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Posted by blaakmawf

dude i totally had a crush on harley when i was a kid

Posted by MoistJohn

oh Batman: Arkham Asylum, please don't repeat the offences of your ancestors and please, oh god PLEASE, be as awesome as you look.

Posted by NotBrian

I'm looking forward to this game. A well made Batman game would be a nice change

Posted by Serker

reminds me of the buzzsaw girl from Condemned 2. awesome.

Posted by PLWolf

She's rather sexy for a lunatic. lol

Posted by Conker

I hope this game is awesome

Posted by rybodeus

God, i want this game to be good. If they put as much thought into the gameplay as they did the character designs, i think we'll be set.

Edited by darkspirit138

Like Harley's look. The voice sync...not so much. Looks like the audio is a millisecond off the actual voices. It annoys me, but so do a lotta things.

This game beetter be good.

Posted by BrockSampson

This game would be so much better if it weren't technically a stealth game. She does look way digital hot though.

Posted by darkjester74

I heart Harley =D

Posted by InFamous91

she looks HOT lol

Posted by Colonel_Fury

I hope this game is good. There hasn't been a good Batman game since the snes era.

Posted by MeatSim

I do hope this is good.

Posted by LordAndrew

Hot. XD

Posted by Kinarion

140 lb?  One guess where she's hiding that.

Posted by HT101

This looks like it will be really awesome and since it isn't based on a movie, then it should be good, but I will wait and see.  I really want a demo of this game to come out.

Posted by frenchdork

You know what they say about crazy chicks! They are wild in the sac!

Posted by Speaker4TheDead

Hiding it? Oh, I don't think there was any attempt to hide that weight...


WTH !!!!
What have they done to HARLEY in this game. ?
She is not  a huge boobed, blond  bimbo hooker from  Jersey / Queens.
This is just idiotic------- it is character rape.
This game is goona suck-------even if it is good.
What else are they gonna scrag------ probably nipples on the Bat Suit, and a very gay Robin ( I know he is not in the game--- but what they did to the QUIN---this is epic fail on a CLOONY level)

Posted by Nasar7

I'm all for it, its about time she had a redesign.

Posted by FLStyle

Is that the animated series voice actor too? Or is that just for Bats and J?

Posted by TwoLines

I'm suppose to think your a clown- but I know you're really some kinda crazy bitch. So let's have it!
Aha! I knew it! A crazy bitch!

Kinda sexy though in a weird way...

Posted by Matches_Malone

SAYNTofSYNNERS have you not seen video game breasts before.  I was relieved to see they didn't inflate Harley's to an Ivy size.

Posted by coffeesash

That doesn't look or sound like Harley Quinn, and all the worse for it.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

This seems cheesy. It'd be cooler if they kept her original costume but just...roughed it up a bit.

Posted by skrutop

Dude, they're using the cartoon character voices!?  That's awesome!  This game looks great, so far.


Have u never seen Harley in the comics/ toons ??.
She is very thin, small butt, and A cup boobs.
she is insane, but also very intelligent, with a mid western accent.. Has that whole killig joke thing like the Joker
Heck they even got the ethnic roots wrong for her costume. Her name is HARLEY QUIN. (based on HARLEQUIN / ARLECCHINO ---the Itallian stage character clowns. That costume is slutted up Alsatian / Germanic traditional dress.
I am fine with IVY'S boobs, it is CHUN LI'S thighs that scare me LMAO

Posted by Kraznor

This looks like it may be promising. Kind of getting a Condemned vibe, and I LOVE Condemned so heres hoping...

Posted by damswedon

i feel like they have ruined the one thing i liked about the batman universe

Posted by Media_Master


Posted by Dauragon

Oh man I'm gonna end up having a crush on harleyquinn all over again

Posted by Sharpshooter

I guess they must have just got everyone from the cartoon to reprise their roles.

Posted by CoinMatze

@ Sayntofsynners: about the costume change: I think she's just dressed for the special occasion. Looks like a bastardized nurse's uniform to me. I'm all for honoring the source material but you're getting kinda out of line with it. Comparing it to Clooney?! Whoa! And nowhere in this trailer does it say that she's dumb. Are you making assumptions based on the size of her breasts? Now, don't get me wrong here. I don't like the hugeness either, but I dig her overall design. She looks evil.

Posted by TriangleHard

her boob doesn't jiggle.

I hope they fix this on retail version.

Posted by Hector

Where's Ivy? I hope she is in this game too.

Posted by FlipperDesert

@SAYNTofSYNNERS: Uh... She is blonde, though. And she actually says herself it's a new get-up for the asylum.

Considering how messed-up DC comics have become, I'd be happy if the worst thing they do with the source material is have Harley in a different set of clothes. Quit whining.

Anyway, on topic, the animation looks a little sluggish with the voice, but it still looks pretty promising.

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Looks good so far.

Posted by Gregomasta

Dudes, quinn needed an new sexy update, she was always sexy as hell and the full body red and black spandex and jester hat covering that blonde hair just wasn't going to cut it anymore.  Harley quinn, my first crush; right along with tapanga from boy meets world and the pink power ranger.

Posted by Haze

*sigh* Yet again writers outside of the DCAU completely misunderstands Harleys character. She is not a ninja sex-bomb, she is a highly intelligent capable woman who is sabotaged by her self destructive love for the joker. You have to despair at the fact that a show that was supposedly aimed at kids was capiable of a more genuinly mature depiction of a character than a game supposedly aimed at adults.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

Yep looks good

Sexy Harley
Posted by Cloneslayer

I think this is the first time Harley Quinn ever had boob jiggle...

Edited by Bakaneko

I'm sure Arleen Sorkin would be surprised to learn that she and her NY accent don't sound a thing like the "real" Harley Quinn given that she is, in fact, the original voice of Harley Quinn, who has her origins in the Animated Series from the 90s.

P.S. She's always been relatively cheap fodder to give Joker's crew a bit of sex appeal in the series, so don't read too much into her.

P.P.S. In case you don't know how YOU sound....  Here's a sample http://www.hulu.com/watch/20841/the-simpsons-powers-of-deduction

Posted by Reverseface

Tittys thats all i can say really.....TITTYS

Posted by nick_verissimo

D...do you think there's going to be a God of War style mini-game?

Posted by fox01313

Sweetness, about time they start putting Harley in more things than just the animated shows & Lego Batman, hoping that it doesn't suck.

Posted by Gregomasta

Are you talking about some QTE nick?

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I just threw up a little in my mouth...

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Regarding Harley's personality being different, I'm not sure how you guys can watch a one minute trailer and make accurate judgments on where they're going to go with the development of the character in the full game. She says like four lines, none of which constitute 'character rape' based on what I've seen of her. If they decided to go deep into her backstory and develop her relationship with the Joker and what not, it probably wouldn't be in the trailer.

Oh and I'm right with Gregomasta on Topanga.

Posted by JackiJinx

I like Harley, but in this trailer, she seems so...lame. All dressed up, all talk, and not very much else going for her at all. I sincerely hope that this is just due to the lack of perception from the trailer and won't be how she's perceived throughout the game.

Posted by Undeadpool

Ladies, Gentlemen, Smismars...we have Arleen Sorkin. The band is back together.

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