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Posted by WilTwin

yay fez

Posted by Hameyadea

Fez'd up!

Posted by Cyanex

I swear that Dead Island ad is going to deafen me one day. So loud.

Posted by OriginalYellow

The owl stares into my sooooul

Posted by Hairy_Fish

Day one.

Posted by KevSlider

Good lord this game is taking it's time to come out.

Posted by JackSukeru

Fuck the S shaped Tetris pieces!

Nice lightning effect. Feels...nostalgic, somehow.

Posted by Soviut

Anyone else notice the Tetris constellations in the background?

Posted by Deathpooky

Why would you do this just after a delay was announced. WHY!?!?

Posted by Bass

I still have no understanding of what this game actually is. Digging the style it clearly has, though.

Posted by CameraGuyKurt

@Hairy_Fish said:

Day one.


Posted by HyperionXR


Posted by project343

WTB this as an animated wallpaper.

Posted by jagenheim

So this is indie Nebulus or what?

Posted by nickux

The owls are not what they seem.

Posted by Vexxan

That owl freaks me out.

Posted by Cirdain

@Hairy_Fish said:

Day one.


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Posted by Y2Ken

Ahhhh... actually this is terrifying. But still...

Posted by Damian

The power of Owls compels me.

Posted by craigymail

The thing about the owl is, you can't believe a thing he hoots.

Anyone else think the breathing sound has a Darth Vader style to it?

Posted by DoktorFaustus

the owls are not what they seem

Posted by George_Hukas

So dumb if they don't release this on PC

Posted by Foggen

@Cyanex: If you log in with your member account it doesn't play. Problem solved!

Posted by Yodzilla

Wait, this ISN"T a PC game?? Argh.

Posted by coonce
What R u?
Posted by TheGanjaKing

If there is one thing y'all should know about the user "SeeSaw" it is that there is no game he is more excited about than FEZ, Skyrim being a close second.

Posted by AxleBro


Posted by Protonguy

Every trailer for this makes the wait harder. That said take as long as needed to make this the best game possible :).

Posted by RagingLion

That was actually very cool. Loving the atmosphere - reminds me of Flight of the Navigator with the music.

Posted by beef_melody

Love the aesthetics of this game.

Posted by TwoLines

Why do you hate me Fez? I can't wait! I can't! Just... Just hook it to my veins!

Posted by darkjester74

Gotta love that 8-bit thunder.

Edited by EvilDingo

The combination of an owl, lightning, silhouettes and 8-bit almost immediately reminded me of the eeriness of Forbidden Forest for the Commodore 64.

It's actually sad that the games you played as a child is what you'll forever compare newer stuff too.

Posted by I_smell

I laughed when I realised the owl was watching.

Posted by Cybexx

Its a Billboarded Sprite oooooohhoooo spoookie!

Posted by Do_The_Manta_Ray

I ain't ever gonna' do it without my fez on.

Edited by PeZ

Looking fab!

Posted by xite

This is some baller-ass shit right here. Did you see those platforms light up with the lightning strikes at the end? Ballin.

Edited by SpiralEye

Eye appreciated this..

Posted by vexidus

Pretty badass and all, but I'd like to see some more gameplay footage.

Posted by Tordah

Ominous owl is watching my soul.

Posted by ghostNPC

Goddamn, everything about this game has me so excited. They are doing some many things right with this.

Posted by thebigJ_A

@coonce: They're the secret watchers in the sky!

Posted by Twoje

Anyone else notice the optical illusion at the end with the FEZ logo?

Posted by Zolfe

yes, this games looks to be amazing, but it also sounds pretty freaking awesome too, 8-bit thunder, mixed with that 80s ass synth

Posted by scarycrayons

I love the subtleties in this video, the optical illusion logo and the tetromino astrology are pretty awesome considering how little attention is put on them!

I just wish I understood those floating invisible blocks too... I'm sure I must be missing something here.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

The owl told me to kill the vice-president.

Posted by NathHaw
Posted by moondogg

God dammit that art style just rocks my world. Looks so good.,.
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