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Posted by avidwriter

This have anything to do with the first one besides the name?

Posted by TheYear20XX

Gonna play this while listening to NIN's March of the Pigs.

Wait no I'm not.

Posted by MysteriousFawx

@Deusoma said:

@CilliaBlack said:

If pigs are a recurring monster theme in this game, that's going to kill a lot of the fear for me. Pig noises are the opposite of frightening.

Actually, blowjobs are the opposite of frightening, but they're harder to base an M-rated videogame monster around.

Amnesia: A Machine For Blowjobs didn't have quite the same ring to it, regardless of how well it was pitched in the board room

Posted by NathHaw

@Milkman said:

I will never ever play this game but I love that it exists.

I want to play it, but I'm afraid I'll turn it off. I have the first one and haven't played it yet. Maybe when I grow up.

Posted by Jokers_Wild

Loved the first one (even as it tormented me) and I can't wait for this. Frictional are the only ones making quality horror games nowadays.

Posted by probablytuna

Two legs good, four legs bad.

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Cool to see that there putting some outdoor environments in as well.. Reminds me of Call of Cthulhu, which is a good thing.

Posted by Morridin


Posted by KillyDarko

Amnesia was my favourite game of 2010-- I can't wait for this!

Posted by Humanity

Looks a lot like the previous game which depending on who you are is a good or a bad thing.

Posted by Soviut

MMORPGS! "more pigs"...I've never played this game, nor do I play MMOs, but I couldn't resist the reference.

Posted by biggiedubs

Keep holding that survival horror torch, Frictional Games. Others have pussied out, but you still remain true, and goddam I love you for it.

Posted by Winternet

Let me tell you guys, pig screams are terrifying. This bodes well for this game. Can't wait to play it.

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I'm already scared for my life. Couldn't get past the first 15 minutes of Amnesia it was so scary, but still going to get this.

Posted by Tangeu

Hey guys. remember how just last week how everyone agreed you can't market a horror game or a slow burn game....

Posted by StingingVelvet

Honestly if small teams with a small budget and no publisher can make games that look this good then EA's "we need 5 million sales" stuff seems even more ridiculous.

Posted by ptys

Hmm. I doubt it's as scary as Patrick keeps tweeting, but I'm sure it'd be fun. Would be good if they can get it on consoles as they deserve the attention.

Posted by gbrading

The title of this game is great. Reminds me of Pink Floyd's Animals for some reason.

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@gbrading said:

The title of this game is great. Reminds me of Pink Floyd's Animals for some reason.

Yes, THANK YOU! I'd been trying to figure out just what it was that the title reminded me of and there it is. Great album, but it's no "Wish You Were Here".

I've gotta' say, after all the titles revealed and spoken of so reverently at E3, this is probably the game that I'm most excited for. With the obvious exception of Heart of the Swarm, but hey, I'm only human. Dishonoured looks pretty damn slick, as well; but as far as atmosphere goes, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs stands at the forefront.

The original game reminded me, so very disturbingly, of all the good parts (ia the non-combat sections) of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth. A title that was ingenious in it's sense of foreboding and helplessness and yet mechanically so broken.

Horror games and action games should remain two different genres as recent "horror" series like Resident Evil have been testament to, the further evolution of Dead Space is just another brick in the wall. So removing all combat-encounters and making it purely a race for survival was without a doubt the smartest choice that the developers could have made with The Dark Descent. Not only for how the game was played, but for the sense of dread that it instilled in the player.

After how well the last game sold, I'd not be surprised to see them explore further avenues of terror and even let a bit more of their creative side slip into making of the game.

God damn it, I'm excited. I'm looking forward to fruitlessly trying to convince my friends that being scared shitless is a GOOD thing.

Edit: The shadow effects at around 00:35 are pretty damn impressive. Very fluid. Oh, and those decaying pigs on the altar in the church? Genuinely disturbing to look at.

Posted by flasaltine


Posted by MeatSim

Bacon has never been this scary.

Posted by kollay

I need to change pants.

Posted by chrismafuchris

At first I thought there was no way lightnimg could strike twice for these guys, but they really seem to know what they're doing.

Posted by GetEveryone

I'm there. They've sold me.

