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Ubisoft is not running out of excuses to release more trailers for this game any time soon.

Posted by project343

I admire Ubisoft's ambition, but their DLC efforts tend to suck. Tyranny, for instance, was abysmal.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

[Insert clever comment here regarding the obscene amount of trailers for this game]

Posted by JZ

@project343: i thought tynanny was great and better than the whole base game.

Posted by Itwastuesday


Posted by Rodiard

Yes, more AC IV trailers. MORE. I DEMAND THEM.

Posted by lilmoefow

The game isn't even out yet and they want us to Pre-Order the DLC?

Posted by Wilshere

Posted by person678

To be fair, that was a pretty cool trailer. Much better than their other live action ones.

Posted by Elwoodan

I really like his quasi-assassin design. still keeps the hood without having the silly robe that made Connor stand out so much in 3.

Posted by 01wilsonj

Confused..... Offended..... Fully on board!!!! :)

Posted by bearklaw19

DLC before the game is even out, why not just put this into the actual game?

Posted by Thiago123

@bearklaw19 said:

DLC before the game is even out, why not just put this into the actual game?

It's 2013. Why are you still asking this question?

Posted by CommonReason

@bearklaw19: It's a live action trailer, not really game play. The game was probably shipped for final code weeks ago, but they had this lined up to make from there on. This is typically how all DLC works. Even the teased stuff in trailers usually contains a very small amount of actual game footage, mostly because it hasn't been finished yet.

Posted by Adrian79

The amount of trailers for AC4 just makes me think Ubisoft know the series is becoming less popular with every iteration and are trying just a wee bit too hard to convince us that its still a legit franchise and theyre not just flogging a dead horse.

Posted by zFUBARz

Yes the whole pre release DLC thing is weird, but how the hell have they not made a slave based AC game before, it fits the series so well.

Posted by Senate4242
Posted by Toxin066

Not sure if I should do a shot for a AC4 DLC trailer, because that's kinda sorta something new...

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Down to kill some slave owners.

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DLC before the game is even out, why not just put this into the actual game?

Bioshock Infinite's team did what you expect of DLC development, not starting any DLC until release, and the substantial content is still unreleased 7 months later, has no release date and isn't the last of the DLC - which I wouldn't call ideal either.

Expecting everything developed up until launch date (bearing in mind games go gold far sooner than that) to be put in the game seems unrealistic, and more about principal than practicality.

Posted by MildMolasses

Runaway slave killing slavers? Sign me up

Posted by JeanLuc

The premise for this is more interesting to me then the core Assassin's Creed IV premise.

Posted by m16mojo2


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Posted by sissylion

DLC before the game is even out, why not just put this into the actual game?

Games have to be finished long before they're released to the public. It's not unreasonable for developers to have started working on DLC for their games before they're out because they have a hard date they have to finish the core game by.

Posted by Xeirus

I don't like how the last scene is a black guy, then huge text says "BLACK FLAG" pops in my face.

Makes me feel racist....

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I don't care that they put out so many trailers, I just find it awkward that they're openly marketing a DLC pack before the game even comes out. I realize that it's long since gone gold by now, so they couldn't put this onto the disc, but advertising it this early still feels like a money grab, regardless of quality.

Posted by Ninja_Welshman

Trailer for DLC before the game has even shipped? Not say don't make it before release but at least wait for people to get in there hands before showing trailers for it.

Posted by AssInAss

@wilshere said:


Year of Luigi XD

Posted by steelerzfan101

I personally like how they are already hyping up the DLC before the actual game has even been released. How about you go hype up the main story? Oh wait...they already released a bunch of trailers for that. Nevermind.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@jz: working my way through the AC series right now, but I did get the Tyranny dlc for $14 on xlive recently, looking forward to playing that! This trailer looks cool, i hope AC 4 turns out alright.

Posted by jimmyfenix

You have not Disappointed me yet @alex I am looking forward to next weeks trailer.

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yay dlc announcements pre-release -_-

on the other hand, this does seem kind of awesome, if a bit exploitative I guess.

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Ubisoft could not have released any better material that proves exactly what is wrong and what is talked about on this week's Jimquisition...

So we should be more excited that the game has additional content? What about the actual core game?

Posted by apoloimagod

So we are pre-ordering DLC before the game itself is out now? WTF...

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@rodiard said:

Yes, more AC IV trailers. MORE. I DEMAND THEM.

Ubisoft ran out of footage for their main game ads that they had to move onto making ads for DLC already.

Posted by Charlee_CoCo

@ninja_welshman: Developers always tease/show DLC before a game's release because they want people to know there's more content on the way to prevent them from trading in the game.

The publishers figure that nobody is going to be looking at or for media of X game after it's released.

There's basically no good way to handle DLC because it's always going to be dependent on when a specific person (not the audience) is ready for DLC. You see Season Passes teased earlier and earlier now because it's easy way to get the most amount of money out of people up front before they get to the point where they've already moved onto whatever else.

You also have to contend with the fact that a game is generally at it's most popular the first two weeks of it's release and anything after that point is going to be a gamble in terms of getting people to care.

Posted by Travan

Probably the most intriguing premise for an Assassin's Creed game yet, and the least appropriate for pre-release DLC. Really impressive how Ubi manages to follow up a step forward with a backflip.

Posted by Mustard

AC4: Django Unchained

Posted by clovy

Weight has nothing to do with it

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a trailer for DLC for a game that hasn't even come out yet? Is it possible to over-promote a game? I'm thinking it is.

Posted by Patman99

Oh thank god, I was getting tired of playing Assassin's Creed IV anyway........

Posted by MeatSim

I kinda wish this guy was the main protagonist of AC4 and not Edward who seems like a pretty typical pirate dude.

Edited by WiredFolf

@meatsim: I'll agree with that. He seems far more of an interesting character.

Posted by Captain_Lone_Wolf

@rodiard: Tell me about it :) omg this dlc loos figgingly awesome

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