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Posted by Media_Master

The game looks really good!! It looks like it could rival Little Big Planet.

Posted by zeox

Looks awesome! I love these Quick Look videos :D

Posted by Media_Master

The game looks really good!!  It looks like it could rival Little Big Planet .

Posted by CoolDrMoney

Can't wait to finally play a new BK game

Posted by Scooper

Great art style to this game.

Posted by TwoLines

I'll buy this for sure !

Posted by TDot

Bye Brad!

Posted by L0RDTemplar

Looks great, thanks for the video. I really like this sort of content. We get a preview of the game with real footage instead of clips a marketing team put together.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

heyyyy, this game looks awesome!

Posted by Smashlampjaw

Brad, voice acting in this game would be awful..using the original stuff is good by rare.

Posted by kornholio360

This looks great! Can't wait to see more of it.

Posted by Whisperkill

the art style is beautiful!

Posted by nekoNari

Wow, I totally want this game now. Weird how Viva and this game isn't being received too well, yet games are so fun, or at least look really fun! I think, being on Xbox360, these wonderful family oriented games are getting overshadowed by more hardcore games, like Gears of War 2. Sad face.

Posted by Dimsey

Looking pretty sweet. Game just jumped up a tad higher on my "must purchase" list for sure.

Posted by Guild_Master

Looking really good, this is a buy in my book.

Posted by eXists

Looking good!

Posted by Crono

I am very happy they have kept the visual style so true to the original.  I know that seems like a no-brainer, but in the time of "next-gen" you just can't help but wonder.  The game looks interesting... for me it will be an absolute buy if you can split-screen multiplayer.

Posted by Koopa_kid12

I can't wait!!!

Posted by ZeroCast

Yep the game looks like charm, thanks for the video, oh and then new "this user is online" notification is awesome!

Posted by eternaLightness

I was a bit skeptical of it but it looks really good and fun

Posted by theglobe88

duder, it's over? wut?

Posted by Willy105

Xbox 360 killer-app for me!

Posted by zoozilla

Wow.  Rare's games are always some of the best-looking games on the platform.

Hopefully this Banjo game is also actually fun!

Posted by monkeyman864

cant wait for this game

Posted by KensterFox

This game is likely going to be one of my most enjoyable for the year.

Posted by GodzillaVsJapan

Looks interesting I was never into the 64 games or w/e but I am liking the vehicle creation aspect to it
and  lol @ 10:32

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Dude,finish your mission.

Posted by Tarsier

Awesome! Definitely going to pick it up. 

Posted by SlimDogg

Great video. The game actually looks more impressive , now that i have seen you play it. These types of videos are great.

Posted by Ma7moud

I'm really excited for that game, hope it turns out good.

Posted by spiceninja

I'm crazy excited for this game.

Posted by Shabran


Posted by AgileNate

Game looks great!!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I take it you can't change the facing of the parts?

This looks potentially really fun, but I'd love an more restrictive physics engine and more freedom with building :)

Posted by Snail

I would rather get LBP.

Posted by suneku

great vid, it makes me want to play it now so I'm definitely going to get it when it releases.

Posted by shockwave

This actually looks pretty damn fun! It's not gonna win Game of the Year or anything, but it seems like something that could keep you laughing on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Posted by WEGGLES

This looks like the 360's solution to Little Big Planet.

Posted by FallenFatKid

i love banjo

Posted by DrLove

looks great.. 

stop the hate...
get it on the release date... 
Banjo being good is fate
Posted by MachoFantastico

Looks good,

Can't see it rivaling LBP tho mate!

Posted by Alita_99

I can totally see myself having a lot of fun with this.  I love the Lego-esque building system, it looks to allow for a lot of creativity.

Posted by Red

Game looks awesome.

Hopefully I'll have enough money to get it....

Posted by Bonuslevel

Nice, but too much menu- and dialogue-action to my kind of taste.

Posted by RolexDPracer

I was sort of on the fence before seeing this video. Bard does a great job of showing the meat of the game. At $39.99 this game is a steal !!!!!

Posted by organica
Cant wait for this game! It looks absolutely awsome! I think its going to make a lot of fun to play around with the different vehicle parts. Maybe its not so much fun when i play it then the first time for real. But this very well done video showed me that it is at least a good game. Rare is still a good developer. Maybe not so genius like in the n64 era but they can still bring some innovation in this time where every second game is a game with big guns. I still like them.  And I have to say that this is the best video i saw from banjo nuts and bolts. GiantBomb dudes.......keep up the good work!

If i made some grammar mistakes, im sorry but i speak german normally
Posted by YoungBuck

it looks better than I thought it would.

Posted by DrRandle

Did you mean to give up your xbox live id, Brad?

Posted by Uberjannie

didnt he see the arrow indicators on the propellers? They push the other way xD how can propellers fly when they push the air straight into a box? oh well xD Just a game :p

Posted by AspiringAndy

Awesome thanks Brad, wasnt sure how this one was going to pan out.
Ill get it for Christmas :)

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