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Posted by SgtSphynx

Finally get to watch this, I was at work when it was live.

Posted by Trevorisamazing

oh my god i should be sleeping but backflips

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YES! Was busy earlier. I knew my patience was not in vein.

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missed the stream, can't wait to join in some belated backflips!

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Woah, perfect timing! I was just coming to check and see if this was uploaded.

You guys are the best, for really reals.

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Fuck yah, was hoping to watch this before going to bed. FREE BACKFLIPS FOR ALL

Posted by HMacyFan4eva

I'm not really familiar with this Danny O'Dwyer guy at all, but he's been really awesome. More GiantBomb content with this dude.

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I must say, the bomb run segment was some of the most harrowing and infuriating material I've seen on this site.

Posted by hi_im_rob

I love this game

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Oh, God. When Vinny started whistling the A-team theme i thought it was actually the Teletubbies theme. :(

Posted by Reisz

Someone tell Danny he has a home in San Francisco if he ever wants one, dude is a class act.

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Should guns talk?

Posted by Castiel

Yay they fixed it? Awesome work guys!

Posted by blueinferno

I got this new copy of Tomb Raider, but so long as there's flute playing and backflips, Lara's gonna have to wait.

Posted by chozimba

34 clicks to solve the the door puzzle this time. B+ Vinny, good Improvement.

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This and Phantasmagoria are the greatest Endurance Runs of all time.

Posted by Stimpack

It's HERE!!!!! The crowd-pleaser has arrived!

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A big gun!

Posted by Robo

Why do subscriber videos constantly not immediately show up under "latest" videos?

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Oh my god. This is amazing. Alien cube.

Posted by MelficeVKM

Can't wait to watch this, bioforge is awesome

Posted by blueinferno

@dezinus said:

This and Phantasmagoria are the greatest Endurance Runs of all time.

The Phantasmagoria playthrough is probably my favourite Giant Bomb video. Thinking about it makes me wish Dave was still on the site.

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The first tone on that flute reminds me of the first bit of synthesized sax in the Night Court theme.

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A blaster.

Posted by Borp

I fell out of my couch laughing when Vinny fell through the floor.

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I spent two hours of my life watching a bunch of strangers play a video game... it was HILARIOUS!

Posted by omdata

Video Game MST3K. Some of my favorite videos on the site, these BioForge videos. Right up there with Sleepy Dogs.

Okay, maybe even better. Love it.

Posted by Fram

Oh man, part 2 is here! This will make for an excellent sleep substitute tonight.

Posted by Humanity

What was that line? "A modern gentleman only travels by alien cube" ? Danny is pretty cool.

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Every enemy encounter in this game is a stressful experience.

So, basically, Bioforge is the original The Last of Us.

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Absolutely fantastic

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I think THIS is what you call an 'Endurance' Run! ;)

Posted by avantegardener

You already know.

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This was fantastic. Bioforge is pretty amazing.

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So good... So very good.

Posted by Rodin

You know Danny O'Dwyer is a pretty awesome dude, it's be cool if we saw more of him on the site.

Posted by MoonwalkSA

This is the best subscriber feature since Unprofessional Fridays started.

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Wait, what? When? Why? Nobody told me about this!

Posted by Krenor

Didn't think they'd do another one so quick, keep em coming!

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Surprised no-ones praised Vinny for his fantastic MS Paint skills.

Fear not, Vinny. I printed out a screen capture and its now on my fridge.

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So close...

Also, this absolutely qualifies as a mini Endurance Run in my eyes.

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I care so much more about Vinny playing old PC games than I do anything involving modern gaming.

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Danny's my favorite gamespot guy, he should move to SF so we can see more of him

Posted by posh

look forward to rewatching this series every month

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I would have never thought this would become one of my favorite features on GB. I love you guys.

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"A (Giant) bomb!"