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looks better then the first for sure 
Posted by hungrynun

Made me giggle. :3

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Great trailer, or greatest trailer?

Posted by Jeffsekai

I now care about this game!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Lol. Nice. lol.

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Like the commercial, don't like the game. 

Posted by tr00matt

I actually really liked that trailer. A lot.

Posted by crusnchill

So, does this mean we get to storm EA montreal HQ's in-game?

Posted by nohthink

damn.... they improved a lot.... like... A LOT.
I like the first one and all so I am totally excited for this!

Posted by Forcen

Almost as good as the toy soldier DLC trailer for fear 2.

Posted by demonbear

Montreal for the win!!!

Posted by Sunshine

That was funny as hell.

Posted by Jasman23

Make more of these style adverts and your game will sell 2x as many as it would without them  ;) 
Nice move EA   

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This ad by itself is considerably better than the first game, but it does nothing to get me excited for the second.

Posted by hawkeye

What just happend?
Posted by crusader8463

lmao. Reminds me of the videos they did for mercenaries. I only played the first game for an hour or two but i liked it. Love the character designs. Just hated that it was on 360. Wish they would put this out on PC.

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lol...yay for the return of Ao2. 

Posted by Tomtefar

that trailer was pure awesomeness, more of these ones for sure.

Posted by Napalm

That was pretty frickin' awesome. Maybe there's still a little bit of goofy humor in Army Of Two: The 40th Day after all?

Posted by TheClap

Lol.  The pool bit was good.  Special edition mask bundle?  Yes please

Posted by Dane

can't wait for the game

Posted by fox01313

This video for the Fistbumps Double is quite unexpected yet rather funny.
Posted by TOYBOXX

That put alot of smiles on peoples faces I'm sure

Posted by CraigAA1028

Wonder how many starving kids could have been fed with the money used to make that

Posted by FluxWaveZ

This show that marketing does not have to be expensive to be great.

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This was funny no doubt, but it makes me think that they have no faith in the game to sell itself otherwise they would show actual gameplay.
Posted by gustavog117

Oh that was just awesome
Posted by kitsune_conundrum

dude's huge

Posted by Akeldama

that was fucking great

Posted by fmprodguy

Awsome and Funny... horible audio edit on that song though.
Posted by Absurd

I hope the game is as good as the ad.

Posted by AURON570

haha that was great

Posted by HeavyMental

fake as shit and easy + cheap publicity

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I'm going to get this game. This ad was not the deciding factor however.

Posted by Xolare

Amazing? I think not. Awesome? YESH!

Posted by smokeH

haha that was an awwesome ad for the game.

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Stuff like this should in NO way make me want to buy a game 

But god dammit it does. 

Posted by Aaox

That was pretty cool.

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Salem and Rios are freakin huge,
Posted by MeatSim

Working in a office building is pretty brutal, so I guess you would need full body armor.

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Agreed with all of you. That was a great trailer. Hopefully this game is a lot better than the last one.

Posted by HeliumSpoon

The last one was still pretty fun.
Posted by bigdaddyjack21

Looks good but does EA have to force viral down peoples throats 

Posted by Psynapse

Haha thats pretty cool :) 
They should do more of this type of stuff to try and build some more character into these two idiots!
Posted by PowerSerj

The printer punch made me happy :)

Posted by iamthemoneyj

cool trailer. too bad that games gonna be shit

Posted by mister_evil

I love Montréal!