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Best implication of stealth I've seen in multiplayer.

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Posted By kyledanderson

Is there any chat ability online?

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Posted By Hairy_Fish
@slaneesh:  i third it..... UNLESS they focus more heavily on co op because that is the only way it could work
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Posted By slyely

I just hope the single player does not suffer because they added multiplayer.

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Looks a little too convoluted but we'll see. I love multiplayer focused games so this might really do it for me

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Posted By SilenceUK

looking forward to this game :D
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Morph power looks jank

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Posted By SilentProtagonist

Cool stuff

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@SumDeus said:
" Best implication of stealth I've seen in multiplayer. "
gotta love stealth..
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Posted By SumDeus
@one_2nd said:
" wow that looks really fun. "
yes, stealth is very fun, isn't it?
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Posted By Little_Socrates

Still definitely a buy-at-launch.

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looks cool, i might pre-order... <_<

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Morph ability!!!!!!! Whatt!!!!!

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Hmm. Exclusive content or people to play against.

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Posted By skimbatcha

nicely done.  i can see myself playing a whole lot of that!

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Posted By Count_Elmdor

Gamestop guy at the end there sounds like such a fucking douche 

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Posted By YuXing

Only multiplayer in the game?

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Posted By TheDrizzle

Really curious how the multiplayer turns out.Assassins Creed  2 was one of my favorite games of last year so I have high hopes

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narration was disgusting 

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Posted By Strike11249

Always been a huge Assasans creed fan, and the multiplayer just adds to it.
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Posted By jos1ah
Ditto. Really don't get it. And the morph ability looked absurd...Why bother with any realism if you can just do that
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Posted By Michaeltraps

Wow, this actually looks legitimately good.  Seems like they put a lot of thought into the multiplayer mechanics rather than churning out the typical overdone game modes.

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Posted By IanMattson

The multi player looks as boring as the single player, and isnt this just a bunch of  "b side shit" from AC2?

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Posted By LaszloKovacs

This looks sort of cool. I'm still not sold on it, but I'm definitely not completely disinterested any more.

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Looks great, can't wait to see what other modes they put in!

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@jos1ah said:
" @Burns098356GX: Ditto. Really don't get it. And the morph ability looked absurd...Why bother with any realism if you can just do that "
I'm pretty sure this is all supposed to be a simulation of some kind anyways, like a training simulator within the fiction of the game
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Wow, that gamestop voice was jarring after all that smooth talking.