Can't wait for this game! Going to be awesome!

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It's got potential, definitely....I really want them to pull it off well.

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O i thought this was a new video, i seen this on gamespot the other day, dude this game's going to be SICK

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cool, had this on my wishlist for some time now.

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Wow, they got me!!!

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Their whole talk sounded a lot more interesting then the game looked. All that RPG talk and then you see a guy shooting dudes and it looks a third class shooter instead of a first class RPG? Why that? Where are the cities filled with civilians that allow you to talk too? Why do the environments looks so blant and boring? Why do the characters look so bad and comical?

Maybe that video just showed the worst of the game and the result will be good, but that video certainly didn't leave a good impression.

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I appreciate that Feargus believes choice is most important, but the way that is realized is through meaningful consequences that are written and designed to *branch* the story, not just change the amount of ammo I can carry.  If I spare the spy's life and the result is every soldier wears yellow berets, that's not enticing.  Same goes for Bioshock, KOTOR, Fable, and other games that let you grind to the other end of the spectrum before the last boss.  If I sneak or if I shoot affects *my* experience, but it doesn't change the narrative.  I want games to have deeper narratives.

Life is grey, but choices in a game have to be somewhat black and white to feel distinct and drive the point home.  I think Fallout 3 and Mass Effect have been two of the most successful single player games this decade to make choice feel meaningful.  MMOs are essentially built to offer choice at the expense of a predetermined narrative, so it's a different animal. 

Can I surrender in Call of Duty and spend three game years as a P.O.W.? No. Can I ask to be transferred from a field medic to be a doctor at a London hospital? No.  For a game to be fun, you have to win..... right?  A game can't have six different victory conditions, right?  It seems the best we can hope for in a 15 hour experience is to be wearing a different hat at the end when the bad guys blow up.

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This looks pretty cool. I'm want to see more on it though.

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They are always talking about how customizable it is, yet I see no customization at all besides new armor...

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Looks similar in terms of graphics quality to Mass Effect, I don't know where the marginalized eye candy impressions are coming from. It is good that they are focusing on choices and consequences since not only would it increase replay value but also the immersion factor that no amount of advanced graphics could convey.

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Fucking awesome.  Obsidian has never put out a game I didn't want to play!  I think their company & my taste for certain kinds RPG games are synchronized perfectly.

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This brought back definite undertones of Mass Effect for me in terms of the concept and indeed to animations and conversations.

Hope it turns out good, but it may fall into that "jack of all trades master of none" gap if not careful.
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looks good. but i have to wonder why the graphics look like they are from 2007. come on obsidion. its ok to make a game with decent graphics. god i hate obsidian.

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can you win objectives without firing a shot?

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Is it just me or is the animation sucky and how the grenades bounce and your guy jumps like a quick rabbit is just lame and fucked up?

And those dudes seem deperate xD