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Posted by Aaron_G

Looks pretty cool.

Posted by strangeling

This looks really good.  I do hope it turns out that way.

I've never been much for stealth games.  This trailer has got to be misleading.  Joker knows/wants Batman to come.  No amount of sneakiness is going to hide the fact all those lackies disappear.

I'm surprised no one's complained about this having the Eidos name on it.
Posted by AURON570

stealth action? *cough* MGS

Posted by robbob88

Wow, this looks pretty amazing. Stealth gameplay is perfect for a more mature Batman game.

Posted by JCGamer

I don't know--this is starting to look awesome.  

Posted by macattack

the game looks sweet the only thing im not a big fan of is the jokers voice, its alright but im just not feelin it

Posted by brukaoru

Looks good graphically, at least. Just hope the gameplay is good too! 

Posted by MeierTheRed

I think Sam Fisher is in that Batman costume

Posted by Kohe321

This looks pretty awesome!

Edited by eduardo

That does indeed look great... totally Metal Gear Batsy. Not very "unseen" though. They are not obeying the Joker! There will be consenquences!

Posted by kuddles

I'm actually looking forward to this game, and I'm not even a Batman fan.  It looks like they're taking the stealth mechanic but finding a way to make it more action-oriented.

Posted by theMcNasty

     Wow, a trailer that's exciting because of the gameplay it exhibits.  They didn't even have to rely on pre-rendered cut scene after cut scene to sell me!

Posted by emoney12

shit look tite

Posted by ComicCrazy

This looks amazing ,the graphics are great,awesome stealth,and its batman it cant go wrong well i hope not anyway.

Posted by Rhyno

Ok that is looking pretty sweet.

Posted by captainawesomo

Dude, Yes.

Posted by darkjester74

I am the night.


Posted by Majinken

The comparison is going to be made endlessly, but I'm rather excited by the MGS-ness. Considering my equal affinity for the old Batman cartoon and Hamill Joker, this is looking like the perfect game I didn't know I wanted.

Posted by JJWeatherman

This looks kinda like assassins creed in the batman world to me.

Posted by Media_Master

yeah, excited for this as well