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Posted by Felix

Looks great!

Posted by afrokola

Saw this the other day, Horde 2.0 is looking really slick. Cannot wait to kill a Brumak ala Gears 1 PC!

Posted by Hector

Nice touches to the already fun Hoarde mode.

Posted by Nihilius

This and Uncharted 3 Look amazing. :)

Posted by jaymorgoth

hmmm...may finally start playing online. Looks really good.

Posted by buft

Age check? craps sake i will not go to church im 28

Posted by Speaker4TheDead

This looks incredibly fun. I've stayed away from gears games since I haven't really enjoyed them but I might (just might) buy this for horde 2.0

Posted by Afroman269

Fuck yes.

Posted by mathkor

@texaseanacre: its coming to the pc hip hip horayyy

Posted by UnlivedPhalanx


Posted by Delta_Ass

Sounds like I'm getting a mission briefing from a supermodel.

Posted by DougQuaid


Posted by DancingJesus

All over my face.

Posted by danjbailey

So its also a tower defense game now?

Posted by Afroman269

@texaseanacre: its coming to the pc hip hip horayyy

Gears 3? No it's not.
Posted by Hawker

@danjbailey:Did you see any towers to defend? No, it's horde, with extras

Edited by Korolev

Well now. This is impressive. Gives me a reason to dust off my 360.

Posted by mathkor

@Afroman269: oh poop

Posted by CoruptAI125

Definitely my most anticipated game of the year. I've played so much Gears over the years it's sickening. Can't wait til midnight launch. Epic edition pre-ordered!

Posted by notha

@buft said:

Age check? craps sake i will not go to church im 28

i didnt understand that either. i'm logged in, isn't my age already on file?

Posted by kollay

Anya! Make me a sandwich!

Posted by Origina1Penguin

This is great! I had no idea all these additions were coming to Horde.

Posted by afrokola

@Afroman269 said:


@texaseanacre: its coming to the pc hip hip horayyy

Gears 3? No it's not.

You kill a Brumak in the added level of Gears 1 PC, so I was just saying that it's cool to finally be able to do that again!

Posted by big_jon

Awesome, I was hoping for this stuff in Halo: Reach fire fight DLC.

Posted by owl_of_minerva

Looks really awesome. I love horde mode.

Posted by Vinny_Says

Anya, I do love fighting off wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies, you know me so well.

Posted by Oni

This looks pretty cool, they added some tower defense-type stuff.

also, AWW COME ON!

Posted by Darkecho117

This game is shaping up to look really great

Posted by betterboulder


Posted by Vager

Now I'm interested in Gears 3.

Posted by Andheez

Sounds good to me!

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Looks great.

Posted by andrewf87462

This is looking like it's going to be a lot of fun. I like the idea of having to build uo your defences, instead of just shooting down wave after wave of the enemy. The fact I can now build defences to aid me in this, is a big help. I just hope people can work as a team!
Posted by CookieMonster

This looks fucking unreal.

Posted by GunstarRed

Wow everything theyve done to Horde is fucking amazing looking. I Cannot wait to play this and see how people figure out how to break it . looks like blocking off a a choke point with a shield is no longer a good stategy.
Posted by rusted3572

I am looking forward to this, but I can't help but feel its a bit much, slightly too involved, will you still be able to play hoard 1.0?

Posted by Xyber

Oh god, can't wait!

Posted by Cybexx

Anya! Ah Hell...

Posted by mekon

That sounded pretty awesome.

Posted by loopy_101

Taking hints from COD Zombies it would seem.

Posted by Masha2932

Wow that's a great trailer, informative and fun to watch.

Posted by MeatSim

1500 dollars to resurrect yourself from the dead seems like a bargain.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

This look fun as hell!  Just wish it was on PC :(  Really don't want to buy my 6th 360 just for this but I might just do it.

Posted by DrJota

Looks like it could be a pretty good Morde for the game.

Posted by csl316

Hey, who put tower defense in my shooter?

Regardless, niiiccceee.

Posted by golguin

That sounds pretty good.

Posted by HerbieBug

shooting with guns, you say? 

Posted by Absolute_Zero

At 2:26, when did they add melee weapons? Or am I forgetting something?

Posted by mathkor

@texaseanacre: well a man can dream right, atleast I got 2 people replying to my post T_T

Posted by MindChamber

I remember we used to make our own barrier in 2, by lining up the shields in front of a doorway :3

this is gonna be fun.

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