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Nice. I just stole somebody's quest.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

Those points are so desirable

Posted by karnbread

So they made Castle Crashers/Angry Birds as a Kinect game? I get the feeling it won't be quite so easy to aim that ballista, either. I think a QuickLook might still be funny, though!

Posted by fox01313

Think that Dave Lang would have been better at promoting this, some of the people just don't have his level of energy at selling it. Adding it to the very small list of games for Kinect to get once I move to a bigger place that can actually have enough room for the bloody thing.

Posted by Zombie_Shakespeare

Looks like good, dumb fun.

Posted by heatDrive88

Needs more Dave Lang.

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That was a two and a half minute, Dave Langless waste of time

Posted by KrisCarter

oh...it's for kinect?....hmmmm...um..I'm out.

Posted by impartialgecko

Well I'm always in the Lang zone regardless

Posted by beepmachine

I can't picture Dave Lang reading scripted stuff about the game like the people in this vid.

Posted by louiedog

I like games where you destroy stuff with physics. I don't like Kinect. I won't be buying this game as a result. I really don't see why this couldn't be used with a controller as well. This doesn't exactly seem like a game that will sell peripherals so why not make it optional like Babel Rising, Dragon's Lair, etc?

Posted by DaBuddaDa

Not enough Lang.

Posted by umdesch4

If this were 400 Microsoft Points, I might buy it. This game seems like it might be amusing for an hour or so.

Posted by Chindie

I dunno quite what it is about this game, but I just strikes me as one of the most terribly uninspiring games I've seen anything of for quite some time.

Posted by Triumvir

This video most definitely did not transport me to the Lang Zone. 0/10

Posted by Jayzilla

THis is like a really cheesy infomercial with testamonials.

Posted by Martdawg

Wish this video had entered the Lang Zone

Posted by MrKlorox

Am I the only person who thinks of Cannibal Ox every time I read this studio's name?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I really love nat-u-ral writing in scripts and I believe that yes, you the consumer, can enjoy it as well. Nine ninety-five.

Posted by Paindamnation

I came to this expecting moar Dave Lang, I am dissapoint.

Posted by fusrodah

This exists completely outside of the Lang Zone and that's just unacceptable

Posted by SmilingPig

After Steel Battalion the Kinect lost all good will as far as I am concerned, they will bring out any game for it no matter how bad and broken that game is.

Posted by UncleBenny

I will not participate in the viewing of this video due to the popular opinion of the lack of Dave Lang

Posted by Peanut

As much as I want to be in the Lang Zone, I want no part of this game.

Posted by KDR_11k

I really don't think this'll compare favorably with Boom Blox.

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No thanks, Kinect can go and die.

And yes, this looks like a poor man's Boom Blox with incredibly shitty controls. Even just watching how you have to swipe like an idiot in order to steer the ball annoys me.

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Are people really excited to play these kinds of games, on consoles no less? Really?  

Posted by MeatSim

That king seems insane but if your getting payed who cares.

Posted by Phatmac

Lang or bust.

Posted by Hef

For a game that doesn't look especially amazing, I wish the destruction was a little more than a puff of smoke and some firework noises. It'd be cool if it had real dynamic destruction.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

What's the appeal of this? It looks like a sh*tty version of Boom Blox but for the Kinect. Besides it being by Dave Lang.

Posted by heavymetalwaffle

@DaBuddaDa said:

Not enough Lang.

I concur.

(I really only wanted to see my new yearly member medal. It's so shiny!)

Posted by bondbill

I love how I was looking to see the buildings fall around the projectile and watch it travel into and carry on past the walls...no just loads of smoke and everything collapses no real physics more just a up or down state -_-

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Posted by Groundings

I like the concept

Posted by chose

No physics = fail. Add Kinect and you get absolute failure.

Posted by envane

wow game design has gone down the shitter pretty hard ..

Posted by heatDrive88

@Dan_CiTi: I don't see what's so wrong about it being almost exactly like Boom Blox, minus the jenga-like modes. That one mode in Boom Blox was a ton of fun with friends.

Posted by Smersh

More GIANT bombs!

Posted by flomby

Did this remind anybody else of one of those Apple promotional videos where every employee in the video has had their mind continuously blown by whatever they are promoting, and are genuinely flabbergasted at the product that they themselves made?

Posted by CptBedlam

@heatDrive88: "sh*tty version of" doesn't mean "almost exactly like"

Posted by Stehole

WOW!!! those castle destruction physics sure do look good, compared to a smelly turd :D , and hey its for kinect wich is prob the most amazingly stupid piece of shit microsoft ever did make, and if microsoft didnt make it and you are about to correct me or my writing, let me just say hay hey hey hey . . . go fuu%#&"¤% yourself .

unless u agree then u are prob an alright guy/girl.

all comments are invalid, my hair is a bird.

Posted by metalgearstl

They seemed like they were doing a interview for a informercial. I was waiting to hear "buy now and we will double your order!"