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Posted by Wampa1


Posted by bslayer

Hey Alex, you might want to read the description again. Also, I agree.

Posted by flyingidiot

Can't wait!

Posted by Morningstar

And it comes with micro transactions. Oh joy.

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I'm gonna avoid this trailer so more of the game isn't ruined for me, but...

Posted by RE_Player1

"Thank you for igniting unprecedented consumer interest in Assassin's Creed III, which is sure to break plenty of sales records this holiday."

Posted by FluxWaveZ

I hope there's a promotional trailer a week from now.

Posted by SlashDance

Weeeeh I can't wait for tomorrow ! Oh wait, the PC version is not out for another month !

Posted by huntad

*Snark, Snark, Snark* More trailers?! *Snark*

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@bslayer what's wrong with the description?

Posted by ColonelT

Every cutscene in this game better start with "What the hell are you wearing?"

Posted by Scrawnto

@bslayer: If you are talking about the usage of "lo,"it's a real word.

Posted by bslayer

@Scrawnto: yeah... nevermind. Next time I'll read it like it was meant to be read. Sorry, Alex.

Posted by HulkHanson

I really hope there is something more to Connor's story than "They killed my family, so they must die."

Posted by Saga

I would pick up my pre-order tomorrow if it wasn't for hurricane Sandy!

Posted by metalsnakezero

Hurricane Sandy wont stop me!

Posted by clank543

Does it seem a bit odd to anyone else that Connor somehow ends up in the Mayan ruins, even if it is only dlc? I'll be interested to see how they justify that, or if they even try.

Posted by phrosnite

lol tomorrow? Where did the time go? Anyway I'll pass. Ubisoft lost me in 2007.

Posted by AngelN7

Eh, you don't have to watch the trailers if you think they're gonna spoil you something, that's what I did I only watched the E3 demos that was enough for me so yeah I don't get that complain too many trailers? don't watch them (or you know don't like it don't eat)

Posted by NeedleLies

feels like VG companies are really overdoing it with all these promo trailers for each game launch. What's the average? 10 trailers per game?

Posted by Dalerax

So hyped.

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

Is that PC footage? The game looks like it's running unnaturally smooth for what's supposed to be a console game.

Posted by Pixeldemon

@NeedleLies: Yes, but they're cheap to make, and get free distribution. More noise = more sales, especially during xmas season.

Posted by Rasmoss

Yeah, helping the Americans against the British really works out for the Native Americans.

Posted by FluxWaveZ

@Rasmoss said:

Yeah, helping the Americans against the British really works out for the Native Americans.

Yeah, can't imagine they'll eventually become enemies...

Oh wait.

Posted by JadeGL

My husband got his pre-order delivered today, so he is already playing the crap out of it. I figure he will be occupied with that until the hurricane comes. :)

Posted by martez87

The amount of marketing for games right now is insane. In the last year or two I've tried to avoid any game I'm interested in until launch out of fear that the publishers/developers will spoil it for me. I mean, I understand gameplay trailers, but ruining stories and other surprises is bullshit. Mass Effect 2's marketing was what tipped it for me. The fact that I knew (directly from Bioware) about every character I would meet and about (SPOILER) the suicide mission, where anybody could potentially die, took away a lot of the surprises that the game had to offer.

Posted by SeanFoster

Why is Victor Sullivan being a dick to young Connor?!

Posted by DriftSPace

My copy is set to arrive (directly from Ubisoft) on Friday, but it's a shame that I won't get to play it for another month or so; the last 3 Assassin's Creed games I played at-launch had some game-killing bugs that required me to wait for a patch and restart my game, so I'm going to sit on AC3 for a while until they fix all the inevitable bugs.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by kishinfoulux

Don't watch these trailers. Full of spoilers apparently.

Posted by leejunfan83

@JadeGL: Lucky bastard ;)

Posted by Landon

@Colourful_Hippie said:

Is that PC footage? The game looks like it's running unnaturally smooth for what's supposed to be a console game.

