Posted by Kaigan

Tutorial stuff earlier on = first 10-15 hours of the game.

Posted by teh_destroyer

I haven't played a good Final Fantasy game since FF10 all those years ago, needless to say some faster paced combat sounds like an interesting move.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Definitely a worthy purchase for the PS3.  Can't wait!

Posted by WitchHunter_Z

This just confirmed all my fears about the battle system... far too cluttered and fast for my tastes.
I won't be picking this up until it seriously drops in price; if at all.

Posted by CaptainObvious

That was...informative. I'm not sure i like that.

Posted by metalsnakezero
@hermes said:
" This "ask me anything" video is very good. Maybe they can turn it into a new section. "
I agree, it'll be a nice way to learn about games that are a bit complex.
Posted by Delta_Ass

I guess I can see how Lightning would be a female. 
But uh... Hope? There's just no way to tell.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

There really should be more of these types of videos.  This was really informative and interesting.

Posted by SilverArrows

I have never played a FF game before .... but this looks great. 
Can I play this without playing earlier games and still understand whats going on?
Posted by Depth

Ugh, those JRPGS.

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Ver y cool idea for a new video feature - here's hoping it will be a regular series! To me it feels like the preview version of a QL (since those usually cover games that are already out). It's also a good way to emphasize the focus on the GB staff a bit more, which seems to be one of the main reasons why people come to this site. At least that's why I'm here. 
Definitely an interesting new twist on GB's games coverage!

Posted by MeatSim

This could be a good on going segment.

Posted by Moridin
@SilverArrows said:
" I have never played a FF game before .... but this looks great. Can I play this without playing earlier games and still understand whats going on? "
All the main numbered Final Fantasy games are completely unrelated. They each have their own story, characters, etc. You're safe playing out of order or jumping in with XIII.
Posted by masternater27

Yeah, this was awesome.  And I'm kind of interested in FFXIII now, even though I haven't played a FF since the first one, and generally can't stand JRPGs.

Posted by jim_dandy

Brad's voice...lulling me to sleep....

Posted by DRE7777

The video quality of game footage never really represents how good the graphics are but GOD DAMN. These graphics look AMAZING even while I'm watching it on GB, so I cant wait to see it for realz.

Posted by SilverArrows
Thanks mate .... looking forward to this.
Posted by TheAdmin

I love that couch.

Posted by ryoma122

odins horse is missing 2 legs because its always had 6

Posted by intarcouch

wow... looks a LOT better than i thought it was going to be.

Posted by Rebirth1337

Great video love to see more like it.

Posted by ArchV1le

Wow I love the format of this video I definitely could watch more of these in the future.  
I was seriously starting to worry that the combat system would disappoint me but after seeing this I couldn't be more excited to get my hands on it. I'm preordering my copy from amazon like now :P

Posted by King9999

The combat interface seems to be a bit cluttered.  They should make things a bit smaller and more organized.  Besides that issue, I like the fast pace of the combat system.

Posted by viklanderviking
@ryoma122 said:
"odins horse is missing 2 legs because its always had 6 "

Well...this is a horse that Odin turns into so...
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That mess of numbers flying all over the place along with all that text and bars/meters does a great job of making an otherwise spectacular looking game look calculated and absurd. It's like they feel obligated to prove to you that things are happening under the hood.  

Posted by cannedstingray

Woah, the last FF game I played was VII, this looks nuts..  I have a bad habbit of playing a game halfway through and then moving to another for a week or two, and coming back.. There's no way I'd remember how to play if I took a break in the middle of this one...

Posted by ikwal

Wow this video made me really excited about Final Fantasy XIII, wasn't interessted in it at all before because I can never get into JRPGs. There's always to much grinding and unfair boss fights.

Posted by Jayzilla

Fascinating Japanese pedophile obsession go! Androgynous team conquers enemy! Favorite dish explained biography! Yum!

Posted by Lowbrow

Thank god. The age of the viedo preview is here!

Posted by Warihay

Still don't know if i'm gonna pick this up but great video. Very informative.

Posted by Daftasabat

EXTREME MUG CARESSING!! - Get it now on DSiware ;)

Posted by Adziboy

Stroke that mug Vinny, stroke it!
Posted by SolidSeth

That shit looks iiiiiinsane. :O

Posted by Jimbo7676
@SilverArrows: Sure none of the story lines overlap, different people and different worlds.
Posted by Quacktastic

I dislike most of the games in the series, but I still end up playing them because the ones I did like were that memorable.  The last one of these I liked was 9, 10 years ago, and I know I'm going to end up buying and hating this.  Like 80% sure.
Final Fantasy is my Sonic cycle.

Also, a telestrator would be awesome.
@DeFrank said:

" It's like they feel obligated to prove to you that things are happening under the hood. "

I've never thought of it like that.  It's a pretty valid point.
Posted by eduardo

I like this new feature, great content!

Posted by GamerCat

Love the fight music....
Now to wait until March D;

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Wow that game looks bad. Combine the repetitive looking combat with the unnecessarily complex level up system, the horrible character designs and a story that, from what has been shown so far, looks as bland and cliche as ever i understand now why the game flopped in japan.

Posted by Creamypies

Man I can't fucking wait for this game.

Posted by Jimbo_N

great video piece. informal and relaxed, what Giant Bomb does best !
Posted by MushroomSamba

What's the deal with Vinny's creepy laugh at the end?

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I think it's very telling they aren't showing any story or non-combat gameplay when the game is a few weeks from release here. 

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Who is that funky fro-man?
I love him.
All of these effeminate boy/girls and then BAM. FUNKY SOUL BROTHA.

Posted by blake_brown

Jeez, that combat system looks cool but confusing as shit

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Posted by CriPPleR

The landscapes look so bland. If you look at the 7 minute mark there is no foliage, houses , trees or animals running in the background. The ground textures just look awful. On the other hand the animations, particle effects, and summons look cool. I am still not sold on this game yet. The last two I played was FFXII and FFX.

Posted by Legend

Man, this is really good. I want this game and I want it now.

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The freeroam doesn't look so good. Also, the black-chocobo-afro-guy's disco style animation when he was buffing himself was pretty annoying.

Still, it's Final Fantasy. Worth to give it a shot.

Posted by RobotHamster

Wow, I'm really impressed by this game, I'll definitely have to get this soon after its released.  Lol at Brad, "go figure, I died at regular monsters".  

Posted by KuwabaraTheMan

The customization aspects look really interesting. I also think the way the battle system is going seems intriguing, but I'll wait until I play the game before I render my judgment on that. I'm definitely hyped for this game.