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Edited by Daveyo520

She can cry if she wants to.

Posted by Zealousadonis

Cool liked the first two

Posted by Vinny_Says

she looks older than 3...

Posted by XenoNick

Looking forward to this.

Posted by Afroman269
@blacklabeldomm said:
" she looks older than 3... "
That's what I told myself but I ended up in prison for statutory rape. 
Posted by ViciousAnchovy
@Daveyo520:  I get it and appreciate it.
Posted by DragonofFate

Wow, I'm actually looking forward to this one, despite not having played the first two.

Posted by Aegon

oooh tentacle monsters.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Crazy bio science, gory deaths and a saucy sullen blond. This is indeed a Parasite Eve game.

Posted by lennylar987

Mindjack 2.0?

Posted by dungbootle

There appears to be mindjacking in this game.

Posted by metalsnakezero

Man, Aya Brea life is full of F***. 

Posted by damswedon

I'm kinda excited for this which is the first for a PSP game in a long time. I just hope they put it on the UK's PSN because It seems like other than Rising Star Games and First Parties no one does that over here.

Posted by Brodehouse

The first two were RPG versions of survival horror... this is... a Mindjack-inspired version of Mindjack.

Posted by MotorbreathX

Aya Brea = Bay Area?  WTF!?!?

Posted by Nexas

She looks like she is about to cry in every scene. Its kinda creepy.

Posted by kollay
@H2Oyea said:
" oooh tentacle monsters. "
That's why she is crying.
Posted by Cybexx

Winter 2010 unknown life form invasion? I should probably start watching more news. Also, obviously Mindjack needed Amnesia, Nudity and Time Travel to be a better game.

Posted by Onionne
@MotorbreathX said:
" Aya Brea = Bay Area?  WTF!?!? "
Posted by ultimatepunchrod
@DragonofFate said:
" Wow, I'm actually looking forward to this one, despite not having played the first two. "
me too. ive been on the fence just because i havent tried the first two so i dont know how much you'll need to know before coming into this one. but it looks cool
Posted by Smokay

Looks like they spoiled the whole game in 5 mins

Posted by funkpanda

I square enix just HOPING that no one will notice this is the exact same game play as mind jack? 
They figured, "No one is buying mind jack. So we might as well use these mechanics in a more established IP"

Posted by OneKillWonder_

I kind of hope this does well so that there is a higher possible chance of getting an actual Parasite Eve 3 some day.

Posted by Aetheldod

Awwwn :( no survival horror RPG then ..... no thanks

Posted by dudeglove


Posted by Marokai
@dudeglove said:
Why NOT always tentacles, I say!
Edited by CornBREDX

Looks boring and generic. If this is really some form of parasite eve, its not capturing the same feel (to me) as those games did. Currently not liking where this appears to be going. 
I don't know, We'll see.
 I don't have a problem with the action orientation (not sure, it may be going action RPG which makes sense but trailer didn't really show that) but nothing in that video seemed at all intriguing.

Posted by DeadFish

So, Giant Penis Monster confirmed, I guess.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

Protagonist Aya Brea voiced by Miranda from Mass Effect 2!

Posted by Qho

Only handheld ? Bad birthday present .

Posted by Milkman

So...like Mindjack? 

Posted by DazzHardy

So utterly beyond excited for this that I can barely restrain the need to import a japanese version any longer. MUST PLAY THIS GAME >_<

Posted by MisterMouse

an unfortunate comparison but it reminds me of Mindjack.

Posted by Xpgamer7

 Mindjack 2 - Parsite Eve Edition    

Posted by yorro

Tentacle Grape reference. Its Japanese alright.

Posted by jtman54179
@dungbootle said:
" There appears to be mindjacking in this game. "
Sadly yes....
Posted by Vamp972
@lennylar987:  this series came way before mindjack.
Edited by Krystal_Sackful
That's female protagonists made by Japanese people for you.
Also, this trailer contains MIND JACKING.
Posted by hagridore

It takes Square so long to put games out, they're the only ones besides Sony still releasing PSP games.

Posted by MeatSim

I forget about all the giant monster attacks in 2010.

Posted by nintendoeats

I loved Parasite Eve. If this is good, we may be looking at the first PSP game that I will have bought for a VERY long time.

Posted by Terrents

that anime lady is pretty
Edited by G24S

This game has Japan all over it.

Posted by lennylar987
@Vamp972:   Haha I know.. I'm a big fan of the original PE.  That trailer just screamed Mindjack to me.
Posted by Kintaro

So they ported over Mind Jack to the PSP and mobile phones is that what Squeenix is saying?

Posted by Senate4242

The first two games were great. 
However it appears they went away from Horror Survival. Strike number 2 its on a handheld. Will have to something really special to get me interested.

Posted by Rxanadu
@Terrents: Apparently, she's 40 or something through some sort of genetic nonsense. 
Posted by Solh0und

What Resident Evil on the PSP could look like....minus the mindjacking.

Posted by Artemis_D

I've been waiting FOREVER for this, and it's a fucking PSP game?  First Valkyria Chronicles 2 now this shit? Goddamnit Japan! 

Posted by AzHP
@MotorbreathX: How have I lived in the Bay Area my entire life and been a fan of the first two games, and NOT gotten that?
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