I watched some guy play the first 40 minutes or so on youtube on the 360. That is console footage, it's pretty amazing how good the game looks.

Posted by algertman

Did GB get one of those bad ass flags? Can I have it?

Posted by ucankurbaga

play crap console version now or wait 1 month for pc release hmm decisions...

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

@Landon: Good on Ubi if that's case for pumping out something like that on consoles. Can't wait to see how the PC one will look now.

Posted by CronoXtream

i cryed a lil

Posted by Droop

What the shit? This is out tomorrow? How is that even possible!

Posted by plato84

@Rasmoss said:

Yeah, helping the Americans against the British really works out for the Native Americans.

This is what I've been thinking since they started promoting this game, I dunno, the whole concept feels a bit insensative to me. But oh well I'll buy the game anyway and see if I can suspend my disbelief.

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Anyone else super underwhelmed by the graphics in this trailer? Supposed to be this big flashy video and all I can see are muddy textures and janky animations. I get the idea that I'm supposed to be all like "SHIT THAT GUY GOT OWNED" but all I see are sword polygons clipping awkwardly into neck polygons.

We're way overdue for a hardware refresh.

Posted by MachoFantastico

Sadly these trailers make one of the games big 'twists' in the story VERY obvious... still, looking forward to it.

Seriously, why so many damn trailers?

Posted by JayCee

Stab that Red Coat... IN THE FACE!

Posted by Just_an_other_muffin

GOTY predication- This years Northy goes to Nolan North for George Washington in AC3.

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I heard major spoilers for these trailers, but this one doesn't seem that much.

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normally i can mitigate the irritation of bad stories in videogames, but this is one of the few game series where the truly pretentious, incoherent storytelling could not be so easily ignored. when writing a story, typically you begin by putting together an outline or a treatment, after which, there are usually many, many drafts that follow. however, in the case for most video games, the first and final draft are usually scratched down on napkins, cobbled together by a dozen or so half-wits who think that incomprehensible writing makes for a more complex and interesting story.

Posted by Discoman

I think its obnoxious that they're having a Native American siding with the Colonists, who were most eager to take Native lands. The British meanwhile had Native allies during the Revolution and the War of 1812. This guy was probably one of the Natives that guys like Washington wanted 'civilized' by stamping out their original culture.

The game looks very impressive graphically, but the actual gameplay looks really dumb; I dont think soldiers would wait to engage with bayonets.

Posted by Bdawg2002

Did anybody else notice the horror level gore when he tomahawks the guys face??

Cant wait to play this game it looks amazing, Ive played Ac 1 loved the basic idea's of the game, free running was fun and so was killing people with the hidden blade. Skipped 2, and went straight to brotherhood. And I skipped Revelations, mainly because I heard it was more of the same......Hope I didn't miss too much story. But Ive heard this game has a nice intro to the story. Anyways I'm really exited to play this game, looks like its bringing Ac forward in a big way. Hopefully I wont be disappointed come tomorrow.

Posted by dicnose

and pc comes A YEAR LATER?

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@dicnose said:

and pc comes A YEAR LATER?

Not quite, but (maybe) with less bugs (because the console folks will be paying to beta test at launch, as usual) and probably with some additional DLC included, so ... whatever. It's 3 weeks, really; 20 November 2012 in North America.

I usually end up waiting a while to play these on consoles anyway (okay, not usually a year, but definitely more than 3 weeks) because they are so damned buggy at launch.

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@ucankurbaga said:

play crap console version now or wait 1 month for pc release hmm decisions...

The last few AC games that had game-killing bugs (the last 3 for me) took more than a month after launch to fix, and the PC version will inevitably have it's own issues with driver compatibility and whatever else.

Don't get me wrong: I enjoy Assassin's Creed quite a bit, but these have always been buggy games at launch. I would not be surprised to have a release-day patch and then a host of other obnoxious bugs thereafter. Ubisoft wrote an entirely new engine for this game, so ... yeah, expect some issues regardless of your platform of choice.

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