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Edit: First

Posted by Nzwei

We'll see, but no fistbumps ?

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I hope there's rage?

Edit: Moral Choices?  Between Bros and Hoes?

Posted by MeatSim

Needs more fist bumps.

Posted by Aas

Right on, bro!

Posted by PeasForFees


Posted by MatthewMeadows

Hmm, are there any other games out there in which killing hostages has little to no negative impact - published by a company as big as EA?

I'm just thinking that this could turn into bad publicity for EA.
Posted by Alphazero

I might fist bump this one. I've been playing lots of Skate 2 lately, and I kinda want to shoot some dudes in the face.

You know, for variety.

Posted by HatKing

Nice, but this just doesn't compensate for an Endurance Run.  I was starting to worry I might have to start my day without one.  But, alas I see the new ER in the featured videos!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

That video ended abruptly.

Posted by Azteck

If you ask me, they should've stuck with Army of 2. :I

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Can I joke and NOT kill hostages?

Posted by Smarter_Martyr

It needs more Wu-Tang references.

Posted by Droop

That ain't no bro!

Posted by Number1

Why not just make it 4 player co-op and call it Army of Four.

Posted by MicrosoftEAGames


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I played all the way through the original and the correct approach would have been to make the sequel even more overblown and completely ridiculous, as that is a more achievable task than adding any kind of depth or substance to the plot and characters.

You should be able to turn into a chicken like in Hexen. Or was that Heretic. God knows.

Posted by Pazy

I cant wait for this. I loved playing the first game split-screen with my buddy. Though I plan to save everyone and joke around :)

Posted by caseylakes

1:38 was that a hit to peter molyneux?

Posted by ScottG13


Posted by Nyro

I don't know why but, I really want this game to do good.

Posted by Kohe321

Good interview.

Posted by Jimbo

Moral choices are 'new' and 'exciting' in the same way that 3rd person cover-based shooters are new and exciting.


Posted by Almak

They have some interesting ideas, I'll give them that but no fistbump, no pimpslapping the co-ho with my ringfinger, no sale.

Posted by KyleBaron

Really good interview :)

Posted by Creamypies

Hm I liked the first game, purely because it was co-op. So more of the same but with all the bad things fixed is definately one to watch.

Posted by osmokes

More Fistbumps, and more women. Fuck Bromance.

Posted by Vonocourt

Yep, yeah, yep....yep.

Posted by Jost1

Hey bro I got a gamecube and some natty ice

Posted by JoshLarson

Ryan, hopefully you wiped your ass after that interview because that corporate tool sure blew enough smoke up it.

Posted by brocool

Great Interview.. I loved the first 1

This guy's accent puzzles me

Posted by nail1080

Morale choices? Lol, yeah that's what gamers want...

Posted by Milkman

"I'm sick of elaborate plots"? Ok, so like the original Army of Two, the story is going to be dumb. Great.

Posted by DarkFury

"we killing that guy, or are we saving that guy"

In most co-op games I'm discussing tactics and choices with my partner, not sure how different this is going to be.

Posted by Griddler

this vid could do with some gameplay

Posted by Foggen

It sounds like he's made a dichotomy between playing as good guys and bro'ing it up.  That's no fun...

Posted by bulletbeast

this game should be brilliant. I thought the first was really good. i dont understand why everyone hated it

Posted by sublime90

im looking forward to this game.

Posted by SenatorSpacer

I really want thsi game to be good becaue Army of Two was cool, but I don't like the whole serious nature of it.

Posted by Webby

I didn't think the first one was that good, it was okay. But hopefully they have learnt from their mistakes and im going to give this one a chance.

Posted by Baggykins

oh no not moral choices! i always wind up being the "trying to act all innocent"-sadistic dude that kills the hostage and says: "CIVILIAN!? he was coming right at me! With the fists and the...stuff...." 

Posted by Porridgelad

the first game was a decent shooter, so with some cool additions this might be worth picking up

looking forward to a bit more information at E3

Posted by Thunder

i hope it turns out good i liked the first one and im looking forward to this one

Posted by giyanks22
caseylakes said:
1:38 was that a hit to peter molyneux?
I think so...wow...lol thats funny..
looks meh...
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JoshLarson said:
Ryan, hopefully you wiped your ass after that interview because that corporate tool sure blew enough smoke up it.
LMAO, but very true. He's obviously nervous and not used to being interviewed, trying to tow the corporate line. Love how he tried to avoid the "so, aggro was crap in the first game, are you fixing it?" question but epic failed by saying  "we're trying to address it".....umm, great I guess....
Posted by Spiral_Stars


Posted by WilliamRLBaker

I loved the first one cant wait for this one.

Posted by Luthorcrow

Now this game is the real "Ballad of Gay Tony."  This game and the players that get off on it just need to come out of the closet. ;)

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Does he ever stop nodding when someone talks to him?

Posted by Kratch

This interview actually got me interested in the game.  It was completely off my radar, but sounds like it could be pretty interesting if they can pull off the stuff that he's hyping.

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