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Posted by Bardon

reminds me of the gummi ships from kingdom hearts...

Posted by Foxdemon2k

Seems like the game is relaxing and fun, which is good in my opinion :)

Posted by leky1

damn....i was so sure what i wanted to come in a bundle with ma 360.....ill try to get three games cuz...i want CoD 4 CoD 5 and BK:N&B

Posted by RobDaFunk

Totally forgot the GB Crew used to run Quick Looks solo......seems so strange now!!  
Still, I might be ready to purchase this now, great work Brad! ;)

Posted by assassinman18

hey i know how to make hover crafts and make other cool vehicles like the pelican from the halo series(halo 1, halo 2 halo wars, etc.).

Posted by assassinman18


there is split screen multiplayer


I am very happy they have kept the visual style so true to the original.  I know that seems like a no-brainer, but in the time of "next-gen" you just can't help but wonder.  The game looks interesting... for me it will be an absolute buy if you can split-screen multiplayer. 

Posted by glanesb

This game is beautiful to behold....-man I sound gay-

Posted by Kjellm87

Solo QL, my god

Posted by MysteriousBob
@Kjellm87 said:
" Solo QL, my god "
Yeah, nothing says 'early Giant Bomb' quite like one guy talking to himself.
Posted by stise

I'm nuts for bolts.

Posted by big_jon

2012 GOTY!

Posted by Generiko

4 years ago.

Never Forget.

Posted by thevigilanteoflove

Solo Quick Looks are sooooo weird.

Posted by Johnyliltoe

@thevigilanteoflove: Ya, after watching this game on Unprofessional Fridays I figured I'd look up the other videos. This is really different than modern quick looks. How far the GB team has come.