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Not bad. Can't say I ever got too into this franchise, but I'm starting to entertain the notion of diving into it pretty soon.

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"attack the parts that other hermaphrodites cant reach"  bahahaha 

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My Worms are wearing Predator's mask! sweeeeet

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Am I the only one who had most fun fighting myself in this game? >.>

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I have always enjoyed the Worms Series.

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When I heard about it, I got all excited and asked around for people who wanted in on a 4 pack.  Now, though, I'm just not sure I'll ever recapture the glory of lunch hours spent with multiple people hunched over one keyboard blowing each other up. 

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Talking worms!

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@pyromaster222 said:
" I have always enjoyed the Worms Series. "
So have I. Looks like a solid entry in the series.
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How many worms have there been already? 15?

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I used to love the Worms games, but they stopped doing it for me after a while. Worms 2 is still amazing.

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I really like any worms game with unlimited ninja rope and maps based around that, but this trailer just didn't look like much fun, though I guess turn-based action doesn't play well in 10-second clips.

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i'm having a blast with this game.  it's a shame that so many people are ragging on it in the steam forums.  team17 assures us that it will continue to support this game for a long while, so hopefully they can add some nice features down the road.  i miss the old woman and mad cow (the buffalo seems to take the place of the cow, but it's just not the same).

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I love Worms, they are delicious.