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Posted by Crono11

Really looking forward to playing this game when it comes out.

Posted by Oriental_Jams

Well, looks more fun than playing as Batman.

Posted by Residentrevil2

That looked pretty good.

Posted by Alphazero

He's awesome as the voice of the joker, no doubt. Just the right amount of gleeful crazy.

Posted by JoblessTerence

Wait, is the game a PS3 exclusive or is the Joker?

Posted by Reuben
Oriental_Jams said:
Well, looks more fun than playing as Batman.
That's just what I was going to say.
Posted by JBird

Thia game is looking better and better!

Posted by Kiemoe

Video game characters should never, NEVER say the name of the system they are on. Well Otacon could do it, but that was for the sake of humor

Posted by MachoFantastico

The voicework for Joker is fantastic, such a great pick.

Edited by gosukiller
@JoblessTerence: Only the playable Joker is PS3 Exclusive. But don't pin me down on that, since we all know what happens to "PLATFORM EXCLUSIVE stuff", like Soul Calibur 4 Yoda/Darth Vader.
Posted by zitosilva

I wouldn't doubt that, eventually, the joker will end up in the 360 as well. But since I'll probably buy this at launch, this settles which version I'm getting.

Posted by linfosoma

So...how long until this is released as a DLC for the Xbox?
come on, you KNOW it's gonna happen!

Posted by Zounds

Looks like a solid rental.

Posted by fleshribbon

No multi-player and Joker exclusive (at least for some time and free) means I'm getting the PS3 version at launch.

Posted by JukeboxJoe

Mark Hamil is brillint as the Joker. Sounds much darker than he did in TAS

Edited by skrutop

I played the combat demo at Walmart.  The game looked amazing, and was really fun for the short bit that I played.  Arkham Asylum has a lot of potential.  So are they going to throw the 360 users a bone and give us something exclusive as well?  It's hard to equal The Joker, but maybe we'll get our own character.

Interesting how The Joker's first few lines in the trailer echo those of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

Posted by Aska

So glad they got Mark Hamill for him, best voice ever.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

The Joker is such a fanboy...
I may have to get the PS3 version if playing as him is significant.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Wish the joker came on the xbox, haha see what I did there?

Posted by MartinG

I love the way the Joker laughs.

Posted by JamesNI

Maybe the Xbox will get the ultimate exclusive ever.... Play as....



And I mean the gay gay gay Robin from the 60's and that Chris O'Donnell one.

Edited by Breakfast

Looks rather annoying, starting with his voice, ending with the way he walks.

Posted by RawShark

I hope the 360 version gets the Schumacher "bat-nipples".

Blessing or a curse, you decide.

Posted by MichaelBach

Wow, looks frikin awesome!!!

Edited by Asurastrike

The voice work for the Joker is amazing.

Posted by skrutop

The Joker looks great, too.  Very good combination of the animated series, comic book, and Dark Knight iterations.

Posted by JokerClown88


Posted by Kohe321

This game looks awesome. Great voice as well!

Posted by deathswhisper


Posted by Constipator

PS3 version it is!

Mark Hamill does an incredible job, holy cow.

Posted by Rio

God damn can he voice Joker.

Posted by Fire_Marshall_Bill
JukeboxJoe said:
Mark Hamil is brillint as the Joker. Sounds much darker than he did in TAS
I was doing a side by side of TAS to the trailer right now, his voice pitch is slightly deeper in the game and more aloof in TAS, it's subtle but you can hear it
Posted by Trnck

Will this get anyone to buy a PS3 for it? Yes. 10 of them maybe...

Posted by day2daze

wait, let me just make sure of this, ps3 owners are not getting monkey island deluxe are they?

but um you guys uh, ya you guys get the joker, on a REAAAAALLY groundbreaking game so ya i mean that's a good trade right? riiiightttt??

Posted by MeatSim

This would have been a failure If anyone else other then Mark Hamill voiced the Joker.

Posted by RHCPfan24

I love Mark Hamill's voice work with the Joker. This should be a great game overall.

Posted by shroom

really hope this does not suck

Posted by DannyJ

Unless the PS3 can sell more consoles, I could see this becoming DLC much like the SCIV fiasco.

Posted by ChrisTaran

OK, officially a must buy now.

Posted by Kaddion

Boo exclusives.

Wish they'd stop doing things like this, but when Sony hands you a barrel of money, what're you going to do.

Posted by Puppy

Dude...I now have mad respect for Mark Hamill. That's perfect.

Posted by MadeinFinland

PS3 only? Looks awesome - hope they release it for PC eventually.

Though I know they won't.

Posted by Meptron

looks good. but I'm still not convinced it'll be fun to play.

Posted by JukeboxJoe
Yeah, I don't like his laugh (what we've heard of it) as much as I did in TAS
Posted by DECA555
@Kaddion: and when M$ hands bethesda and rockstar a truck load of money, what are you gonna do? 

Posted by Niccoles

Heard 360 users will get opportunity to play as scarecrow.

Posted by fox01313

Fking ps3....not sure why they can't put this on the 360 if not in the game as DLC. Loved this until I saw that exclusivity as Mark Hamill puts so much great work in as the Joker & still one of my favorites in the DC universe.

Posted by CrazyCrazyDoctor

I want this. I want this now.

Posted by Kaddion
That wasn't a case of console fanboyism, like you seem to think. It was about the game for which we just watched a trailer. I hate exclusives in general.
Posted by BBQBram

Damnit, another temptation into buying a PS3.

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