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Edited by eroticfishcake

Another possible candidate for ER? Yes please.

Voice acting is pretty mediocre though. :(

Posted by GloomyTangent

What. The. Fuck.

If you guys can figure out a way to do a DS endurance run, you totally should. This is completely nonsensical and I can see Jeff and Vinny tearing it a new asshole.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

An ER on a DS game? BS I say.


I r clever.

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nah, this looks hardcore gay. i want either a 16 bit RPG or Fallout 1/2

Posted by ReyGitano


Posted by TripMasterMunky

"You were one of the greatest zero G dogs that ever lived!"

I stopped there. Endurance Run over.

Posted by pwr905

In the immortal words of Chong: "I can dig that, man."

Posted by AURON570

Boy: I'm in space! o_O"
Lady: Wow took you a while -.- now STOP DAYDREAMING AND GET BACK TO WORK >=@ *slap*
Boy: yess mam...>.>

Posted by Nasar7

Looks kind of awesome.

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My first reaction was, "Yes Brad, I loudly said Endurance Run. Wait, are you spying on me?" Now it's, "A DS game Endurance Run? Nooooooo."

It looks silly, but it's even sillier picturing two of your guys huddled over a DS screen.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by Valentino

A Holo Projector.... shot a Laser at someone... O_o


Posted by Plasma

HA at people demanding what THEY want, what Vinny and Jeff can and cannot do.

Posted by GloomyTangent

God, I just watched it again and it makes even less sense.

I mean, the chick gets in a huge crash landing, and the boy runs up and instead of asking if she's okay he just yells "HELP ME!" What a dick.

Posted by Canberra

Wait, how does the kid know how to control a space ship if its not allowed on his planet?

Posted by Jeremy_x

That was one of the most incoherent Anime cutscenes I've ever seen, and I sat thrugh FLCL...

Posted by Mouth
Sounds wierd, but it looks interesting.


Wait, how does the kid know how to control a space ship if its not allowed on his planet?

That's a good point. People: 1 Sega: 0
Posted by MeatSim

That was a bunch of nonsense. 

Posted by Canberra

So the woman’s spaceship wasn't good enough to get past the patrols.
OK fine, but why then build one from scratch and give it to a child?

Posted by Crispy

Lots of little things about this trailer bug me, like how the dude's trying to have a conversation with a dude who's shooting at him.
Unbelievably transparent theme.
Voice acting is Oscar-worthy.

Posted by Vlaphor

I have to say, if you are looking for a good ER game, check out Steambot Chronicles for the PS2.

You can do such things as extort money from nuns taking care of orphans, become the slave of a domineering milf, and hide medicine from a sick woman for no reason other than to be a dick.  You can also do good things, but why would you want to?

Posted by JJOR64

God, I hate duded who look like chicks in anime.

Posted by milkman4591
@GloomyTangent: I think its just weird editing
Posted by Hyuzen

Ummm its pretty all over the place, but then i thought...
maybe its just a bunch of cutscenes put together. I think that would make more sense, considering the game is supposed to let you customize your space ship. it just felt like it was cutscenes all from the intro or something, but not neccesarily all scenes that would happen one after the other.

and as for it being an ER... even though I'm interested in this game i don't think that would go over that well.

Posted by AllenGeralt
@Mouth said:
" Sounds wierd, but it looks interesting.


Wait, how does the kid know how to control a space ship if its not allowed on his planet?

That's a good point. People: 1 Sega: 0 "
Didnt you hear?

You only need to shout "FLY!"

Posted by NinjaHunter

I wanna be a Zero G Dawg... YAY-YAAAAY!!!

Posted by Floppypants

Zero G, dawg

Posted by RiddleBrother
@LordFolken said:
" @Mouth said:
" Sounds wierd, but it looks interesting.


Wait, how does the kid know how to control a space ship if its not allowed on his planet?

That's a good point. People: 1 Sega: 0 "
Didnt you hear? You only need to shout "FLY!" "
And all you need for a hot lady to build you a space ship is to ask politely.
Posted by idiotic_genius1

Wow that looks bad.

To me it sounded like:
"Help me!"
"My ship won't work so I'm going to make a new one and give it to you because you are a little kid who asked for help"


Posted by Slurpelve

it look pretty good

Posted by Kyle

Reminds me a little of Outlaw Star. Which was awesome. I will say that I am not uninterested.

Posted by ChrisTaran

It's stuff like this that reminds me that Persona 4 really does have an amazing voice cast.  Because this, this was just horrible...

Posted by Chocobo_Blitzer

Was this dubbed in 1998 or what?

Posted by nihilisticmonkey

Hot anime lady :- "Men.....a few quick shots and they're gone"

That's how the G's roll baby!!!! Can't wait for the jokes from a quicklook of this.

Posted by GloomyTangent
@milkman4591: Partly, but that still seems like it came from the same scene, in which case...  What.

Also, that doesn't excuse the whole "I'm.... in space" or him dodging a laser shot from a hologram or that that guy manages to throw a holographic rifle at him.
Posted by PJ
I think you have missunderstood what the endurace run is. Jeff and Vinnie are not playing Persona 4 just to rip it a new asshole. Like they said when they started. They are doing the ER on Persona 4 because they really wanted to play it and this is the only way they would find time to do so and finish it..
I don't think anyone would play a game for 55+h(like they have so far) just to rip on it because its stupid. That would get old really fast.
Persona 4 isnt the best RPG by a long shot but it does have enough unik things to it that differenciates itself from other JRPGs that make it a good game. And the "humor" and sillyness of it is something that keeps you coming back for the ~100h it takes.
Posted by Dan_CiTi

Yeah, looks kind of like Outlaw Star and Platinum Games is amazing. Color me excited. I think people are thinking to much about it. It is just some cutscenes from the game stringed together, of course it doesn't make sense. It is just to get us excited.

Posted by yyZiggurat


That made very little sense.

Posted by RampageEndsHere
Persona 4 IS the best RPG.
Posted by GloomyTangent
@PJ: Why Jeff and Vinny are playing it and why it's good are also two different things. I understand that they have no intentions of torturing themselves with a shitty game, but I'm not going to watch more than an hour of them playing a good game. They're funny guys, but jesus christ, I struggle with the dungeon segments of persona. I think it's far more important for the game to be funny than for it to be good. Maybe that'll lead to shorter endurance runs, but I'm okay with that as long as they're funny.
Posted by bybeach

she wuz pretty!

Posted by DragoonKain1687

Wooooow. Talk about mother fu**** shity voice acting. Man, it makes Chinese movies dubs look like Shakespeare

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

This makes the latest Star Ocean look like "Citizen Kane".

Posted by JeffGoldblum

A ship of my own?
*cue ship building montage.

Posted by RollHard86

It looked good until I seen the DS thing :(

Posted by Beomoose

That kid got promoted faster than James Kirk.

Posted by TobyD81

I love how in anime anyone can just acquire and command a spaceship. So, is there a game that goes with this or what?

Posted by Ouroboros

FMV commericials are useless for a DS game - it makes me more interested if this was an anime (i dont know if it is already) or on a nextgen platform.

Posted by Lies


Posted by Brendan

That kid must have had an easy button.  Or no ships in a clearly advanced society have lock-on targeting.

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