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Posted by Hannibal

Could be awesome. Or cheesy. Or both.

Posted by snide

Normally not into spy stuff, but if the quality of this is anywhere near NWN2 (which Obsidian also did) I'm all over it.

Posted by JoelTGM

me buy

Posted by FinalBoss

The game looks really neat. I hope we see more of it soon

Posted by Snail


Posted by Tiwi

in! this is so Mass effect but with raw spy action!
I can't wait!

Edited by RedSox8933

this looks awesome

edit: Geno, it is an RPG because of the choices you can make and stuff. right?

Posted by Geno

I don't think you can call it an RPG just because it has stats you can upgrade.

Posted by El33tPanda

Can't wait for this!  Been hyping since the Game INformer story

Posted by Cynical_M

It's looking good,can't wait to see more...

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This and Dragon Age are looking to be the RPG games to watch for this year. Excited, but not sold.

Posted by Milkman

This guy named Matt told me this game was gonna be pretty good. Should I believe him?

Posted by inkeiren

I really hope this is good. I remember reading about this in Game Informer a few months back. One of the few games I'm excited for this year.

Posted by Teirdome

Been really excited about this title since that dude was on the E3 (at least I think it was E3) bombcast.  Definitely looking forward to seeing more too.

Edited by ratzombie

I don't know, is it just me or does this game look a bit generic and a little janky? Like the animations in particular look jerky and unrealistic.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

"Your weapon is choice."

I choose not to buy this game.

Posted by wait

if they make this like deus ex and add in the espionage than it will have a lot of potential..... or it might crash and burn

Posted by Binman88

Looks ok, hasn't grabbed me enough to pre order it though, and it does look a bit cheesy from the trailer.

Anyone know the name of the song being played throughout? It's like a different version of a song from a movie that I can't remember.

Posted by mr_registered

This looks totally spy!

Posted by holyhawk7666

As much as people like to differ, Obsidian makes good games.  I think this will follow the trend.

Posted by MrRedwine

Could this be the best spy game yet?  It sure looks intriguing.  Get it?  Intrigue-ing?  HA!

Seriously:  Looks awesome.

Posted by Cheapoz

Takes more than guns? Pass.

Posted by killdave

Lol, Its just Splintercell !!!


Edited by KnifeySpoony

So...does this guy Totally Party?

or is he Totally Party?

If so, Totally Awesome

Posted by Kazona

I've got some high hopes for this game. Can't wait for it to finally come out.

Posted by IzzyGraze

Agreed Hannibal. I really want this to be great but in the end it could turn out to be Haze for all I know.

Posted by Mjolnir

You had me at "Modern-Day Spy RPG."

Posted by TheWoj

This game looks better in the trailer than it sounds in internet blurbs. The trailer made it jump up a few notches on my "games to watch" list.

Edited by FlappyHands

Totally Alpha Totally Protocol! Looks cool though man. If it's good I'll pick it up in a flash.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Totally serious?

Posted by Nzwei

This terrorist name SUCKS. If they have so little imaginative ideas for the names i dont think the story will be any good. :/

Posted by gamefreak9

they shuld just get a james bond license..

Posted by Sin4profit

@milkman: You should never trust guys named "Matt"...ever.

...i still have no expectations from this game.

Posted by zityz

It's interesting but an RPG? really? I just picture splinter cell where you snap a dudes neck and then all of a suddan you have in big text LVL UP!

That and getting up to a boss and being like"man I can't beat him cause I'm not high enough level, I need to go snap some more dudes faces off to get good"

It could turn out all right .

Posted by Navster

Now that Mass Effect 2 has moved to 2010 this has become my most anticipated for 2009. Hopefully Obsidian can deliver or I will cry. Like a little girl.

Posted by Brackynews

Playing a role == RPG?  I don't know.
Music == uninspired Clubbed to Death remix, Rob Dougan would probably find it amusing whether or not he actually scored it himself.

I'm looking forward to finding out the dialogue responses to "... kill me? That not get your missile back".
Defiant: "But you won't steal another! <BLAM>"
Funny: "But it won't hurt my insurance premiums!  <BLAM>"
Aloof: "Missile? <BLAM>"

Needs. More. Blam.

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

I don't like the animations.
Correction, I HATE the animations. I dunno, a lot of the parts of this game (like aiming doing that weird scope view) look meh to me. Same with the story and stuff, and the whole, trying to be a cool and spyish. Could be fun, but the presentation doesn't really impress me v.v Which is sad, because the concept interests me a lot.

Posted by MeatSim

This game seems to be flying in under the radar.

Posted by freezerr

These guys make great games with really interesting stories. If the shooting and stealth mechanics are solid to boot, this might be a dark-horse GOTY. (oh, and Obsidian, please polish those graphics a bit!)

Posted by malxmusician212

looks hella sick!!!

Posted by Bardon

I was waiting for it to go ::

Announcer : It'll take more than guns...
Spy : *pulls pistol* *pistol jams* aww fck

Announcer : It'll take more than force...
Spy : *repeatedly puches for 0-0-0-0-0 damage*

Announcer : It'll take more than technology

Spy : c4 hehehehehe *detonates on himself*

Announcer : It will take... LVL GRINDING


Posted by InFamous91

man Sega are publishing a lot of great titles

Posted by thiago

I am skeptical about this one. Unless they make it really over the top, just like James Bond or Metal Gear, it is going to look like some Splinter Cell clone with a slightly different gameplay.

Posted by smokeH

hmm, I gotta check this out once they start releasing more gameplay

Posted by teh_destroyer

I am going to go ahead and agree with everyone else and say that looks awesome.

Posted by brocool

Looks like I would love this game!

Posted by lordofultima

One of my most anticipated for sure, did I just hear Michael Ironside or am I just making things up?

Posted by Ping5000

Obsidian has an excellent stable of writers. That's the only reason I want this game.

Posted by Crono
First modern-day spy rpg

Someone please remind me how many of these there are exactly?
Posted by KingOfIceland

Man, the game sounds awesome but... with this trailer I'm changing from "Wayyyyyyyyy excited" to "Very cautious optimism". Hopefully I'll be wrong and the game turns out to be hella spies but I won't hold my breath

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