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Posted by PappaDukes

Posted by smiddy


Posted by Skaery

Uhh, nice

Posted by Killaclause

That looks pretty cool

Posted by darkjester74

500% more rainbows!

Posted by Hamst3r

Frozenbyte strikes again!

Posted by Myomoto

Such an amazingly beautiful game.

Posted by sixpin

+500% more rainbows!? That's a lot of rainbows.

Posted by myslead

wow, it does look pretty good 
was the first one any good?

Posted by ZmillA

the gameplay in trine games always looks so cool and fluid in trailers, not so much when I play it.

Posted by fox01313

Nice, loved the first one up to the rising lava close to the end where you had little time to react/swap. Rest of the game was solid & imaginative so the sequel should be interesting to see.

Posted by PJ

Best looking game of E3 that I've seen along whit El Shaddai or what ever it was called

Posted by metalsnakezero

Good pick up Atlus.

Posted by Chainsawleon

The first game was one of my favorites from last year. A short, imaginative, absolutely beautiful game. I'm very excited for another one. 

Posted by DaoJones

Very nice trailer.  Love me some rainbows!

Posted by Murdouken

Just recently completed the first Trine. Naturally I'm mad excited for this.

Posted by MeatSim

Giant Mushrooms? alright I am sold.

Posted by Rolento

Hells yes.  I love the first.  Can't wait.

Posted by ProfessorBread
I am freakin' excited!!!  
Also, what is with the Rainbows?
Posted by n8

500% more rainbows is key.


The first didn't appeal to me at all. This simply looks awesome!

Posted by Tordah

Gorgeous graphics!

Posted by r0nell

wow now that was cool.

Posted by RipAndTear

Posted by NutForest

The giant mushrooms totally sold me on this game. Also rainbows.

Posted by wrecks

if an XBLA 2 pack is released that includes the 1st one, sold.

Posted by dillinger
@ZmillA:  err.  its the exact same while playing it.
Posted by ZmillA
@dillinger said:
" @ZmillA:  err.  its the exact same while playing it. "
im bad at it
Posted by InfamousBIG

Dude, that dragon looked DOPE. 

Posted by CaptainFish

It looks like they're adding in a lot of unique monsters. Glad to see the same gameplay elements are there. Trine is a fantastic game, can't wait for the sequel.

Posted by Overwatch

Looks very nice. First Trine was awesome and I hope that second one will be even better. Looks promising. Definetly on my radar.

Posted by D_W

Oh how I do hope that +500% More Rainbows becomes a running joke.

Posted by Kazona

I still haven't tried the first one. Maybe I should.

Posted by garion333

Still looks beautiful.

Posted by Overwatch
@Kazona: You definetly should play the first one. Very nice game.
Posted by lordbazuco

What platform is this game for?

Posted by VincentVendetta

Thank you Atlus!

Posted by MisterMouse

seems like some pretty cool stuff.

Posted by Spiritof

Trine w/ Boss Fights and 500% more rainbows is all I really needed to know.

Posted by RagingLion

Absolutely love it.  Nailed on buy.

Posted by Andorski

Another easy platinum trophy.

Posted by ashogo

Looks beautiful, and I dig this trailer music.

Posted by MisoRonery

Huge fan of the first, in single-player at least.  Can't wait for more.

Posted by Otzlowe

What a great little trailer. I think I'm going to go back and give the original a try in anticipation for this. 
And for the 500% more rainbows.

Posted by ezdude

I want 500+ Rainbows!!!

Posted by Slaneesh

Awsome ending to that trailer.

Posted by artofwar420

Jebus, this looks amazing. Amazing.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove


Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Looks like Trine. I want it now!

Posted by Nux

Damn you ATLUS stop makeing games that continue to control my life.
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