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interesting. same as the DS release?

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Lol... Alright then.

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I can't imagine how much of a disaster this could be.

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he completely missed the dudes head in that lost shot....

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It looks the same as the DS release, except with gimped controls. It's been said before, but seriously, developers: stick with the iPhone's strengths. Develop games specifically for that platform. If you can't, then there are two other very much viable portable systems out there with their own strengths and weaknesses. If not that, then there's always the Ngage.

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Is it a bad thing that the combat system of the game on the iPhone looks 100x better then the one on current gen consoles?

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My only problem with the assassins creed franchise is that its all HYPE.  Hense iphone game.

Posted by lamegame621 Just no.

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hell no. i don't know how you could even do that on a phone.

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Want to play the same crappy game you've played for DS well you're in luck. We've enhanced this game by making the controls even more wierd.

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now with action packed quick time events!
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Nope. Nada!

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For an iPhone game, it looks pretty decent.

Although, if I had an iPhone, I'd never buy it =D

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I can't wait to play this on PSOne!!!!!!!!!!

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The game seems like it would be ridiculously hard to actually play

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Oh a Gameloft game that means it's "high quality".

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If I want to play Assassin's Creed, I won't do it on an iPhone. Thanks, Ubisoft.

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I don't think I care, even if the game is only $9.99

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Legend has it that the iphone can be used to make phone calls. It is just a legend however, it may not be true.

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you gotta admit though, that iphone is pretty damn powerful

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I'm gonna go get an iPhone just for this!!!!(sarcasm)

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Hope the PSP version is better.

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Porting console games to a handheld never works, and when the handheld doesn't have buttons it works even worse. They need to make something that is for the platform from the very beginning.

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uuhhahaahhh! (replay same soundbite)

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dude, thats totally insane. This game is on a mobile phone. i wouldnt want to play it personally, but it blows my mind that a game that good looking is on a mobile phone.

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i know this is for the i phone but are they also making one for the psp?

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Looks alright! Only thing I'm worried about is the controls. I played games on my sister's iPod and they suck hard ass. Also, the graphics are pretty impressive for a phone!

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What's with all those flips? Altaïr doesn't do flip, he's cool.

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IT sucks... the controls are slow as hell, unresponsive and that makes it impossible to have fun with.

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Oh yeah why did i buy my iphone again...yes thats it to make calls

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I don't know if this actually will be playable, sort of like the first game.

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Awesome, another cell phone port of a game never intended to be played on a cell phone.

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Unbelivably, Ign gave this a higher score than the real game...I declare bullshit

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*sigh* the iphone got to him too...

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This looks very impressive albeit a bit crowded. I wonder how big the team was.