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The birthday date doesn't default. That's going to be annoying

Posted by Vorbis

Good, need more games set in the Crusade, yet to have one get it right.

Posted by MisterMouse

seems very derivative... 
also giant bomb is awesome 

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Posted by shinigami420

Looks fucking awesom

Posted by metalsnakezero
@Marz said:
another templar game :\   Wasn't the First Templar enough?
Maybe this one is better since Atlus is publishing it. 
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Age gates that don't default? Common, man.

Posted by paulosaurus

Shouldn't the age gate be set at 17, not 18? M is 17+. Whatever.

Posted by dox

This seems like a pretty normal game which is weird coming from Atlus.

Posted by Sooty
@dox said:

This seems like a pretty normal game which is weird coming from Atlus.

It's not made by Atlus, for some reason a lot of articles and videos on GB make it sound like publisher =/= developer
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compared to everything else coming out in 'fall 2011' this is going to bomb majorly 
not that i dont think it looks like a good slash em up just nothing setting it apart from what i can see at the moment

Posted by jon_e

Not my favorite voice for the main character.

Posted by theodacourt

I like Crusade era Rooster Cogburn/Jeff Bridges. I don't like anything else in this video though.

@paulishere22 said:

Shouldn't the age gate be set at 17, not 18? M is 17+. Whatever.

It might be because the equivalent age group in the UK and Europe is 18, but I could be wrong.

Posted by theharleyquin

Jeff Daniels...confirmed as the father.

Posted by Max_Cherry

Why won't Giantbomb believe you were born before 1952? My father couldn't watch this video and he didn't fight in Vietnam just so he could be denied access to video's on Giantbomb!!! FIX YOUR AGE GATE!

Posted by kingzetta

looks like crap but still a thousand times better than that first templar game

Posted by Example1013

Doesn't WM already have my birthdate? Can't that work for the age gate?

Posted by yoshimitz707

Seriously? You added birthdate instead of just how old you are and now it defaults to 2011 instead of 20 like it used to. Fucking Lame.

Posted by Rayeth

1952 is a random cut off date. Any reason this is being used?

Posted by jorbear

"His faith was TESTED."

Guys, this means something.

Posted by Napalm

"Alright, at the end, I want everybody to come up to this board and sign their name next to where it says 'it's not on rails'."

Posted by Wandrecanada

The SECOND Templar:  Reckoning

Posted by sushisteve
seems very derivative... 
also giant bomb is awesome 
In the phraseology of the time, Get thee to a monastery, young knave!
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Posted by Seppli

Getting a Demon's Souls vibe from it, combat-wise. Might just be the Atlus header.
Reminds me of Shadow of Rome too, which is a great thing to remind me of.
Capcom! Re-iterate on Shadow of Rome this instant - thank you very much.

Posted by Spiritof

I went thru the process of an age gate for this?

Posted by TanoPrime

Age gate on this and not on the House of the Dead knockoff?  I giggled.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Swordplay in gameplay looks swanker than swordplay in cinemas, what?

Posted by UncleClassy

So Persona 5 is set during the Crusades. Wait.....what?

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Posted by Anathem

It's not on rails.

Posted by thornie_delete

I don't know... Needs more brown.

Posted by Junpei

Hell yeah eye patch wearing Jeff Bridges. I dunno, I love Atlus (developed and published games) and was really interested in the game when they first announced it, but I'm having an uneasy pit in my stomach over this.

Posted by FunExplosions
@ajamafalous said:
I agree with this sentiment's over-exaggeration. Why no "How old are you?"
Posted by popmasterruler

Nice,looks far better than Demon Souls.

Posted by spartan1017

that guy's dad looks kind of like jeff bridges...

Posted by Generiko
@thegame464 said:

The birthday date doesn't default. That's going to be annoying

This. Why you change Giantbomb? :(
Posted by sparks50

Please fix the age gate. Thank you!

Posted by Tordah

So far this looks promising. The combat looks pretty fast-paced, maybe even God of War-ish.

Posted by Gerhabio

Enter your birthday?!

Posted by isles

I'd be happy to enter in my birthday at the settings level if it meant I never had to select my birthday for every video ever again.

Posted by Sweep

I resent being told to go to church. I would like you to respect my atheist lack of belief.

Posted by radioactivez0r

The first trailer I saw for this looked 10x better.  It had co-op kill moves and the combat just looked better.  Maybe this was something from earlier in production.

Posted by Nate_is_my_fake_name

So...I have to enter my birthday for this one video, but when the next video starts (the Catherine one), I don't have to?  Seriously?

Posted by LiquidS

Weird how something that takes 2-5seconds to click & change makes people so angry.

Posted by Dogma

It's the Internet. Everyones angry.

And why does people comment that this is made by Atlus or even published by them? I thought this was a Warner joint?

Posted by jamesisaacs

Don't like the transatlantic accents not one bit.

Posted by Sammo21

meh, this looks bad...voice acting sounds bad too.

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