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Posted by Bones8677

cool moves

Posted by Nedrika

This looks pretty cool.

Posted by MisterMouse

I am glad that they put the footage of the animators doing the motions in

Posted by MyNameIsJoe

looking forward to this

Edited by phrosnite

Games like this are the reason why I can never go back to the D&D combat system. It may be the deepest out there but it's also boring. Now this looks deep and super fun. Can't wait to play it.

Posted by walter_sobchak

I wish my game got this much focus from GB!

Posted by TehJedicake

I'm pretty interested and relatively excited for this game :D

Posted by Krelle

@walter_sobchak said:

I wish my game got this much focus from GB!

Whats your game, if I may ask?

Posted by Haoshiro

This video took Amalur from "i'm sure it's a fine game" to must play.

Posted by End_Boss

I hate to be a dick, but for all the talking up they did, I was left pretty unimpressed by the combat animations. They're not bad, they're just not anything special.

Posted by weegieanawrench

@Haoshiro said:

This video took Amalur from "i'm sure it's a fine game" to must play.

I agree, I wasn't really taken with the game until I saw all these crazy moves that seem to look rather easy to pull off.

Posted by UberExplodey

Where is my Rich Gallup character skin?

Posted by Itwastuesday

I love watching videos where the guys who work on the game are super excited about the stuff they put in the game

Posted by Gav47

That sequence at the end looks more like a fighting game than a story based RPG. I really hope this game is good.

Posted by NaDannMaGoGo

Hey there ripped off Spider Man theme - we meet again!

In regards to the actual content of this video, sounds somewhat promising but I won't take their word for granted yet. Let's see how it'll actually turn out.

Posted by RVonE

"Inside Reckoning"

"So with Reckoning..."

"So in Reckoning..."

"You can go on playing Reckoning..."

Posted by byterunner

That black guy was pretty funny. He seems so different from all the other people they've had in their videos so far, brings a bit more insight and different views on the game.
Also, this game still looks awesome. Cant wait to play.

Posted by katsu044

just want to play it already.

Posted by Irvandus

I'm kinda excited for this game.

Posted by Humanity

@End_Boss said:

I hate to be a dick, but for all the talking up they did, I was left pretty unimpressed by the combat animations. They're not bad, they're just not anything special.

I thought they looked good but extremely arcadey. They talked about weight and follow through for their moves but it's not the animations of the characters as much as enemy reactions that also define the feel. There was a guy swinging this gigantic hammer around and the skinny little enemy in front of him was just taking these blows with crazy "battle sparks" flying everywhere. That little frog guy was just looping this OUCH I took a hit animation.

I'm interested in the game but theres also the dichotomy of what I just saw now which was intriguing and the footage Brad and Vinny talked over which looked kinda lackluster.

Posted by TorMasturba

How does EA find it a profitable idea to help release two big MMO's at the same time?

Just weird is all.

Posted by Aelric

@TorMasturba: This one isn't the MMOm it's a spinoff game to is set in the same world as the MMO will be, sort of an early promotional device and interest gauge.

Posted by ArcLyte

very excited to play this. love the fluidity of the combat.

Posted by Soviut

Finally, animation isn't treated as an afterthought! The explanation of the silhouettes and how a freeze frame should still convey weight, direction and speed was bang on.

The game looks like a lot of fun and the artwork looks great! Has a bit of WoW and TF2 flavour mixed in. And the environments actually seem a lot more varied. Those rock quarries look especially unique.

Posted by ninjalegend

Maybe this will fill the void the not so hot Fable 3 left in my action focused RPG section of my collection.

Posted by captain_clayman

lmao, fighting in the parking lot. that clip could come back to bite them. goofyness aside, this game looks really good. i'm psyched. that's pretty much why i can't play jrpg's usually, because i hate the gameplay.

Posted by EmuLeader

I'm glad Big Huge is posting these videos. I like behind the scenes footage and explanations. Makes me a little more invested in the game when they seem to add a personal touch to showing the game.

Posted by Raethen

@captain_clayman: if only you knew the kind of crazy videos that are made for reference in animation. This is all fairly standard, it when you get scenes where one person acts out multiple parts, then another person is spliced in because they gave a better performance for one part. Animation reference videos are extremely fun to watch.

Posted by maxB

@TorMasturba: this isnt a mmo

Posted by Kordesh

@End_Boss said:

I hate to be a dick, but for all the talking up they did, I was left pretty unimpressed by the combat animations. They're not bad, they're just not anything special.

There's been a lot of talking up about this game. Wayyyyy too much. It's probably for the best that people haven't quite latched onto the hype for this game, because with the amount of hot air they're blowing around, it would be likely to end up a huge disappointment by the time it released. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will probably be a decent action RPG, but they've been throwing around a lot of "revolutionary"'s and claiming that it will be a "deep RPG with action combat, NOT an action RPG" when the reality of everything they've shown, is its an RPG. There's just been a lot of the typical marketing hyperbole in everything they've said thus far, which just leaves me super skeptical, though not entirely disinterested.

Posted by theWarren

The thing that really gets me excited about this game is that while being another fantasy role playing game, the combat is like God of War, but as the last section shows, it's almost designed like a fighting game. So as a Street Fighter\Marvel\KOF guy, this gets me very excited.

Posted by SharkMan

so this is reckoning, looks like fun

Posted by kalmis

Looking forward to this

Posted by Spankmealotus

looks cool, but i won't be playing it because i like to play games on my PC and this is an EA joint

Posted by Subjugation

This is looking way better than I initially gave it credit for.

Posted by Stonecutter

I'm trying so, so, so hard not to get too pumped up for this game because it's a new IP and it could easily be bad, but I can't help it. I'm going to be heartbroken if it's not awesome.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Holy Harry Potter music, Batman!

Posted by LassieME

Looks pretty good. I think I'm gonna play this.

Posted by pakattak

@Paul_Is_Drunk: Haha yeah. Sounds super Danny Elfman.

Posted by Hef

I think they really like mortal kombat. So much juggling.

Posted by satiricalscience

The combat really remind me of DC Universe Online.

Posted by RIDEBIRD

I still think this looks really bad, except for the animations perhaps. Technically inferior, low res and I don't dig the artstyle at all. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised by the gameplay.

Edited by Scarabus

Isn't that the opening theme for Spider man?

Posted by soupbones

it's a shame they hide most of this great animation with all those glowing trail effects.

Posted by spiceninja

@Scarabus said:

Isn't that the opening theme for Spider man?

It is. What the hell.

Posted by Xenctuary

This man does not blink.

Posted by piderman

I can listen to Claudia Black say "Rated M for Mature" all day :o

Posted by TheInternets

My impression from just this video is that I don't feel there is anything special to the animations. That isn't to say that the animations don't look good, just I feel like have seen similar animations before in other games. Hopefully there are still DPS and DOTs because just designing around timing blows seems just as boring and maybe slightly more tedious to me.

Posted by Encephalon

"Rated M for Matyure"

Posted by Stepside


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