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I'm so glad you guys came back to this, so awesome!

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Caught the second half of this live, can't wait to see it from the start. So happy I went premium!

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you play a beautiful melody on the flute.

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Thanks for this Vinny, love you man.

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so good.gif

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Totally worth a membership.

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This livestream was so good. Definitely up there as one of my favorites ever.

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This was a fantastic livestream. I'm excited for more BioForge. Backflippin' to eternity!

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@dethfish said:

This livestream was so good. Definitely up there as one of my favorites ever.

Absolutely this. I cannot wait to see the stunning conclusion of this brilliant madness.

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does this not go under random pc game?

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@posh: Nothing random about Bioforge, Giantbomb's official 1995 Game of the Year for 2013

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One of my favorite pieces of video content recently.

Also, the chat armageddon was wonderful and terrifying all at the same time.

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Watching him stumble around the cell from 34mins is incredible.

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This is a really great game.

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Here I'm watching Daily Dota while something as amazing as THIS is sitting here!? (no offense, Brad... I like what I've seen)

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Holy hell, this is easily EASILY one of the best pieces of content on GB ever

also Danny o Dwyer is easily the best gamespot dude as he has the best chemistry with the guys, they should have him on more often

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Thank you guys for continuing this. Haven't laughed that hard in ages.

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Eat light you stupid machine!

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Danny loves Arsenal (<3), hates United and Chelsea and he's funny as hell?! SIGN HIM UP, JEFF!!


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Now I want to see a special where Drew looks for relatives in Ireland

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Seriously I would give Vinny my kidney if he needed one. That man is comedy gold.

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Yep, this definitely gets downloaded for the archive. One of the funniest videos in recent memory.

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So what was up with the random chat bans?

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This stream was awesome today. Can't wait for the thrilling conclusion.

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Danny is probably my favorite Gamespot personality, so his presence here makes an already awesome livestream even better.

Also, Bioforge is both ahead of its time and completely, utterly out of its mind.

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An hour into this and it's one of my favorite features on the site.

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Brought my very own arm(well, not mine exactly) to watch this.

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So what was up with the random chat bans?

GB was hacked to some degree. Nothing serious, but a bit of a nuisance.

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All hail scorpion king

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What? HOW DID I MISS THIS! My night is saved from boredom!

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@draxyle said:

@bistromath said:

So what was up with the random chat bans?

GB was hacked to some degree. Nothing serious, but a bit of a nuisance.

Ah, thanks for the link.

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Always go in both holes.

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Should bios forge?

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Fucking love when Vinny dies at 26 minutes and no one noticed.

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Like other people have said before me, this is maybe one of my favorite premium videos on the site :'D

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Need more Die by the Sword as well!

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Streaming this was truly a genius decision. Can't wait for Part 2!

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NEVER FORGET 5-15-12 gbchat!

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Did Patrick just bust out a Rama reference?

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Danny seems like a nice fit to the Giant Bomb team.

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@vinny @patrickklepek thanks guys this is the sort of stuff all of us have been waiting for. Awesome stream. When you're done with Bioforge you should really revisit some other old games like Bureau 13

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Honestly, @dannyodwyer would be a great addition to Giantbomb. His stuff from Gamespot UK is really entertaining.

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I enjoy the NASA clapping in this video.

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Well, first off, this whole video was amazing. But this was also the first I've seen of Danny and he seems awesome. More of him!

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More Danny!

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Play the flute!

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Aww, they didn't archive Die by the Sword?

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Lordi music video in the browser shot at the beginning!

Also, this is the greatest premium feature on the site at the moment. I laughed so goddam hard.