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Posted by Erik

Interview! /care

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That musical frog behind you is way rad, Brad.

Posted by myketuna

Who else thought that Alex looked like Garnett Lee in the thumbnail? Hmm? Just me? Ok.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Brad interviews are awesome!

Posted by lukeyk

Awesome frog, Love interviews.
Posted by Scooper

This game actualy looks great. I might pursuede my buddy to get this.
Ps. That dude's ears are really red.

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 @DiGiTaL_SiN said:

" Brad interviews are awesome! "
Indeed ,Brad is a great interviewer.
Posted by swamplord666

dude 500 people on a development team??!! Anyone care to guess who they might be? 
I mean with 500 people you would make the best game ever right? RIGHT??
Posted by Mgsfreak

Awesome interview lol, actually might get this game i like the sound of pair rankings :D 
competitiveness with your bff's'!

Posted by Tearhead

OH MY GOD! That statue is freaking me out!

Posted by PaulM

no Blair its not rad its fucking scary

Posted by Daftasabat

Loved the ad for Harmonix "Frog Band" in the background

Posted by Phantom_Crash

He said PONE........

Posted by Darkstar614

I really want to know what games had a 500 person team. I assume WoW probably has close to that with community managers and customer service, but those people didn't actually make the game.

Posted by Alphazero

Brad is good at that interviewing thing. Nicely done.

Posted by buzz_killington

He has a beverage...

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

this game actually looks good. probably not good enough for me to buy at full price on a really tight budget, though. also, since i'd be playing it on ps3, i'd be worried about the online play kind of dying down fairly quickly, especially with modern warfare 2 out a few months earlier and bad company 2 out a few months later. still, i'd like to give it a shot sometime.

Posted by Media_Master

Good interview.
That frog is crazy looking.

Posted by Haiitan_Knives_973

The last game was enough of a bummer not to buy this game so early. But it was just good enough to keep my eye on this new project. I love the 30 day pre order bonus.

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Brad is the interview Bancho! 
Part from that....and how long if at all are we going to be playing this multiplayer?... 
Hello MW2. Feel sorry for games having multiplayer in the next 6 months. It's just game over. 
EDIT: Also, thank you for not making me crazy. Pre order bonus for a stage is crazy, good that it's only a 30day period and its free...WAIT A MINTUE. Shouldn't it be a 40 day period. The 40th Day? Now that's mother effin marketing right there son! 

Posted by InFamous91

great job Brad

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2009: The year when shit really started getting fucked up.
So you're telling me that if I pre-order your game you'll let me play all of it? Wow, how kind and generous of you.  This kind of behavior is gross and will only lead to even grosser behavior.
Kudos to Brad for bringing up the question, and the frog.

Posted by ververdan0226
@swamplord666 said:
" dude 500 people on a development team??!! Anyone care to guess who they might be? I mean with 500 people you would make the best game ever right? RIGHT?? "
I'm sure that Assassin's Creed 2 was confirmed to have a 400-500 person development team...
Which is absolutely fucking stupid and ridiculous...
Posted by BoFooQ

gotta have a traveler.  no go to hell without a drink.
Posted by MeatSim

Horde mode has just become a standard mode for multiplayer shooters.

Posted by Nonethewiser

pleased by a 7 inch