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Grab the game cube, some Natty ice,  and the jack johnson CD's

Posted by snetErz

Needs more bro bumps.

Posted by MightyCarrion

is that Nolan North I hear?

Posted by Vinchenzo

Lol rap, this trailer sucks. Oh, and this game looks like shit.

Posted by Picksnapper
@InvaderTak90 said:
"is that Nolan North I hear? "

it is indeed
Posted by swamplord666


Posted by MightyCarrion

I knew it! Ha! sometimes it's real easy to tell it's him because of the lines he reads

Posted by marbleCmoney

Anyone know the song in this?

Posted by Daryl

Looked OK, kinda tempted to buy this for the co-op

Posted by emkeighcameron

Those are some nice looking explosions.

Posted by Alphazero

In the future all restaurants will be Taco Bell, and all voices will be Nolan North. Yes, even yours.


i loved mr. North's voice acting in uncharted. but he is everywhere now. that kinda sucks! get old u knw

Posted by Origina1Penguin
@marbleCmoney said:
" Anyone know the song in this? "
It has it listed at 2:10
I'm still really disappointed with the explosions. They based so much of this game around them, but did a horrible job.
Posted by Phetz

Sensing a nominee for the 2010 Northies...

Posted by Zaph

For a trailer (which is supposedly to show a game at it's best) there are some seriously shoddy graphics/textures in this game.
What you'd generally find acceptable in an open world or destructive game (e.g. Red Faction 3), but not in a action shooter.

Posted by conical

Wow, is this the trailer for the Wii version?

Posted by kagekage

I was REALLY disappointed w/ the first game, so I'm probably gonna pass. 
The graphics look like shit.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Oh christ sake Nolan North again. The dude is going to be in everything. In fact, I can see it now Mass Effect 3 male Commander Shepard wilo be voiced by Nolan North, while female Commander Shepard will be voiced by Nolan North pretending to be a woman. The guy is good, really good in fact but for crying out load can these developers not just go to all those out of work actors and see if one has the voice they want and not just say "Fuck it lets just hire Nathan Drake"
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

They really need to hire a better particle effects guy, the explosions look really lame. But the game looks more and more interesting, I'm getting a Bad Company (first one) vibe from the story.

Edited by Milkman

EA is obviously going for the Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer vibe here with the rap music.
But I will give the game some credit for its LL Cool J use.

Posted by diz


Posted by Blackout62
@Sharpshooter said:
"voiced by Nolan North pretending to be a woman."
And yet somehow he'll still nail it.
Posted by thedj93

that song sounds a whole lot like till I collapse...

Posted by Drauglim

The action scenes look last generation, but the people are highly detailed. Why wouldn't they spend more time on the action to look better and the people to look not as good?

Posted by AURON570


Posted by pbhawks45


Posted by Cornman89


Posted by Cheapoz

What Gamecube-era engine is this game running on?!  
Whoever cut this trailer made a bad decision of focusing on the city-destruction footage because it is horrific.

Posted by Danterion

Man, how they they screw up the graphics like that? I mean...geez, how long ago did Gears of War 2 come out? That looked better.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

was that... nolan north? dear christ, i love the man's work, but enough is enough! give it a little rest already. anyway, i thought that trailer was pretty awesome, unlike the previous promo material that they've released for the game.

Posted by niall077

Did I just hear Nolan North?   

"does some googling for 40th days voice cast" 
dude is like the new "speed tree"  
he is in everything.



Posted by ThatFrood

Uh, that fire looks.
Pretty shitty.

Posted by Joeybagad0nutz

Dont care for the trailer. I only care for the weapon modifications. That should be fun.
Posted by RVonE

When stuff breaks it doesn't look so hot. The city destruction, for example, but also the pilar that the bus slides through. I mean, it almost looks like PS1-era stuff. The character models and textures look good. though. What's going on with this game?

Posted by FoxMulder

Played the CoOp demo and I was bored to hell.  The shooting is terrible, the cover barely works, and it just looks bad graphicaly.

Posted by Valentino

Helicopters eh.... interesting.

Posted by BoFooQ

cod:mw2 two player. 
great, first one was fun to go through once

Posted by Jambones

" Nooooorth!
*shakes fist to the sky as lightening flashes.*

Posted by Jerusahat
@niall077 said:
"dude is like the new "speed tree""
Haha, he definitely needs a logo at the start of the game.
Posted by ArchScabby
@spilledmilkfactory said:
" was that... nolan north? dear christ, i love the man's work, but enough is enough! give it a little rest already. anyway, i thought that trailer was pretty awesome, unlike the previous promo material that they've released for the game. "
Hey man gotta pay the bills somehow.
Posted by ProjektGill

Song is "It's Time for War" by LL Cool J. Yea he still making music.

Posted by MaddProdigy

Honestly, in a trailer, you can't sell your games story. You need to sell bad ass graphics and BIG ASS EXPLOSIONS. Those will make people think its good, then when they purchase, hopefully it actually is good and it turns out...good. But these buildings blowing up looked ridiculous, the pieces were just squarey polygons, the faces looked roughly designed, not fleshed out. Overall, this trailer was uneffective. But also, theres SOOO MUCH BIG ASS EXPLOSIONS. I might just have to rent.

Edited by Mattalorian

I'm calling it: 2010 is the year that Nolan North's voice acting talent will be sadly overused.

Posted by Murdouken

This looks pretty fun (after watching your earlier Quick Look EX) and god damn. It makes me want to buy a console.

Posted by thewonderwaffle

the graphics in this trailer look suprisingly awful. I felt the same way about Assassin's Creed II. I haven't compared them side by side yet, but what is up with sequels looking worse than the original?
Posted by Zereta

Yea, I'll be getting this. Looks pretty cool.

Posted by sandwich_adjustment


Posted by simian

Poor black guy. It's beer o'clock with Buddy Christ.

Posted by GunnBjorn

I know it's but a trailer, but i get more and more interested in this title. 
As some stated before, the destruction of the buildings don't look at all superb. 
Even my deficient -7 eyes can see that. 
It save to say that's not going to be rectified with an easy patch. 
I'm willing to overlook that flaw, if the game furthermore has a good story and gameplay.
Posted by WinterSnowblind

I enjoyed the first game, but I bought it well after it came out for £15, don't think I'd have paid anymore than that.  This one looks pretty good in places too, but the demo didn't really impress me, infact a bug stopped me from being able to finish it. 
Decent fun on co-op, but I'm waiting for a price drop.
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