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Posted by cordialsnail

I can only think that they missed a big opportunity not naming their main character 'Jack'

Posted by Dallas_Raines

I don't get why third person shooters don't all have sliding.

Posted by Hardtarget

hey Jeff, it's called Messiah

Posted by AhmadMetallic

INCEPTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Chak

The game with the baby that Jeff mentioned is called Messiah.

Posted by HarrySound

The game wiht baby 

Posted by Sharpshooter

Ok special agent on the run, got that. Ability to control enemies and civilians through use of advanced technology, I can get behind that. CIvilians carrying automatic weapons that they only use when controlled,......Second amendment .Right? Cyborg Gorillas and Chimps with machine guns strapped to their backs...........................thats pushing it.

Posted by MrTowel540

that monkey has machine guns on it's back.
Posted by heatDrive88

This pretty much looks like crap.

Posted by JJOR64

The concept seems neat, but the execution doesn't look good.

Posted by aurahack
Posted by captain_clayman

whats up with the walking animation?  that's just all bad.

Posted by Korolev

Cyber gorillas. That's just what we need.  
I can imagine it now - "Hey, what does the world really need? What government funded project would best benefit humanity and our citizens?" 
"tank-grown organs?" 
"Fusion power plants?" 
"Cure for Huntington's disease?" 
"fully functional prosthetic limbs?" 
"Automatically driven cars to improve road safety?" 

Posted by BackpackKat

Any reference to the Pixies is awesome... oh and this game looks eh

Posted by BUCK3TM4N

hahahahahahahahahaha winback was awesome .... this looks interesting

Posted by MostlyBearded
@JohnAsscream said:
" Any reference to the Pixies is awesome... oh and this game looks eh "
Amen to the Pixies!
Posted by Acornactivist

was it just me or did the animations/ general controls look super clunky? interesting concept though...

Posted by Deusoma

Hmmm. I was way into the concept behind this until they said that your body becomes AI while you're mindjacking another character. This seems like the kinda game with hairy enough scenarios that you'll want to leave your real self hidden in a safe corner somewhere and send some randoms into harm's way. (not to mention that it makes no sense from a story perspective; whose mind is supposed to be in that body if it's not yours?) 
If Jim becomes invincible while you're not in his body or if there's an option to keep it AI-free, this could still be good, but that sounds  like a recipe for extreme aggrevation where you perform flawlessly only to lose because the AI controlling your body got stuck on a corner somewhere and got its dumb ass shot off.

Posted by dwang

This concept has been done in before with Geist or the concept of just enemy possession was around even earlier in Space Station Silicon Valley  and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee.

Edited by Hourai


I was terrible at that game and never got past the first level. 

Posted by mderbs311

Ahh man I loved me some winback!!! I was trying to peg the feeling this game gave me as I watched the video and then jeff said "early 2000's" sega or something and I was like "BOOM!!! THATS IT!!!" Not that it looks like a dreamcast game, just the general aesthetic of it. This just makes me wanna go back and play Maken X for the dreamcast now. That game also had minds to jack. Also, Megaten art style to it!!!

Posted by Levio

What, you guys didn't realize the future included cyber gorillas?  Though this game kinda misrepresents them considering this doesn't show them with jetpacks and rocket launchers.

Edited by McDunkin

Something about this makes me feel like it's the sequel to Winback that it never got but I feel it deserved.
edit: lmao Jeff had that exact same thought halfway through

Edited by ComradeKhan

Oh man, WINBACK!!! I was just reminiscing with a friend on xbox live last night about how cheap of game that was and what a ripoff of Solid Snake the main character was. lol thanks Jeff, glad to see we're on the same page yet again.

Posted by Faint

why is this an "ask me anything" and not a quick look?

Posted by Rsvaret

looks crazy

Edited by ikabubu

Anybody remember The Crossing
Conceptually, this game looks like The Crossing, where I first heard this concept a long, long time ago. And Mind Jack looks like it's going to come out first, too. 
That aside, this game just screams of 'budget' Japanese game. Flat textures, cookie-cutter animations, repetitive & angular areas, and C-grade voice-acting. Looks like a proof-of-concept game. It's mechanically functional and derivative, but it doesn't look any more effort was put into it.  
I'm sure the PETA will have a field day with the use of apes and monkeys. Also loving the fact that 'mind-jacking' civilians magically grants them with automatic weapons. MAGIC MIND GUNS!

Posted by jonnyboy

I love the idea of combining Multiplayer and singleplayer. Really interested in this.

Posted by WiqidBritt
because they're not actually playing, just talking over footage of the game
Posted by supalink


Posted by reputatsioon

 lol, and at the 3rd minute you say that it's not you playing. seems nice tho...

Posted by Teaspoon83

Interesting idea, maybe if it was more.... Uncharted or Gears of War because this game looks bland. But would love to see more developers use this idea in their games.

Posted by Soap

Intersting concept, I would like to see how it pans out although if I'm being honest, I don't think this game will be any good. 

Posted by PenguinDust

Let's here it for the color "gray"! Woot, who else loves nearly-monochromatic games? <sarcasm>

Posted by shodan2020

Jeff, I think you're thinking of Messiah. The mind jacking game with the baby.

Posted by Kyreo

This game looks amazing./

Posted by BombITT
@WiqidBritt said:
" @Faint: because they're not actually playing, just talking over footage of the game "
Oh okay. I got some hints when the PS3 controller icons started popping up, knowing that Giant Bomb never plays PS3 games unless they absolutely have to.
Posted by JumpingRetards

I'm loving the pixies references.

Posted by ChristianCastillo

What is this "Ask Me Anything" title, almost missed this since i didn't think it to be a quick look.

Posted by natetodamax

Looks like a budget title.

Posted by Ravenousrattler

looks interesting, i might pick it up when it comes out.

Posted by REIGN

I played this at E3. It was probably the worst game that I had hands-on time with.

Posted by HelloMeow

Geist - Ghosts

Posted by Pox22

This is Geist.

Posted by Gap

Mindjack? Like... jacking off with only thoughts and no pornographic aid?

Posted by DarkbeatDK
Looks interesting.  
Not necessarily killer, but like an allright fun game.
Posted by Hashbrowns

I'm almost tempted to think this game is running on the same  engine as Deadly Premonition, just with slightly better textures and a more stable framerate.  The basic aesthetic of that cutscene really reminded me of Deadly Premonition, particularly the look of the characters.
Posted by JoelTGM
@ChristianCastillo said:
" What is this "Ask Me Anything" title, almost missed this since i didn't think it to be a quick look. "
It's when they go see a game, and learn about it, and then are allowed to bring back game footage.  They aren't playing it, they're just sharing what they know about the game so far.  
Posted by Ghosthead84

Pretty interesting online stuff.
Posted by cheeseknight5

The sound effect that plays every time minds get jacked is just like the alarm on my phone. Hard to watch when I have a pavlovian reaction every ten seconds.

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