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Posted by gamer4life

i give this review 5 stars.  well done brad.

Posted by ScrapMetalHead

I'll put it on my GameFly, to just check it out, I actually liked the other two so...I'm sure this would be no different.

Posted by Wright

Brad ALWAYS gets jiggy and jolly.

Posted by spiceninja

I love this game and this review!

Posted by Anthony_Galindo

Brad, all you had to write was that this game features a cameo from a Lickatoad. Instant Purchase.

Posted by Vager

The Price is Right contestant got owned.

Posted by toadstule

Nice video review Brad. Definitely glad I picked this game up.

Posted by BawaTheGamer

Awesome brad. Awesome. I love Gb reviews.

Posted by Death_Pigeon

Banjo Threeie..... LOL

Edited by Knurrunkulus

It's always the same with GiantBomb. Just when I thought that I could actually be fine without having played Dead Space, they came along and rated it with 5 stars. I purchased it. Just when I thought: "No, I really don't need a 360, after all even the new Banjo game doesn't seem to be that great" they come along and give it ... wait for it ... 5 stars once more. So: What am I supposed to do now? The video review is great, it sounds like a game I would like, but: I would have to buy a 360 first.

But: I can't. Or can I? Oh, you guys are so ... evil.

Posted by Unreal_dro

Love this GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I'm getting a desire to bust out my lego sets just by watching this.

Hey, Brad!  Can you rotate pieces?  I thought in the old hands-on you couldn't rotate them, and in the impression I get from the videos you can't either, but you just said rotate.  It'd be nice to know if that were possible, to get an idea of how flexible the engine is.

Posted by Vod_Crack

250,000! Funny stuff

Posted by Vitor

Here in the UK the game is still Full price... It would be a purchase for me at $40 (£20 here) but it's only dropped £5 ($10) from the RRP... most shops sell it at £39.99 ($80) with the RRP at £44.99 instead of the usual £49.99 ($100). But considering that no where actually has sold games at their RRP since the PS3 came out... the £5 reduction is not only pointless but a rip-off as well. It's still being sold at the same price as Gears, Resistance, LBP and the like. And it doesn't look to be worth that amount....

Posted by code305

$40 thats a reasonable amount of money in my opinion.

Posted by kainen

im kinda suprised how good this game looks.  worth queuing into gamefly. 


Posted by Kohe321

Awesome review Brad. 100% agree with this review!

Posted by Crono

40 bucks?  Thats a steal for a console game.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Dude, you never have expectations about any game.

Nice review.

Posted by BiggerBomb

Oooooooh, now I want this game too. Curse you, economy!

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

I watched that episode of price is right! The showcase was around 20,000 and he bid 250,000. Yeah, I would say he was over

Posted by SidVicious

great review, not so great for my bank account.

Posted by xplodedd

sucks that its full price here.

Posted by Hughes

haha, "$250,000"

Posted by HiroSeven
Posted by MachoFantastico

Damn you Brad, your making me want this game. Wasn't that keen on the demo but I might have to give it more time.

I hope your happy! :D Great Review btw.

Posted by Abomstar

I love that Price is Right clip.

Posted by AngeTheDude

I'm definitely checking this game out. Thanks Brad!

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Ahhhh they didn't use the big red X ahh man. But great review for an excellent looking game.

Edited by AllThatBacon

What he said. Get this game.

Posted by robbob88

40$??? Wow that's cheap compared to the 60$.

Posted by StarFoxA

I was unsure about this game, but Brad has changed my mind. Definitely picking this one up!

Posted by jakob187

Brad, have you been gettin'....JIGGY....wit it?  *insert Dr. Evil pinky-to-mouth*  BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by optic

The video editing on this site continues to be stellar. Vinny, hats off sir.

Posted by I_am_Lono

What the hell is with everybody posting "Geat review!" and "Awesome review! I'm a member of the worlds largest licky-licky brown-nose club!". . . It's strangely annoying, this website is very good, but its users. . .  are not.

I just want top say, awesome review Brad!!!! I'm serious, this really changed my life. . . I was on the fence with this game, but now I'm going to go out and buy it! To be honest, I'd do anything you tell me to do Bradly. . . I love you, more than all the other users of this site.

Big kiss man.

Posted by Willy105

I want this game!

Posted by UlTiMaTEIGuare117

Great review Brad.

Posted by joslop500

Really good game.

Posted by Ontheocho

It's tough to make a case for this game with so many huge games out right now.  Little Big Planet is just sitting in my cabinet due to Wrath of the Lich King.  I also wouldn't have finished Gears 2 for a while if it hadn't been for Bronchitis.  I know I should support Rare, but even at $40, I'm waiting for the true bargin bin. 

Edited by MrBungle

 I'm with Vitor on this. Here in the U.K the game is full price and guess what - Microsoft went against their usual publishing policy and made this game region locked so we can't import either. They really wanted to screw us over which is a shame. It means so far the game has bombed here - and normally I wouldn't like to see that happen. But in this case, it serves them damned well right.

 It's a pity the Giantbomb guys can't pull Microsoft up over this and ask them why they feel Europe should be paying twice the price for the same game. Brad has this infectious quaility about his reviews that makes you want to buy games I normally wouldn't be interested in, Viva 2 being the last. But no way I'm being gipped.

Posted by optic

I_am_Lono, being a douche isn't completely necessary.

This is the comment box for the video review. Therefore it would make sense for people to comment on the video review itself. Many people would just like to show appreciation for the effort that went into making the video, and reflect on how the video made them see the game.

If you were looking for just general ramblings about the game itself may i suggest Giant bomb's Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Forum at http://www.giantbomb.com/banjo-kazooie-nuts-bolts/61-20586/forums/

Posted by Djstyles92

mehhh...i played the demo and i couldnt get into it at all.  I was surprised u gave it 5 stars tho

Posted by Flynntanamo

the game looks good but i annoyed me that the origanal was for nintendo and then they changed it for microsoft cause i really liked it for the 64

Posted by Johanz

Easily 250 dollars!

Posted by AdventChild

Brad's voice soothes and scares me.

Posted by ProfessorEss

Over time I'm finding Brad's tastes to be more and more in-line with my own.

BK:N&B may very well end up being my personal GOTY.

Posted by Media_Master

Wow, this game is cheap price, original gameplay, original story, and actually FUNNY....Wow...Great steal for 360 owners

Posted by PLWolf

Awesome review!! Now I just need to scrounge together $40. lol

Posted by Jotun

I'll probably check this one out next year. There are tons of games from this year I still haven't played and this one is quite low on the list. Looks cool though, and the price tag is very nice.

Posted by kist

250,000!!! lol cool lookin game good review

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