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Posted by Morningstar

Oooh, scary Lillard.

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Posted by The_Nubster

Going just by graphics and animation? Sorry, NBA Live, you're dead on arrival.

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deserves to be seen again:

Posted by Xanadu

Why does Steve Nash look like Nick Cage?

Posted by TurboMan

@xanadu: You don't want Nic Cage to be the point guard for the LA Lakers?

We need a "HATERS GONNA HATE" at the bottom of this gif.

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Eh. Eeeeeeeeh.

I have no words.

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@xanadu: Crossed with the dude playing the dude in that wikipedia leak movie

Posted by ross2075
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2k14 next gen is way better!

Posted by theveej

uh..... my thought goes out to the NBA team

Posted by Carryboy

Awwww jeeez

Posted by LightningX32

why doesn't ea just give up on basketball.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

The lighting, faces, animation... just not close to 2K.

Posted by MildMolasses

Well, I like the El-P song they got in there.

Doesn't look nearly as good as 2K14

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@turboman: At first I didn't see why EA pulled the game, then Kobe or whoever was like "I'm a plane!" and stayed that way.

Posted by Hunkulese

Doesn't look great but the game could be decent.

I'm more interested to see if EA was able to do anything significant with their 3 years off than I am playing a tweaked version of the 2k series that's been more or less the same for a while.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

They did get Bronson and El-P though in here I like that.

Posted by StriderNo9

@hunkulese: This is how I feel. the 2K series is great of course but I do like a fresh take on my sports games from time to time. The game doesn't look terrible, some of it looks very good though but the animation seems very stiff.

Posted by Krullban

2k looks waaaaaay better.

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Nash looks like a TF2 character.

Posted by MEATBALL


Posted by AMyggen

@turboman: Haha, classic video right there!

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Posted by JJWeatherman

Animations still look stiff. Feet still slide unrealistically. Ball and basket physics look as rigidly fake as ever. All this time, a new engine, and we still get the same old NBA Live--it's kind of unbelievable.

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I don't know...I don't think it looks horrible, but clearly they have some work to do to catch up to 2K in terms of graphics and animations. Hopefully the gameplay side of things is a bit better and in a few years Live will actually be in a position to compete directly with 2K and push them to improve to maintain their edge.

Posted by MeatSim

Steve Nash looks weird in this game. Kyrie looks like his normal self for the most part.

Posted by Castiel

Compared to 2K14 this looks like a current gen game.

Posted by Xristophoros

Damn that's rough. Looks more like a slightly enhanced version of a current gen game than an all new entry running on new hardware. Go back to school EA. Even with all the money and greed in the world you release half- assed crap like this? 2K has done it right and will leave EA in the dust.

Posted by ksmarshall1088

Weird observation, but I find it strange that none of the players have armpit hair.

Posted by zoozilla

Looks really cartoony compared to 2K14. I think all the Ignite games do, to a certain extent.

They should just make another NBA Jam and go all-in on the cartoony look.

Posted by TiE23

Does everyone in the NBA just have the smoothest, most hairless armpits in the world?

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Shameful display!!!

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The only good thing about this trailer was the music.


LMAO! Why does Steve Nash look like the Scout from TF2?

Posted by Monkeyman04

OF COURSE!! The only shots the Lakers took in the trailer were against the Blazers!

Posted by ptys

Basketball players shorts are way too long, makes them look unprofessional and a little silly, IMO.

Posted by relyt55

Well, they tried.

Posted by HHAP

The only thing that interests me in this one is the ultimate team mode. If they can pull that off right, I can see why someone might choose this over 2K.

Posted by lordgodalming

I can't believe how much better 2K14 looks.

Posted by jakob187

Compared to 2K14, this game looks like it was on PS2. Like...holy shit, this looks like a half-assed job all the way around. Even the animations look bad.

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Looks like a release title for the 360/ps3 instead of PS4. 2K14 looks significantly better.

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I think we've established that 2K14 has better graphics than EA's NBA live. Now, can someone please make another NBA jam for next-gen?

Posted by sublime90

im so happy EA didnt get exclusive rights to the nba like they did nfl.

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I see what you did there.

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@tie23: TY i was like where is the armpit hair tech...but i don't want to say it first cause who notices that?YOU DO, and so did I.

Posted by DarknessMyOldFriend

Run the Jewels getting soundtrack run?

Hell yes!

Posted by OurSin_360

The thing that set nba 2k apart from live was the fact that you could play defense, box out, etc. The fact they focus on "dribbling" (like that is the most important part of team basketball) has me thinking this will be some arcade-y nonsense again. Hope i'm wrong, because 2k14 is terrible and without competition i think it's all down hill from here.

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