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Posted by jarryd

ahh i love these videos

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more office videos make me happy XD
Posted by jarryd

also welcome back brad

Posted by Bigvic785

I kind of miss the blades

Posted by demonbear

I liked the blades, they were nice.

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I miss the blades...

Posted by RVonE

I kind of miss the blades. Is that sad?

Posted by MeetThePyro


Posted by wrecks

Blades were weak. Good riddance.

Posted by AZ123


Posted by lafigueroa


Posted by CherokeeJack

And that was the last virgin, un-updated 360 in existence.

I hope you're happy, Ryan.

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Interesting! I was actually thinking as late as earlier today how I almost miss the old dashboard, and the time I first got to play around with it. I'm talkin' pre-marketplace stuff. Old-school!

Small note to Brad and other blade nostalgics; If you run the "return to factory defaults" you can get ye olde dashboard back (I think, as long as the xbox was produced before the NXE) :p
Posted by Mouth

I love how Brad got pissed. Damn, I haven't seen that old menu in a LONG time.

Posted by dankempster

I didn't update to the NXE until April this year, so I always thought I was the last guy rockin' the blades. I guess I was wrong. Anywho, looks like some top-notch archival footage for the world's greatest video games database.

Posted by Scooper

Come to think of it, the blades look so dated now with all that brushed steel.

Posted by BrainSpecialist

I too miss the blades. The brushed metal made me feel good inside.

Posted by JJOR64

Poor blades.

Posted by Dizzyhippos

I miss the lack of adds for shit I don't care about

Posted by Cypher

Sooo, I take it you guys don't know that you can actually switch to the blades view in the NXE dashboard?

Posted by MjHealy

I kind of prefer the NXE but I only used the Blades for a month anyway.

Posted by Zombutler


Posted by Oy


Posted by DockJaw

Anybody else notice that the 360 is totally shaped like the blades were

Posted by Sarumarine

Blade torture by Ryan Davis. Heh heh heh.


Office vids 4 life.

Posted by Themanohall

Our church has 2 xboxes for our youth group not connected to live with the blades. I am completely indifferent between the blades and NXE.

Posted by Rhaknar

brad is back already? guess he had...what...1 week vacation?

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Thank god microsoft have moved on, the blades were straight up fugly..

Posted by stinky

there was something really satisfying about going from blade to blade.

Posted by dagas

I miss the blades :'(

Posted by buzz_killington

Dude, this is a tragedy...

Posted by Babble

Seeing this makes me realize how much I like NXE better.

Posted by AndrewB

7/28. Never forget.

Posted by Dasacant2

I just played my brothers xbox with the old blades, two minutes after it started it red ringed.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Well that was random. Seriously of all the stuff I would expect GiantBomb to put on their video section this is the most random ass thing I could have expected, and all I can say to it is "More Please"

Posted by sdauz

takes me back....im one of the few ppl that really hated the blades

Posted by KingOfIceland

Whatever, I have no love for the clunky, janky looking blade interface. Good riddance fo sheezy.

Posted by Agnogenic_delete

You could you Ryan? How could you? *tear drop*

Posted by tanline

blades suck!

Posted by spaded

wow, i forgot how much the blades looked like crap 

Posted by Light_Bahamut
@Rhaknar:  That's how long vacations are in the real world, mate. About a week.
Posted by elcalavera

I've missed Brad's voice..

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Well yeah...i remember blades...i had to deal with them all over again for 2 minutes when i bought my third 360 2 months back, cant believe we used to live like that.

Posted by Gamer_152

Man this video makes me miss the blades. I remember a time when I didn't have a useless Mii ripoff floating around on my console, a page of adverts didn't pop up every time I signed in and navigating menus was like exploring a beautiful rainbow. RIP Blades.

Posted by Dudacles

You guys are so awesome.

Posted by bananas
@Themanohall said:
" Our church has 2 xboxes for our youth group not connected to live with the blades. I am completely indifferent between the blades and NXE. "
Dude, download the NXE update from Xbox.com, put them on a flashdrive and sabotage the hell outta those Xboxen.
Posted by JoelTGM

wow it looks so professional and organized, and ad free.

Posted by InFamous91

lol miss those days
welcome back brad

Posted by FlamingHobo
@Cypher said:
" Sooo, I take it you guys don't know that you can actually switch to the blades view in the NXE dashboard? "
You can? How?
Posted by Chewii101

Oh the good old days of the blades....still prefer NXE though. Would like an option to switch between the two any time.

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