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Now I know how funny it is to already have this quest and still get 1st.
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Oh god damn giantbomb you do love me.

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Shit yes!!!!

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Do want. Do want soooo fucking badly. I actually keep checking XBLA downloads to see if maybe they released it early. Pathetic, I know. 
Edit: And the video is over 20 mins? Good on top of great.

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Admiral Hackett was in Mass effect 1 and was voiced by Lance Henrikson.

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"This is the last chapter of Mass Effect 2"  
 WOO!  Finally can play through the game on Hardest difficulty now that all the DLC will be out!

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Fucking sweet. Oh damn, that was crazy.

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Glad to see Hackett back, despite Brad's IGNORANCE (psh). Dude's looking rugged.   
Also, more mass effect 2 holy shit!  <3 
EDIT: The surprise in Vinny's voice about the PC getting it makes me very sad, for whatever reason. 
Also, anyone who plays the Soldier is boring. FACT.

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Must not watch, don't want spoilers.

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I feel bad that I missed the first DLC sale for Mass Effect 2. Now I'm not letting myself buy them (however awesome they may be) until they go on sale again.

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''Anybody who has any sense plays the soldier'' 
Son, I am insult.

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@ProjektGill said:
" I feel bad that I missed the first DLC sale for Mass Effect 2. Now I'm not letting myself buy them (however awesome they may be) until they go on sale again. "
This is pretty much me.  Didn't notice the sale and now there's so much I could just by the PS3 game and save. :\
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Archangel was a defense mission Brad.

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@Brad Lance Henriksen was in Mass Effect 1; he was not in 2.
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how much is this?

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Lance Henrikson has played Admiral Hackett since the first game.
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A rim job? Vinny is dirty.

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Soldier really is the most boring class.

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Other game sites say this is accessible after Horizon, the planet with the love interest on it

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That's not Shepard, it's a Dutch model.  We all know Shepard is FEMALE!

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That doctor lady looks like Fallout New Vegas.

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I can't wait. I'm definitely going to pick this up next week. Also Shepard is FEMALE! Who is that douche? And Brad, don't be such a troll!

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Hooray for more Mass Effect!

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Ah yes, "Reapers". *air quotes

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do they hear themselves talk? Paying money for weapons. What's next? Paying gas for your racing games??
I despise you, VinBrad.

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@TromboneTony said:
"Now I know how funny it is to already have this quest and still get 1st. "

i lothe you
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560 Micro-bucks.
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Nice. The plot thickens.

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Do want.

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Sure is alot of incorrect stuff being said about Mass Effect, mostly from Brad but I like nitpicking :D 
Damn this makes me want to play Mass Effect 2 again, can't wait for the DLC to be out

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Well that looks awesome.

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Man, I remember being so pissed when I heard Bioware was making ME1 instead of Kotor 3.  Now, ME3 is my most anticipated game this year and I couldn't care less about the Kotor franchise.  Though I have a feeling I'll be getting Old Republic whenever they decide to release it.

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Vinny: Is this a rim job? 
Brad <deadpan>: Yeah, you just clean around the edges. 
Love you guys.

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More Mass Effect 2? That's all you had to say! DAY ONE PERCH.

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more mass effect 2 equals awesome.

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Soldier was probably the way to go in ME1 if you were to play on the harder dificulties.  But they are boring. Whoo they can use all of the 12 guns in the game ME2, great. In ME2, I heard Infiltrator was the way to go. 

That is the great thing about playing default male Shepherd. Everytime you see any marketing material for Mass Effect, it's like "oh hey it's Shepherd, I knwo that guy."

Ugh. It's that kind of thinking that gave us Hawke.
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Brad was wrong, Admiral Hackett was in the first game.  FYI

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Male Shepard is for suckers who like bad voice acting. JENNIFER HALE 4 LYFE.

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Admiral Hakett was TOTALLY in Mass Effect 1 and 2. 
You all wrong. Except Vinny.

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Hopefully in Mass Effect 3 you can only play solider, then they can spend more time on the things that matter instead of different classes. :)

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I think I'll finish the game on PS3 first, then play this DLC. Seems like it would be better that way.