Between the design (the concept art on the web page is fantastic), the audio and the atmosphere in this short clip, I'm close to bursting with anticipation (but mostly terror).

Need to finish Amnesia now...

Posted by Cubidog1

Hell yeah! I'll take more Amnesia.

Posted by Enigma_2099

Mr. Krinkle's back, and he's PISSED!

Posted by kalmia64

Oink oink!

Posted by clush

Man the 1st Amnesia must've made quite the impact if people are now scared by this here trailer.

Posted by golguin

@Tangeu said:

Hey guys. remember how just last week how everyone agreed you can't market a horror game or a slow burn game....

I remember. I think the main issue is that people can't play horror games because they refuse to play them and/or they try to eliminate the atmosphere by playing in the day with people.

By their very nature they are not meant to be "fun" or "enjoyable". How do you market a game to a mass audience when you're suppose to not feel like playing it? The solution is to make it niche and see how many people seek it out. It's the same kind of thing that happened with Dark Souls. A good number of people could never play the game because its very mechanics are meant for people who want to best a seemingly unbeatable challenge.

Posted by TheHT

man. i really wanna play a lovecraft game. not necessarily scary, just... maddeningly terrifying? with some serious otherworldly shit going on.

is the first amnesia like that? if it is i'll be excited enough at the prospect that i'll ignore any discomfort and trudge through it.

Posted by dabobsta

So do you get a pork grinder?

Posted by Skrams

@TheHT: Can't really comment on the first Amnesia but there's always Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth to play. Sort of weird adventure game that kind of turns into FPS later on from what I've seen. But it's pretty fucking weird.

Posted by fearlessidiot

That music near the end reminded me of a trent reznor. Wait a second, Trent Reznor- NIN- March of the pigs --> pigs marching is part of a machine ---> Amnesia: A Machine for pigs...

Posted by carlface

I think I'll end up getting it then not finishing it...just like Dark Descent

Posted by Owlright

Hm. To be honest I wasn't scared by Amnesia, so I'm not sure I want to blow any money on this. I hope they really try to amp it up and not just do more of the same.

Posted by BlackPeople

I just drank a handle of whiskey, oh man I hope it's enough to prepare me for this.

Posted by TheHT

@Skrams said:

@TheHT: Can't really comment on the first Amnesia but there's always Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth to play. Sort of weird adventure game that kind of turns into FPS later on from what I've seen. But it's pretty fucking weird.

I shall track that down then!

Posted by StriderJ87

@TheHT: Like Skrams said, Dark Corners of the Earth is a outstandingly creepy Lovecraft game. Has a little jank, but overall I loved it. And yes, the first Amnesia is very Lovecraftian. You'd enjoy it too, I'd wager.

Posted by Sporkbane
I really want to play the first game but... I can barely play the first dead space
Me too man. Took me so long to make it through that game. I knew it wasn't even that scary-most of the scares are jump scares-I just can't handle constantly being afraid all the time.

That said, I really wish I could make it through these games I hear they're great
Posted by grayfox1210

All aboard the NOPE Train to pig town!!

Posted by bloodr382

Minecraft just got 50 times scarier...

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@Y2Ken said:

Yup. Amnesia.

Still working my way up to a playthrough of the original now I own it as part of the Humble Bundle.

Damnit sir! Give yourself a pat on the back for playing such a fine game in a great bundle.

+ 1 internet cookie

Posted by fox01313

@TheHT:The first Amnesia game is supposed to be loosely tied to the H.P. Lovecraft in spirit & atmosphere (mostly dealing with the threat of insanity & a heavy atmosphere filled with the threat of the unknown). For closer tied H.P. Lovecraft games, look at the games Cthulhu Saves the World or Dark Corners of the Earth, while there's plenty of others like Amnesia that will fill in that insane atmospheric game void. That being said, go after the first game in Amnesia as it's quite good & not too hideously expensive on Steam.

Posted by Zaxex

One day I will finish Amnesia, maybe. Fear in video games is such a unique premise. I hate it so much, but it's so damn entertaining. If anything it's probably one of the most immersive qualities in video games, you can actual fear something that by definition cannot hurt you, as if you were the protagonist.

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