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Posted by Blacknight

I can't wait for this game. ill be so broke in june.

Posted by Mysterysheep

Everthing about this looks awesome but the gameplay... I could be completely wrong though.

Posted by pause422

Really? I think everything I've seen so far looks pretty great. I mean, I'm sure there will be a way that the combat could be button mashy if you play it that way, but it seems to offer enough different things to pull off on enemies and such.

I think the sound is really what makes it, the sound when you hit enemies sounds perfect. Like a condemned sort of impact and will make it feel more satisfying. The hits just sound brutal and devastating.

Posted by Plasma

Original voice actors
Batman's voice is audiable to human ears
Not over used boring batman villians

Whats not to like?

Posted by Brutopian

bane sounds like Destructo from futurama I WILL DESTROY YOU BLARRRAAHHLLLLGHRLAH

Posted by RHCPfan24

This looks amazing. I can't wait.

Posted by Antsmifff

The more I see of this game the more I think it will be awesome. Maybe even 5 star awesome

Posted by KillerCypriot

I love the way all the old comic characters are being made more violent than ever.

Edited by FLStyle

A Quick-look of AA will cement my choice to buy it.

Posted by RawShark

I hope there's as much bullet time in the game as there is in that trailer. Because for me, the novelty never wore off. It's the best way to show the coolest moves in a game.

Posted by suneku

Oh man, that Bane part looks so badass.

Posted by DukeTogo


Posted by MeierTheRed

I like the very dark, gritty and realistic look to the game. It´s just too bad there is no brutal violence in it, the punches and so on are very arcady, i cant help but feel that if you actually made some kills and added some blood to this game it would be more effective.

But i understand they have to stay true to Batmans nature, its just sad.
Posted by Gregomasta

Batman's reply was kinda corny.

Posted by CoinMatze

still loving this.

Posted by iExile

I played this at GameStop. The voice acting is a bit terrible but the combat is very fluid.

Posted by Rio

Seen a demo of this at Target actually.  The combat looks satisfying, but really easy at the same time.  I am not someone who gets bothered by a more casual / easy gameplay style, but it seems when you press an attack button Batman just locks on the the nearest opponent and goes right for them without any directional input.   That might get annoying considering you could just mash buttons to victory.  I think the exploration and stealth mechanics will be the elements that will save this game for me.  

When I say easy I mean, a 6 year old girl who could barely reach the controller was just smashing one button and took out a whole room full of guys, she had no clue what she had just done.  Hopefully the setting is just stuck on easy for the demo.  Im still very excited for this game simply for the presentation, voice acting, and style.
Posted by InFamous91


Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Crono

Game looks so awesome it may even erase the horrible memories i have of many earlier batman games... or at least repress them for much longer.

Hopefully it lives up to the hype it has generated.

Posted by nekoNari

Will any inmates be struck with a stunning idea of grabbing Batman's cloak at all? D:

Posted by nail1080

"This time I'll break you" - wtf? lame

Posted by Kazona

This looks wicked

Posted by Akolite

that move where he goes for the leg takedown.. MMA batman here we come :)

Posted by KevSlider

The game is being directed by Paul Dini who brought most of DC's comic book heroes to Kids WB. It should be really good.

Edited by ChrisTaran

I thought they were getting Kevin Conroy to reprise his role as Batman? Cause that sounded nothing like him. Guess I thought wrong!

Posted by plumeria

Hopefully there will be a demo for this great looking game. Has some serious potential.

Posted by Sharpshooter

That looked awsome.

Posted by HatKing

The only reason I want to play this is because of the voice actors.  I kind of wish they would have gone with that cartoon's style though, then I'd be able to relive my childhood.

Posted by Ozeki

There seems to be a nice little counter system going on in there. Pretty fluid one too!

Posted by teknohed
So here's a question.  Why the hell would they leave bane hooked up to all his "Bane-juice" when he got locked up?  Wouldn't they try to remove it or at least remove his ability to "juice" himself?
Posted by MeatSim

I'm really liking the decision to use the original voice actors from the good 90's Batman cartoon.

Posted by Nate

Yeah, they really had me up until,   "No Bane! This time I break you!"

Posted by giyanks22

THis will be the best Batman game ever...

Posted by Kohe321

Looks good

Posted by DannyJ

IIRC, Bane needs his Juice to live. He cant have too much or he overdoses too. He has to balance it out.

Posted by Oedipus

Yo, weren't they trying to sell this as a stealth game, bros? Since when were you supposed to God of War an entire room full of jerks?

Posted by theMcNasty

This.  Looks.  So.  Fun.

Posted by RichieJohn

This looks so good! I thought it was going to be too stealth heavy but it looks like there's plenty of brawling in there too.... 

Posted by Valandil

No Bane, this time I BREAK YOU!

Posted by skilzlost

wow wow wow looks trully amazing...

Posted by chilipeppersman

this looks awesome!!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Combat looks fun. Dialogue sounds way too cheesy though lol.

Posted by simian

Was totally down with it until the whole breaking down part. I'll still probably pick it up but I'm slightly less stoked then I was.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Oooh man, I'm getting hyped

Posted by PenguinDust

Combat look visceral.  Brutal and weighty...at least in the heavily edited trailer.  Still, everything I've seen so far on this game makes me more excited by its potential.  I really hope it turns out to be a solid game and not another bat-disappointment.

Posted by asianman


Posted by darkjester74

"No Bane, this time I break you"

While corny, it carries the implication that the game is set after the events in Knightfall.  Anyone know if that is true?

Posted by Nettacki

@ PenguinDust

This game IS brutal and weighty, at least from the demo I played in demo kiosks in Best Buy, Fry's and quite a few other electronic stores. Although it's only on the PS3.

Posted by Grilledcheez

This looks great...I hope it lives up to these amazing trailers we've been seeing.

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