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Oh snap.

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Well that was weird.

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The game play looks like total shit. I mean, it seriously looks like something you'd find on newgrounds from an amateur artist.


Posted by Kazona

I... wow... I'm stumped, in a good way.

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I know someone who would just looooooove this trailer, but he's kind of lame so.......... 

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These people should be in charge of all video game advertisements. I wasn't going to buy this game, but then he made the nacho analogy and now I'm sold.

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Kind of a a failed execution of picnicface or Tim and Eric style.  Just really comes up short and boring. Nice that they tried, I guess.
Game itself looks... generic and has shitty art assets.

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The ugliest game ever?

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@csoup said:

The game play looks like total shit. I mean, it seriously looks like something you'd find on newgrounds from an amateur artist.


I think that's the point.
Posted by august

This is why God invented green screens.

Posted by Mumrik

I think this ad had a larger budget than the game did...

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Yup, that is what I am talking about.

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Oh man this looks terrible. So naturally I would like a quick look upon its release

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Looks shitty, where do I buy it.

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Sigh... not all games can be "art" but if all could this would be a fucking macaroni turkey

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Huh...I was worried this was about Serious Sam 3. The main series had some pretty great ads which this is kinda but not really. Oh well it's some janky flashy looking side-scrollin' shooter made to promote Serious Sam. Probably not gonna play it but good on them for making weird shit.

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"Stick with it"? The gameplay is 20 seconds in, Brad. For someone who's supposed to be a fan of style, you're not letting the trailer do its thing!

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. . .

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that was the best thing i've seen all week 
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looks like a fucked up version of "Abuse"

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Foot punch? 

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Well that fucking...

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Not gonna lie. I loved that trailer. Laughed and laughed and laughed.

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I haven't even clicked play but I already know this is gonna be fucking awesome.


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MBG makes some damn good games. I want this!

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Great trailer...game looks boring as fuck.

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Trailer was mildly amusing, but the game itself doesn't interests me at all.

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Gun stacking sounds like a great idea.

Not in this game, though.

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This is amazing.

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I think that's exactly how I felt when I saw Bulletstorm for the first time, then immediately disappointed afterwards. So yeah, this trailer was exactly that.

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I remember playing this at PAX East, it wasn't much fun. But the whole gun stacking thing was nice for a laugh.

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I appreciate the trailer, but the game part doesn't look great.

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This and the Rayman trailer, that's too much for one day.

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This reminds me of the AOTS sketches with Kevin Pereira...meh

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so how are we going to circlestrafe?

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I love Mommy's Best Games. Good to see them get to work on a somewhat big name IP. Anyone who thinks this looks bad seriously needs to go play Weapon of Choice. They also made Shoot 1Up and Explosionade. For a $5 indie game, this looks pretty damn fun.

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Classic Serious Sam.

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I love how the blue bodies and suicide bombers have the same sound from the Xbox Series Sam. Jesus I loved the HELL out of that game. And this trailer is almost brilliant, however the game looks like a stack of nachos only if the nachos where turds. 
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The game looks bad, I'll stick with the FPS.

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@louiedog said:

I appreciate the trailer, but the game part doesn't look great.

I totally agree.

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holy shit best trailer ive ever seen

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Gun stacking should be in all games

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That trailer was incredible. 

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That guy looked like David Cross with hair.

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What the hell was that all about?!