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edit: Kinda disappointed by ultimate spidey. I wanted an even more obsecure spidey.

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I like the zooming in occasionally, gives a real in the moment feel. Other than repetitive combat, this game looks pretty sweet, and I did love those Amazing Spider Man games, so I'll keep an eye on this. The suits look pretty bad ass too

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Looks good!

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I'm mildly interested in this game.

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A better name for this game would have been Spider-man Spider-man Spider-man Spider-man.

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I am now officially interested and I liked Web of Shadows

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Web of Shadows was really really bad, I played it for 30 minutes before I had to turn it off. But this looks neat. i like how there's 4 different styles. i will keep my eye on this but I'm not getting my hopes up.
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I like these features, especially since nobody is distracted by actually playing the game.

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game looks sick but i wish they would have been used the zombie spider man lol ultimate spider seems lazy 

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looks kinda good!

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looks like prototype

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can i go into the batman batman batman dimension?

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Noir > All. 
By appearance, at least.

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this actually looks pretty cool. i'll check it out.

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Man Marvel is whoring the shit out of Deadpool.....

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If the whole game was like the noir part, I'd be so stoked. As is right now, ehh. It did make me want to read Spider Man comics though.

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I'm not sure I want anything to do with a level based Spider-Man game. Roaming around the environment was one of the best parts of the movie tie in games. 
And by the movie tie in games I mean Spider-Man 2.

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Yuk!  Typical Marvel, all show and no substance.  Typical hack and slash with a lot of swinging.  Based on kid comics.  Which is what all marvel is.  
I guess If I had been a fan as a kid, I might like this.  But was into real comics. 

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this looks sweet!

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@scarace360 said:
" can i go into the batman batman batman dimension? "
Only the batman batman spiderman dimension is available at launch, but I hear there will be some DLC.
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I was hopeful when I heard the concept but the gameplay footage makes it seem like it is going to be a pretty standard Activision Spider-man game just with a cool conceit.

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The combat does have the web of shadows web strike, but it wasn't to the same degree with the various flips and combos after the initial hit. The brawling was a LOT different. All the web weapon stuff looked really cool. Had a very classic spider-man vibe. Noir looks great. I like the graphical differences between Ultimate and Amazing. 2099, starring Miguel O'Hara, was pretty awesome looking, but it seems like the combat is generic enough that we won't see his weird claws.

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@twillfast said:
" @scarace360 said:
" can i go into the batman batman batman dimension? "
Only the batman batman spiderman dimension is available at launch, but I hear there will be some DLC. "
Will Jeff Bridges be in the DLC?
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Are there helicopters?

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Looks interesting. Since it's an Activision game I won't be buying it at launch for the $60 they ask for PC games, but I will certainly pick it up when it goes on sale on Steam during the inevitable Holiday sale this Christmas.
EDIT: Did anyone else get a green lantern vibe from the combat seeing spidey turning his web into giant hammers and maces?

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Obviously I realize it's been done before, but I came into this video thinking of saying it, so I will. 
spiderman... spiderman... spiderman. 
I'm done.

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@Mrnitropb said:
" spidermanspidermanspidermanspiderman.com? "
Someone make this right now
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This could be amazing if pulled off correctly, I look foreword to a Quick Look.

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" WHAT?  edit: Kinda disappointed by ultimate spidey. I wanted an even more obsecure spidey. "
I was really hoping for 1602.
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This looks pretty cool

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The art direction for all the 4 universes is looking great, but Noir is the only type of gameplay that appeals to me... I'm really not a fan of beat 'em up games. But I'll want to know more before I can decide if I'm interested in the overall experience of not.
And Ryan is a Spider-Man geek :P I haven't read a Spidey comic in probably over 5 years, but I used to know everything too, haha

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Looks neat, but its not really what I want out of a superhero game.
Also, interchangeable level structure spells weak story and disconnected narrative to me.

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I'd be happy if they made JUST the Noir Spiderman game. Looks to be the best out of all 4 followed by 2099. The rest could care less about.
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I forgot about this game and how it is just Batman Batman Batman with Spider-Man instead. My mind is blown!

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I'll wait for the reviews on this one. I do like the look of Noir and 2099 though. I was hoping this would be of Arkham Asylum quality, but it looks like a more standard brawler. For some reason, watching this video made me want an Age of Apocalypse X-Men game. Ahhh...childhood memories.
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This game looks way too linear and the combat doesn't look fun at all. I'm unimpressed.

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@SoothsayerGB: they see me trollin', they hatin'.
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Never played web of shadows but this looks good.

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I love the little "snikt" that gets thrown in right before the video ends.

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Game looks cool, especially the noir part.

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What happened to pig spiderman?

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Looks cheap and nasty.

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no open world? PASS.

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Man, I want the entire game to be Noir. It looks sooo much better than the other parts they've shown.
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so you move from arena to arena with some hallways in between where us web your way across?