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More info :D

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How does it end?

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Gimme mooore, i need my daily bomb-fix...:D

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Neat. Sounds like a good alternative to Quick Look EXs since those are admittedly usually pretty boring.

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he's presenting

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Really interested in this game.  I'll admit, mostly because it's from the writer of Phoenix Wright, but the concept is cool too.

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It looks like a nice little game. Day one for me.

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Oh no, he killed that girl from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

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Kinda already got me when it was stated it was the people behind the Pheonix Wright games, but wtching this its pretty interesting.

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Looks great, kind of like a point and click adventure game but with a twist, definitely looking forward to playing this.

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This game looks great.  Really looking forward to it.

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Dont think I could stand all that text interrupting gameplay every 10 seconds.

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@Splodge said:
" Dont think I could stand all that text interrupting gameplay every 10 seconds. "
It's the tutorial, son.
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man i wanna play this game now

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Puzzle games aint nothing but ghosts and tricks.

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Wow, I imagined this game as looking like Heavy Rain when they talked about it.

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Would not have known of this game if I didn't see this, looks really interesting.

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can't wait to get my hands on this around christmas time

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Rally looking forward to this game.

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MAN, this game looks pretty good.  I wish it was available on something other than the DS.  Maybe the Wii?????????
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NBA Jam cabinet in the other room?
Edit: This game looks rad.

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Looks really cool.  Can't wait to check it out myself.

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Looking forward for more of this type of video from Giant bomb and looking forward to this game.

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DS Game Of The Year.

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Oh god I love this. I really love this.

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Temsik is Kismet backwards.

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there was a HOLD IT in the first 2 minutes. This was definitely made by Capcom 

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So you can enter a dead dog but not a dead human?
The game seems interesting but somehow that barks at me.

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I love the chilled out music playing

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I can't wait for this. The animations continue to look slick, and now that I've seen some puzzles in action it looks even better.

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Holiday is too far away ;_;

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Why didn't I know this was from the Phoenix Wright folks... why didn't I know?.... 

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Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks. So... yeah.

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Trick ass trick, mock ass mocks.

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Holy shit I am more hype now.

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Love the animation.  Looks cool, maybe I'll pick up my DS again for it.

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Looks cool, but as Jeff said, I hope it isn't super linear.

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@pepsimaxofborg said:
" So you can enter a dead dog but not a dead human? The game seems interesting but somehow that barks at me. "
You enter the dog to save it, like the girl.
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Looks awesome.

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I'm going to be honest, I've never liked the Pheonix Wright games (though I loved the Harvey Birdman PSP game, not from the same company of course), so this looks awful to me.

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4 minutes is probably because in Japanese and many Asian cultures, "four" is pronounced the same way as "death" and thus is considered an unlucky number associated with death.

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Looks creative, thoughtful, challenging, and entertaining. Hats off once again, Ace Attorney team.
Speaking of which, where's AA5? Just kidding!

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This game looks awesome. I love Shu Takumi's works.

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Yes, Brad + Jeff!

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Love the idea, love the graphics, love the music, I think I would really love this game.

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welp, looks like something to look forward to!