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Was that battle with the ball-hand people a regular battle?
Because if it is, the battle takes quite a bit of time.

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Chocobos looks like mutated easter ostriches.

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Looks interesting.

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once again, the leveling system in an FF game looks byzantine and nonsensical. Great.

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all of your active party gets exp, except anyone who dies before the end of battle.
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Seems more interesting than I thought it would be. But I haven't finished any JRPG's exept for Grandia II so the fact that it's a 3 disk game with characters that might be boring makes it seem like a bad idea to start playing it.

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3D Sphere Grid?  Sold.

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Really nice idea for a video segment.  I don't know if you'll use this format for many other game-related things but for something like this where there's really complicated systems to explain but you don't have access to the game at the offices it works really well.
Always nice to see your faces on camera - you all do it so well.

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Looks interesting. I just hope that they release a public demo soon.

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I like the chemistry between you two guys... if only you sad a bit closer to each other!

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It looks absolutely beautiful. The combat looks like complete madness though and I am not a fan of the whole transforming summons thing. Also, what Brad said about the Techniques system reminds me of how the magic system worked in FF8 for some reason.

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Horrible, just horrible.  And Square wonders why the game is already in bargain bins.
The Jennifer Aniston model for every character got old after FFX-2, the black guy looks like he can't stop dancin' and shootin' in a very racist manner, everything looks Gaysian with frilly edges and overdone style.  Basically a huge step backwards in design and looks mind-numbing to "play".
B-roll is an old editing term where the A-roll is your base subject, and you cut in some footage from the B-roll in-between parts of the A-roll.  While the term is as old as the first film editing that Edison did, it still works today in a digital medium, since digital editing still mimics the old technique of cutting and pasting footage together.

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Should I even bother with the 360 version if I can play the PS3 version?

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these types of videos are awesome. keep up the fantastic work.
also FFXIII endurance run incoming?

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Hmm... they *DO* look an awful lot like Jennifer Aniston.
Also, coffee mug on crotch != good idea

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Still not interested. Brad seemed pumped about it though.

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I wonder which one of them invented the time machine necessary to get that couch.  That thing is old.

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Speak for your self friend. I for one love the way the game plays and looks. And the fact that the game is in bargain bins is not a bad sign, what it actually means is that Japanese retailers have ordered too many copies and miss judged demand for the game, cause all them bargain bin copies are brand new. 
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This is one of the things that make Giantbomb so fing good. Superb work guys, keep up the good work.

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Lots of good information about the game here, but still not buying any more FF games.

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Just looks like a more informative quick look without the one liners, ain't complaining for any more giantbomb features though.

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@thefjk said:
" I like the chemistry between you two guys... if only you sad a bit closer to each other! "
Freudian typo. :)
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The creepy way that Vinny is rubbing the rim of his glass in the beginning of the video makes it look like these two are on a really awkward date. 

Posted by The8Man

Welcome back, Brad!  Thanks for bringing this with ya. 
Not sure about this game, though.  There seems to be way too much information on the screen and it all flies by so fast that it seems difficult to know what the hell is going on.  Maybe that's just because I've never played it.  I will definitely wait for reviews to see what kind of response the combat system gets.

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Endurance run.. nuff said.

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I am super pumped for FFXIII. I can't wait until March 9th when this comes out.
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why are the hit points so high? they should just make 1000 the most and scale back from there.

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I like this feature; it gives you guys a way to put out video content for previews that fits the Giant Bomb mould - resulting in it also being light on required editing. I imagine this is a unique scenario, since you may not always return from a preview with so much B-roll, but I'd enjoy more of these.
The game looks graphically amazing, there's no doubt about that, but I'm not yet sold on the gameplay. On the design side, I can't help feeling like there is something missing, though that thing may be that all the characters lack in anything missing. They are, by design, perfect in appearance. When a character is well written and developed, they can evoke sympathetic feelings almost regardless of how they look; Mass Effect I think is a prime example of this. I'm a little concerned that emphasis will be drawn away from deeper character development in favor of a play for visual empathy.
Maybe I'm just annoyed at myself for thinking Vanille looks cute. But, damn.

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@girdz said:
" Endurance run.. nuff said. "
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I had decided I probably wouldn't be getting this game already, thanks to this video that probably is now a lock.  The combat system looks flat stupid, the characters look worse other than lightening, and odin looks like ... well not like odin.  There is taking the game in a new direction, then there is making it look like michael bay made it.

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Vinny just reminded me of the great "We got that B roll!!" internet video.  Great new video segment guys!

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18 Hours Already!
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This should definitely be a regular feature!

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I've outgrown literally every aspect of Japanese RPGs, but nevertheless, thanks for the informative feature. And welcome back Brad!

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Cool concept for a video guys make more please!
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Looks really good

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New feature: "Ask me Anything" with questions provided by members and from the staff. You could do this on Bombcast but its more fun looking at the clips and being dedicated to just one game.
Awesome vid. Thaks guys.

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Edited last post - I get it now. This combat system looks great!

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@DukeTogo said:

 Horrible, just horrible.  And Square wonders why the game is already in bargain bins. 

The same thing happened to MGS4 in Japan as well.  Is that a horrible, horrible game as well?  (Redundant question because the answer is a pretty obvious no.)
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I am definitely interested in the game and would like to try it. It would be my first time playing a Final Fantasy game and this games combat does look interesting.

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This looks pretty great. I'm going to have to hold on the purchase though, need to rack up money for Bad Company 2.

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Seems okay, but "Ask me anything" is not as good as quick looks, since they're not actively participating in the game.

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actually ur party follows u around.

Posted by TheHT

oh wow, this game looks A LOT better than i was expecting. i mean i was already thinking about picking it up even though i thought it would be the sort of same old wait and wait but the waiting looks all jazzed up.
new feature pilot!! better than the afterlook thing. hope to see more, though i imagine they won't be as plentiful as quicklooks. it would be fair to say this was essentially giantbomb's version of a preview video yes?

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Looks pretty cool.  That Vanille chick has a very hot face... just sayin'.

Posted by Brunchies

The battles look like crazy information overload but the battle look kind of fun but I'm still on the fence about this.

Posted by Slaneesh

Wow. Amasingly good video!!! I feel like i understand what the game is about. 
Like a mixture of quick look and Q&A. Brilliant. Both the amount of information and editing.

Posted by golguin

This seems like a nice new segment. It makes stock gameplay video interesting with the bombcastesque commentary.

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@PipeAndSlippers said:
" why are the hit points so high? they should just make 1000 the most and scale back from there. "
I've always, always thought that.  But you must admit that it's satisfying when you see the numbers "99999" in red fly out of an enemy because you just landed a devastating critical hit.