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Yes, Mark Hamill, yes.

Kevin Conroy, too. This game looks absolutely amazing.

Posted by HairyMike87

Looks awesome. Hope it plays awesome.

Posted by FallopianTube

Something about it reminds me of bioshock. thats a really good thing

Posted by BioHazzrdsPie

I want to play as the joker

Posted by HatKing

The old cartoon voices!  Yeah!  Damn this looks really cool...only hope it is as good as it looks.

Posted by JJOR64

Looks awesome.

Posted by Player1

Looks really fun. Its all just going to come down to how fun and satisfying the combat is.

Posted by crimnos

Wow, looks great. I got a slight MGS feel off of some of the scenes.

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why is the voice acting so god awful! You guys realy think this game looks good? 

Posted by Brackynews

Hotness.  Day 1 rental.  And we'll see if it's a keeper.

Posted by Valestis

sofakingcool, what the hell man? Voice acting in this is fucking perfect.

Posted by Infocom

Yeah.  That was awesome.  Totally smart to stick with the cartoon actors.

Posted by gamefreak9

Cartoon voices are the best!!! YES BATMAN RULES!

Posted by JasonDaPsycho

visually stunning, but how will it turns out?
definitely getting this one for my PC

Posted by HiroSeven

Awesome, hope the gameplay is just as solid.

Posted by FlappyHands

Dude, that's a really cool premise for a Batman game, I hope it turns out well.

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looks good, sounds good

i think they key to this is in the gameplay(DUH) and slightly less importent, the writing of the jokers dialogue, i want lots of alliteration and plenty of corny jokes and cheesy one-liners......actually, after looking at the wiki and seeing that was written by  Dini i have utmost confidence in the dialogue...if it plays well we may have a superb one on our hands!
Posted by Lukeweizer

I don't trust Eidos... but I'm setting my heart on this one.

Posted by MeatSim

Looks promising but I it could easily be just another mediocre brawler though.

Posted by Crono

liked everything but the joker's voice

Posted by DeanJParker

Fair does, looks pretty good :)

Posted by DerekTGreen

I love Batman and hope this game turns out. Batman = Best superhero ever.

Posted by sociald1077

I wanna know if this is Bruce Wayne batman, or the new post- Battle for the Cowl batman

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Needs more Mark Hamil

edit: scratch that, apparently Mark is voicing this? Man, it does not sound like it.

Posted by iAmJohn

Why is everyone so buff?  Commissioner Gordon looks like he's on more steroids than Brucie and Barry Bonds combined.

Posted by Ainwaith

looks really cool can't wait to play

Posted by Mordi

Looks surprisingly great. Brilliant plot, methinks!

Posted by John1912

Great trailer, the cut scenes look to be pretty fucking out standing.  I just pray that the game turns out to be as bat shit awsome as it looks.

Posted by ez123

"why is the voice acting so god awful! You guys realy think this game looks good? " I think it looks awesome and the voice acting is the same guys from the cartoon.  I loved the animated series so I'm used to the crazy, over-the-top Joker.

Posted by bulletbeast

This looks like a brilliant game. its Lego Batman meets Deadspace
Just wish i knew the release date

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Whoa, that was one hell of a trailer. How did they manage to make it look so good?! This one's on my must-buy list. +_+

Posted by halfameatball

I hope this turns out well because I've gotten excited from these trailers.

Posted by AlucardaLaCarte

It's very strange to hear Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil doing voices for their characters when the characters look "real" as opposed to Bruce Timm's incredibly stylized representation.

Posted by pyromaniac

Holy shit the dialogue is worse than revenge of the sith's...the voice just sounds wrong too...

Posted by Keeng

Wow, this is way better-looking than I was expecting. I'll have to keep an eye on this one.

Posted by mthe1337one

good voice acting is good.

totally recognize the VO for batman even though the cartoons were sooooooo long ago.

Posted by brocool

Awesome to see kevin and mark at it!
Looking good

Posted by Moeez

Don't be a stranger!

Posted by Jon_F

What is the dispatcher saying at about 0:22?  Batman is now enroute to Arkham...?  It doesn't sound like asylum, or island.

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Posted by Enigma2099

Ha HA!! Kevin and Mark... together again!

They're like the Peter Cullen and Frank Welker of the Bat-verse!

Posted by Stefan

Lame... underground prison hmm? I wanna roll in Gotham!

Posted by bulletbeast

Stefans right. The game looks good but if the entire thing is set in arkham its gonna get soo repetetive and boring. Hopefuly the story will develope and you'll be able to play in gotham city. 

Posted by tanline

looks crazy wicked