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Posted by zudthespud

From what I've heard it seems like a much better game than Army of Two 1 (lol) but considering there is that kind of music in the trailer, it's obvious they are trying to attract the 13 year old boy market so I wouldn't touch it with a mile long pole.

Posted by Parsnip
@Sharpshooter said:
female Commander Shepard will be voiced by Nolan North pretending to be a woman.
I'd play that.
Posted by JiuJitsuka85

Just because the rap in the CODMW2 trailer worked, doesn't mean it works for every trailer. Bad move EA.

Posted by Meltac

Pretty awesome trailer. And thumbs up for using LL Cool J

Posted by BravesToaster

Damn, this actually looks really badass. I think I'll pick it up

Posted by Wabashy

look alrite.... shame about the terrible british accent and slang though 
 right i think its beer o clock

Posted by wealllikepie

wow shitass explosions

Posted by Myomoto

Aww, I miss the bromance :(

Posted by Reverseface

WHAT THE FUCK! That is obviously one of the developers doing a british accent either that or he is retarded.

Posted by mattjam3000


Posted by SammydesinasNL
@GunnBjorn said:
"I know it's but a trailer, but i get more and more interested in this title. As some stated before, the destruction of the buildings don't look at all superb. Even my deficient -7 eyes can see that. It save to say that's not going to be rectified with an easy patch. I'm willing to overlook that flaw, if the game furthermore has a good story and gameplay. "

I'm sure the story will be good! 'Let's kill this guy'
Posted by Kaigan

They're really churning these Lego games out.

Posted by Afroman269

Needs more bro.

Posted by MeatSim

Is that city made out of Duplo bricks?

Posted by Brodehouse

Oh, Nolan.  You were in such great games, why must you do this?  You don't need the work. 
Nolan North should be a new NPC in Dragon Age.  And Mass Effect.  And then him and Chloe and Harry can fight the darkspawn together.

Posted by maladjusted

Wow... So... Judging by the graphics this is now a wii-exclusive?

Posted by Veektarius

Not a fan of in-engine cinematics.
Posted by Phonics

Decent song choice, sort of fits the game but goddamn this game looks like shit. Did anyone play the demo? It was choppy as hell and the particle effects look like they are straight outta playstation 2.

Posted by theMcNasty

Somehow, they managed to fit a helicopter crash, airplane crash and boat explosion into one trailer.
This franchise is SOoOooo stupid.

Edited by cmac2099

First Northie nominee of the year! With a building falling into another building!

Posted by Capum15

The building stuff doesn't look the best graphically, but it looks fun. Probably going to get this.

Posted by TheFreeMan

The explosions aren't too hot with the missiles, but I think that the buildings collapsing and the destruction in general looks great. The animations in the cutscenes are pretty neat and I think the graphics look fine, personally. I wasn't liking it too much in the demo, but I think I'll give this a rent. Should be fun for a weekend.
Cool trailer, I thought. Had the whole "MW2 launch trailer" thing going on.

Posted by Kraznor

Man, Nolan North is awesome and all but they need to space out his games more or let him change up his voice or something. Getting distracting.

Posted by HatKing

"I want to kill him."  "Let's do it."  Good to see they're bringing their A-game to the script this time.  *sigh*
Edited by Subject2Change

Tried the PS3 demo with a buddy, was hoping for another RE5 like Co-Op experience but the quality of game is so poor that honestly having both of us spend 60 dollars each on this game would be insane. If anything i'd rather buy a 360 with Gears2 then attempt to play this game. I suppose the comedic value from it is fairly high, but that is only if you are laughing at the game. With its dated graphics and its moral system that appears fine but after having someone in the story be executed by my decision only to instead attack me after a point blank bullet to the back of the head/neck with a pathetic blood spatter meant this game is a pass for now. The original quick look showed great promise, but until copies are 10 to 20 bucks i'd stay away.

Posted by bulletbeast

this looks great, i think Ao2 1 really wasnt paid its proper due, it was a really good game

Posted by bulletbeast

what the song name in this trailer!

Posted by darkjester74