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Dig the concept of these kind of videos

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They need more of these concept videos, I <3 Giant Bomb

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I played FFVII, ask me anything.

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haha, great: ask me anything.
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Is this "Ask me anything" going to be a new kind of segment?
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It's like a modified quick look. nice.

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Final Fantasy 13 is already selling for 20$ new over at Japan because no one is buying it, I wonder how long will it take it here

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New GB segment? AMA?

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@Krenor said:
" Final Fantasy 13 is already selling for 20$ new over at Japan because no one is buying it, I wonder how long will it take it here "
A shit load of people bought it...wtf are you talking about.
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was ryan the first one to say "ask me anything"?

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Well this video was a suprise, cool idea and I hope they do it again

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"atb" is real time as far as I'm concerned.
If the monsters will wail on you while you sit there, it's real time. Doesn't really matter if you're waiting for a bar to fill up before you act.

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Brad's alright. I can go to sleep now...

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Also, not to blow anyone's mind or anything but I'm pretty sure the font FFXIII uses for it's UI is the same font Mass Effect uses for the "Normandy" (and other places in the game) font on the ship.

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Get hyped for Final Fantasy XIII!  I'm SO excited!

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Watashi Wa

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This video confirms that Brad Shoemaker is not dead.

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Cool video idea, it was very informative! But, is the GB editorial crew going to commit to a review?

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I don't know why, but Sazh looks like a very tanned Japanese...

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I just love the presentation in this game. It's so nice to look at, and the menu's are so polished. I'll buy it even if it does (hypothetically) have a throwaway storyline, just for the flashy menus! :p

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@august: Well, yeah it does matter. Since that waiting around for the bars to fill up while you can't do ANYTHING means it isn't real bloody time.
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looks like a lot of fun.  I am excited to try this one out, even if it is very linear.

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I like the CIA/FBI-debriefing style of this video.  
I also love the Duders ability to 'roll' when the camera rolls. They are so skilled after many, many years of doing this stuff. 'Dead Air' is something you won't get with the GB-Squad. 

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Those are some big ass numbers.
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The game looks interesting, but I can't get over the fact that it's using corporate lingo like Synergy and Paradigm Shift.

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I don't know who else saw it, but that Chocobo looked like it had a stork's nose...

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Cool...I'm liking this

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"I'm gonna mount you Spacehorse"! I laughed sooo hard. Game looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on it. Thanx guys!

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PSThreeWeeksty  >_>

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SpaceHorse. Still not sure how soon I want to pick this game up. If it should be a day 1 purchase or if I should just wait till summer or something for a price drop perhaps.

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Great segment idea... they look kinda awkward sitting that close together on a tiny couch, though. :P
As for FFXIII... I have almost no interest in any of the Final Fantasy games... >_>

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there more in depth than a quicklook but less scripted than a video review. i like it. now we need Ask Me Anything Throwback, where someone explains Dwarf Fortress to me.

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A bit disappointed that I didn't get to see Brad die.

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Thanks dudes, this is a very enlightening video.

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Wow. Very informative. Really gave me a lot more interest in the game now.

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ya knovv i really was not interested in this and thought my days of final fantasy where over... but now i think im deff sold on this game altho it seems square enix has taken there blonde haired main charachter pretty boys to the next level and made it a woman
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Now all they need is a way to scribble directly on the picture, like a NFL play analysis.

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New segment, awesome. Looks great guys can't wait for more!

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@NeoNaoNeo said:
" @august: Well, yeah it does matter. Since that waiting around for the bars to fill up while you can't do ANYTHING means it isn't real bloody time. "
But there are plenty of instances in games where you have to wait for a weapon to cool down or an animation to finish and you can't do anything then either. Just because there's a bar filling up on the screen doesn't make it any more turn based.
Bottom line is that if the game is influenced by the speed you input commands, it's real time because real time is involved. If you can sit there for as long as you want and think out your next move, it's turn based.
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I love fish. Ask me anything.

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Seems I need to go reserve a game today.

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Looks very intense, cant wait.

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Looks stunning. I have no prior experience with this genre, bt this might be the game that's going to introduce me to it. Great video BTW, hoping this is going to become a new segment
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@aurahack said:
"Brad's alright. I can go to sleep now... "

Thinking the same thing...
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Yay for Brad being back.

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Uh, black dude needs to calm down with his guns.

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This "ask me anything" video is very good. Maybe they can turn it into a new section.
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first of all, welcome back brad, GB isnt the same without you
second, is this a new feature? cause its kind of awesome