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Posted by Heti

game's gonna own

Posted by Jace

The ladies call me P-Body.

Posted by Slaker117

Is it just me, or has the video player been really fucked up today?

Posted by FoogleSmoogle

That robot got a penitentiary body.

Posted by Trejik

Cakee is a liee

Posted by TheSmashing

I saw this about a week ago. At least. Please speed up!

Posted by snetErz

Aw, they're so cute together!

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Posted by jelekeloy

I refuse to watch gameplay from this game, but these little teasers should be fine.

Posted by Gregomasta

They're such a cute couple.

Posted by MintyLeaf

Game looks pretty awesome
Gotta find someone to play co-op with though

Posted by Amish_Joe

Looks mad as. Pity they pushed it back. 

Posted by FormulaDeuce

My question is, are these robots motivated by cake?

Posted by captain_clayman

WTF i keep thinking there's new trailers, but this is a week old.   seriously, speed it up!

Posted by Keslus9

The donuts are Truth..

Posted by dudeglove

This is old hat already.

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Posted by AleXTanZ

This game look Ace :)

Posted by blacklab

I really like the expressiveness of those two little guys. I hope it carries over into actual gameplay.

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Robots can't eat cake.... or can they?

Posted by fox01313

Gotta love the sound/music in this trailer, spot on & now release the game already :P.

Posted by Danutz