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EDIT: Also, this looks kinda crazy. Kinda.

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inciteful first comment as always, this game looks freaking hard, i watched a bunch of stuff out of GDC and bugger me if i could figure out what the hell was happening

Posted by Generiko

BANGAI_OOOOOOOO!!! YEAH! This will be off the chain my .

Posted by drowsap

this game looks crazy and can we just do away with the FIRST quest

Posted by DuncanIdabro

If we can get this as a download-able game where is my Alien Front Online on the xbox arcade?

Posted by soupbones

I think it's pretty clear we have the GOTY already right here. 

Balls and Missiles? Sign me up!

Posted by RazielCuts

VIDEO GAMESZZZZ! This is too crazy. 

Posted by MeatSim

Soccer balls, a giant mech's only weakness.

Posted by Zerodash

Hopefully, this will play more like the original Bangai-O and not that weird GBA sequel.  So far, it looks to be on track to be what the first game was all about.   It was born to be a twin stick shooter. 
I'm surprised that the Dreamcast version wasn't quick-ported over to XBLA.  

Posted by Xpgamer7

So... You auto aim at things within the radius while dodging enemies directly. Fruits give you points and there's a combo chain for defeating enemies. Also there's a mode where you can launch balls within your radius at enemies by pressing a button. When your combo meter has reached a certain point you can use a special move. That's what I got out of it.

Posted by akeripper4

in some way gimme and the other is what did i just see...

Posted by Foggen

It's gratifying to see this completely destroy the low-bandwidth encoder.

Posted by Warchief

what the fuck did i just watch?

Posted by Sin4profit

this looks dumb enough to just be dumb..and not dumb enough to be interesting. But then that's me pretending to know what in the hell's going on here.

Posted by D_W

Looks kind of like some bad flash game.

Posted by Wandrecanada

I am a Wizard... and I just had a seizure.

Posted by the_sliver

I LOVED the DS version... might pick this one up too :)

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I've watched this twice now and it still may as well be in Russian. Still, as blinking coloured lights, caffeine fuelled games go it looks, you know, OK.

Posted by bloodsoul5

Can anyone who played the original tell me if these games have upgrades and customizations and whatnot?

Posted by skrutop

So if we ever want to defeat Japan's mech army, just call in Paraguay to beat them in PK.  Got it.

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Posted by paulunga

Yes, this is clearly the same company that's responsible for Mischief Makers. Anyway, loved the Dreamcast one, didn't really put much time into the DS version for some reason, definitely getting this one.

Posted by rpratts

Hmmm crazy!!!

Posted by ViciousReiven

Man... and people tell me the danmaku I play are ridiculous....

Posted by Mawryk

Whaaaaat?  I would be totally down, except I hate soccer/football games!

Posted by AndyPhifer

Awesome! Can't wait.
Posted by Evilsbane
@drowsap said:
" this game looks crazy and can we just do away with the FIRST quest "
this game looks insane and can we just do away with the people complaining about the FIRST quest
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Posted by AxleBro

where is the game?!? i can't see it!! too many missiles

Posted by TwoLines


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Posted by Korne

Dammit! Where's my wallet?

Posted by ghostNPC
Treasure is the best. They always make me so happy.
Posted by csl316

After the description, this was my reaction

Posted by kitsunezeta

In case nobody else noticed, THIS IS CO-OP GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE.

Posted by _Phara0h_
@kitsunezeta said:
" In case nobody else noticed, THIS IS CO-OP GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE. "
I noticed the co-op but everything els doesn't make any sense 
@pyromaster222 said:
Posted by McDunkin

This is what I picture in my mind when someone says "japanese game development".

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Bangai-O Spirits for the DS was really fuckin ridiculous. And really fuckin fun.  I support this. 
@csl316 said: 


Posted by Dain22

Christ, I had an easier time staring into a rainbow-filtered strobe-light. How do you guys manage to keep track of your own character on screen?

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Posted by Six

still have no idea how i would play this game.

Posted by Pepsiman

I've loved every installment of Bangai-O thus far and this trailer just continues to solidify my excitement for this upcoming one. Co-op plus what looks like a rock-solid frame rate have me pretty damn pumped.

Posted by LiK


Posted by Hector
This is completely insane. Ahhhhhhhh my head is spinning!
Posted by Junpei

I have tried to play Bangai-O so many times. I want to learn it so bad, but there is some logic leap my brain has failed to make that keeps me from being able to clear the last half of the tutorial levels in these games. Ugg.

Posted by Mumrik

What the FUCK did I just watch?

Posted by jtman54179

And we wonder why Japanese games have seizure warnings

Posted by VirtuaXav

My eyes are bleeding.

Posted by Godzilla_Sushi

Are you kidding me? Goodness, even for me, no way could I do that....
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