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Oh hey! 
Edit: Motherfucker, finally.

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Odd thing about this game. Futureshop and Bestbuy in Canada have skus up for every Kinect launch title except this one. Is it delayed?
PS. And a surprise early launch for Kinect Star Wars, although at a listed price of $69.99, it's way more than every other launch title.

Posted by Snail

This looks so bad.

Posted by Krenor

why didn't the 2 guys also do the co-op when it was their turn?
this video could have demonstrated an unreached level of awkwardness, but it didn't and so I wait...

Posted by mfpantst

how about awkward pelvic thrusts.

Posted by TadThuggish

7.5 from IGN.  Can we finally admit they're crooked?

Posted by natetodamax

Why do companies continue to make ads like this? Nobody plays games with facial expressions like that.

Posted by ImBigInJapan

There's also the move where Knuckles rides on Sonic's back and the one where he slaps Sonics's ass to make him go faster. I presume they are saving those for the next trailer.

Posted by Tranett


Posted by ThatFrood

I almost choked laughing.

Posted by skrutop

Two things. 
1) Do I get bonus points if I jump in slo-mo? 
2) Who wants to hold my hand for some hot co-op action? (full disclosure: I get really sweaty palms)

Posted by myslead

and to say that people are making a living out of making commercials like that...

Posted by edeo

Great fun for me and all my whitebread multi-ethnic way-too-happy friends!

Posted by sparks50


Posted by Scribbly

Who's betting that the game won't be quite as fun as their joyous faces and WOAHHH DUDE movements imply? I know I am.
Posted by goumutgo

i want Dom and Marcus hold their hands in Gears Of War 3 like that

Posted by Ekkers

I aint gonna coop with you bro

Posted by GoofyGoober

What the fuck. Seriously I thought Sonic couldn't get any lower??

Posted by scarycrayons

Sonic used to be all about "screw Nintendo's tame family-targeted stuff, here's something freaking awesome, new and different!".
Now Sonic is... well, it's Nintendo tame family-targeted stuff, and it hasn't changed a single bit in over ten years.

Posted by Gilbert64


Posted by memo

eww gross

Posted by MikeyZeroG

I live on the second floor of a small apartment complex - I'd probably send ceiling debris down on my neighbors if I were jumping around like that.

Posted by blacklab

they are not as sweaty as some other people I saw playing this.

Posted by Kyodra

I'm glad Sonic is finally out and proud with Tails, holding hands and spinning in the air.

Posted by Gelatinousgelboy


Posted by Fishstick

Needs more Ravi Drums.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

those facial expressions ARE DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!

Posted by scarycrayons
@Gilbert64 said:
There already is a QL, silly!
Posted by mrsmiley

i'm getting tired of commercials for motion-controlled games that don't actually show people playing the game. cutting from a guy flailing about to a gameplay video doesn't count.

Posted by jorbear


Posted by RE_Player1

The one good thing about Kinect.... stupid commercials of actors pretending to play games. Sony has them for Move but Kevin Butler kind of saves them for me. 

Posted by MisterMouse

man that two player coop could be very awkward...

Posted by MeatSim

Token black guy, girl with bright pastel shirt, dude with a flannel shirt, their hitting for the cycle.

Posted by joachimo
@Gilbert64 said:
Posted by ohthejawsoflife
@umdesch4:  i know in future shop  has it i work there and i just saw it today
Posted by kn00tcn

there's something surreal about everyone's clothing, it's like 80s+90s+present all at once

Posted by umdesch4
@ohthejawsoflife:   Thanks! (not that it's one of the titles I'll be buying right away or anything, but still good to know)
The way this is going, I might just wait until Child of Eden comes out to make up my mind on getting Kinect. My house will be dominated by Black Ops for the foreseeable future anyway...
Posted by csl316

i despise motion gaming, but i do hope these awful ads keep coming

Posted by flammverit

I'm a geek, I don't have a girl to touch that way (or any way). Thanks sega, you stupid geek haters.

Posted by Arc209

Yeah that hand holding coop just looks ridiculous...

Posted by Wuddel

Pfft, as long as it does not ship with a cutie.

Posted by Acornactivist
@Gilbert64:   http://www.giantbomb.com/quick-look-sonic-free-riders/17-3025/
Posted by giffen

I'd love to see a quick look with Ryan and Matt Rorie!

Posted by JazzMaverick


Posted by Construc

So do I have to play this in a completely empty white room for it to work. I would think so.

Posted by Jimi

Quick Look EX with that TOTALLY STOKED guy! 
Make it happen TOP MEN.

Posted by squidracerX
@giffen said:
" I'd love to see a quick look with Ryan and Matt Rorie! "
I wanna see them touching each other, smiling. "We need more coins Matt Rorie!". Yeah this will be great, me and my buddies can hold hands to make Sonic and Tails hold hands, i can't wait! VIDEOGAMES! And my downstairs neighbors will love if i jump as high as they do in the beginning of the video, all my shit will be falling over upstairs... Wait actually I'd love it if I could jump that high in the first place! FAT PEOPLE! VIDEOGAMES! THE FUTURE!
Posted by squidracerX
@Arc209 said:
" Yeah that hand holding coop just looks ridiculous... "
by ridiculous you mean super sexy right?
@jorbear said:
" Kinky. "
that's what we are talking about!
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No Sonic fanboy I have ever met has had a girlfriend or probably never will. Most of them don't even like playing with others.

Posted by Lilyvalley

How is this awesome to ANYONE!? Fuck Sega, get it together. Sonic is over.

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