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Neat, hopefully there's some ANYA yelling by Marcus.

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awwwwwwwww yeah, very excited for gears of war 3

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excited for this

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Really looking forward to this game.

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Sept. 20th can't come fast enough.

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I want Mondays!

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I failed the active reload on this page, bah :|

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Never properly played a Gears game.. was always a ps3 guy but after getting an xbox 2 years ago, i might pick up the original 2 games.

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Looks like Gears. Good thing I like Gears.

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Coles home town its not Detroit?

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The more important thing, JEFF IS BACK!

Posted by Mordi

I've got 99 problems, and this video is one...

Anyway, Looking forward to Gears 3. Looks great.

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@The_Buffalo_Destroyer said:

The more important thing, JEFF IS BACK!


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looks pretty damn good, can't wait for it :)

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The shaky cam on the roadie run is meh. Do you tolerate that?

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@Troncek said:

@The_Buffalo_Destroyer said:

The more important thing, JEFF IS BACK!


 I second that!
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what is with the html player on this site, used to work fine but now the video jumps like hell if you pause it

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This has got me excited about gears again. Adding personal stories into the solid gameplay sounds perfect.

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Looking forward to this, huge huge gears fan.

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Looks like more of the same, it's still good stuff though.

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woot GOW3!!

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cant wait for sep 20

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@The_Buffalo_Destroyer said:

The more important thing, JEFF IS BACK!

This was probably taped a while back.  
@VicRattlehead said:

what is with the html player on this site, used to work fine but now the video jumps like hell if you pause it

You mean Flash player, the HTML-Playa (with an a) is Dave.
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Looking good. Going to be awesome in 4-player co-op!

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Looks great, I've never been a huge fan of the Gears games, but I've played all of them. Really interested to see what they do with the story, I like the idea of humanizing these characters and kind of having them crack under all the pressure somewhat.

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Fuck yes.

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So awesome!! Cannot wait for this!!

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Jeff's back! Woohoo!!!
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Wait, Hanover? I would've never expected Cole to be German. xD

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Lamest game ever

Posted by gosukiller
@Flow72: Aren't they in space? 
He's probably just a space-german.
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Chainsaws have been on rifles since Warhammer 40k showed up, and I think I can stomach this section of the game if I consider the AI to be that lame on purpose since they were just "born".

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Watching that just made me think I could replay Gears 1 and save 60 bucks, but I was never into multiplayer which is probably where it shines.

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Getting so excited for this now! Just hope I'm not disappointed like I was with the second one.

4 player co-op campaign is a HUGE selling point though.

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Everyone, I have an announcement to make: I'm no longer in love with Jeff Gerstmann. I don't know how it happened, but the love is gone. I will always treasure the memories though. 

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Although I thought the first Gears was fun when played Co-op I could not have cared less for the universe and the characters, although Cole was funny.

I'm happy I watched this though because those few dramatic characters moments we see here, like Cole nearly breaking at the cut-out of himself before the war, really intrigue me. I may have to blow through 2 and play this entry eventually as it sounds like the only one to really have a semi-complex story and characters going on.

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Is it just me, or is the game really desaturated? Or is it just a feed thing?

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Wow. I actually saw some colours in there.

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I like that new character Sam, shes like the woman version of Baird lol. Also the personal stories they added for the characters seem really interesting. Can't wait to see how Cole and Marcus's backstories develop

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Soooooo excited for this, it' feels like such a long time since i've played a Gears game.

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still don't really like the design of the Lancer, it's off balance and needs a shoulder stock

Posted by leejunfan83

Still a shallow ass shooter no thanks

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@leejunfan83: the game is shit, yes, but there's no reason to be negative. why not look to the positive elements of the game? 
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You are not asking much BRAD.
In all seriousness; It's more Gears. People will like it it - others hate it. I'm indifferent i guess.