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Posted by LiveOrDie1212

man, fuck Bane!! i eat him up for breakfast!!!

Posted by Conker

Looks Fantastic! Can't wait!

Posted by captainawesomo

Dude Bane! YES!

Posted by imayellowfellow

ffuck that looked badass

Posted by JunkanooPunch

holy shit its about time...... I can't believe its taken this long to get Bane in to the plot of a batman production besides the comics....

Posted by The_A_Drain

Dayum, he's huge...

Posted by Hamz


Posted by Tirrandir

Kevin Conroy's whole "get back, I can take this" vibe has me so excited.  This is the Batman I grew up with, and the Batman I always hear in my head.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Whoa... Looks like sex!

Posted by bwooduhs

Fucking ayy.

Posted by vinsanity09

Bane + Kryptonite = Mad Bane

Posted by REDRUN

F*CKEN AAH... Holy shit, i just wet my pants.

Posted by InFamous91

I want  to this game so bad

Posted by kennybaese

That looked positively bad ass. I'm totally going to get this game. Collector's Edition and all.

Posted by Brutopian

If I had this game, as well as some sort of sexual hole on my ps3 i would never leave my house.

Posted by Tomorrowman

needs more cloth simulation.

Posted by FlipperDesert

Woaaaah, slow down Eidos! You already sold it to me when you said I'd get a Batarang.

Posted by JJGIANT


Posted by Dauragon

please lets this game be good please let this game be good please let this game be good

Posted by theMcNasty

Fuck Bane, remember how retarded he was in Batman & Robin (given, the whole movie was retarded).

Posted by PeasForFees

im not sure i like the fact that he gets blow up like a balloon and the fact it defies the laws of biology

Posted by Thunder

man bane can suck it

Posted by Jayzilla

whats with all of the comments comparing this to having sex?!? little overboard on the metaphors, and way too drammatic. drama with 2 m's= really dramatic.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

yip yip, great stuff, 

I can't wait to play this game.
Posted by spilledmilkfactory

looks good. i'm becoming optimistic about this game's quality

Posted by John1912

This game looks too god damn good to be true :-/  And sadly it prob will be.  God I hope this rocks.

Posted by Delta_Ass

The sad thing is, as badass as Bane looked in that trailer... he'll still probably be only a tenth as scary and imposing as he was in Knightfall.

Posted by BassmanPaul

I remember how awesome Bane was in the Knightfall story arc in Batman, man he was hella tough. This game looks awesome, roll on epic battles with the muscly one with the lucha-like mask.

Posted by JJOR64

That was awesome.

Posted by Media_Master

Getting this!!

Posted by zityz

looks kickass

Posted by Artemis_D

That gave me wood.

Posted by YoMma

Really looking forward to this game, love the art design and very happy with the voice talent on board! Looks like we're actually going to get a good Batman game...At least I hope so!

Posted by MeatSim

Bane is on some serious steroids.

Posted by svcheats1

hmm, him throwing that chunk of metal reminds me of the tank throwing a chunk of concrete.

Posted by Andborn

Wish he had a more menacing "hulked-out" voice. He just sounds like a disgruntled mailman. Ah well, he still looked kick ass...

Posted by NathHaw

Looked okay, but the over-expression of Batman's eyebrows turned me off a bit.

Posted by Undeadpool

If you lose that fight, do you get baned all over again? And then have to play a spinal rehab mini-game to continue?

Posted by m3rck

is that mountain dew they pumped into him?? MOUNTAIN DEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Posted by PenguinDust

First of all, there is no such thing as "Batman & Robin".  It did not exist, so any reference to that non-entity can't be counted.

Secondly, every new trailer I see for this game is better than the last.  This looks sweet.

Posted by TekZero

Bane is my favorite batman villain.

Posted by RHCPfan24

This game is looking sweet. Bane is a great villain and he seems to be portrayed in a very faithful, creepy way here.

Posted by TheKidNixon

I hate to be the glasses adjusting nerd here, but I'm always a little put off when Bane is portrayed as a big, dumb brute with a steroid problem. The dude's originally a criminal mastermind who implemented a plan that seriously crippled Bruce Wayne.

Still, looks great like everything else that has come out about this game.

Posted by Mistzero

yeah bane is on this game awesome one of my fav batman villian

Posted by FallenFatKid

day one for me

Edited by xionpunk

So wheres the part where Batman fights Mr Freeze goons.. ON ICE SKATES

Posted by darkjester74
on April 15, 2009
The sad thing is, as badass as Bane looked in that trailer... he'll still probably be only a tenth as scary and imposing as he was in Knightfall.

I agree 100%.  Dont get me wrong, I'm really excited about this game, but Bane was incredible in Knightfall.  No one seems to understand that Bane shouldn't be this big stupid brute, but instead an intelligent and devious bastard who just happens to be strong enough to break you in two.

Posted by Fleppie

wow, that looked awesome. I am officially hyped.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

YES! they are using the voices from the animated series.

Posted by Scarbearer

I'm kinda with darkjester74.  I'm sad it's not the classic comic book Bane, but basically the wattered down version from the movie (and to a lesser extent the Animated series).  Still that being said, if you use /classic/ Bane it would be really hard to fit him into the story without him taking over as the Alpha Villain and I think that would water down the premise of this, game.  A romp through Arkham and the Joker's madness.

Here's hoping someday he'll get enough respect that we can see him in a plot opposite Batman outside of the comics.

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